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A picture paints a thousand words...check out what we've been up to in Year 6!

Prayer and Liturgy - Year 6 leading in Year 3/4

Prayer and Liturgy - Year 6 leading in Year 3/4 1
Prayer and Liturgy - Year 6 leading in Year 3/4 2
Prayer and Liturgy - Year 6 leading in Year 3/4 3
Prayer and Liturgy - Year 6 leading in Year 3/4 4
Collective Worship in Year 3/4 was hosted by some of our Year 6 children today. The theme was about not judging others. The children listened to music and prayers and were able to share their own thoughts. Well done to Hannah, Summer and Keiyara for such a lovely, spiritual experience, that the children and adults really enjoyed.

Harvest - Collection for Fleetwood Food Bank

Harvest - Collection for Fleetwood Food Bank 1
Today, Wednesday 17th October, the school celebrated Harvest Mass together. It was led by the Year 6 children, who read beautifully their readings, a harvest poem and the prayers. Leading up to Mass we have had an ongoing Harvest collection and we manged to fill many boxes! After Mass, the Headboy and Headgirl, along with their deputies, went with Mrs Kowlaska to give our donation to Fleetwood Food Bank. They really appreciated our hard work and generosity. Thank you to all our parents and families for helping us give such an amazing donation. 

French - Learning about Schools

French - Learning about Schools 1
French - Learning about Schools 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Van Gogh class have been learning about the similarities and differences between English and French schools.  This week we have been talking about the names for the lesson subjects.  To help the children recognise the language they have created posters and added a small icon for each subject.

Wonder - Writing Speeches

Wonder - Writing Speeches 1
Wonder - Writing Speeches 2
Wonder - Writing Speeches 3
As we finish our time reading the book 'Wonder', we have written speeches about August answering the question: 'Is August Pullman inspirational or ordinary?' We discussed the difference between inspirational and ordinary and used evidence from the book to back ourselves up. We then, constructed speeches about who he is, how he relates to Nikki Lilly (another girl with a deformed face) and what we can learn from them.

Proud Moments

Proud Moments 1
Proud Moments 2
Proud Moments 3
We have said goodbye in our Star of the Week assembly to David as he moves to Bulgaria after being with us for the last four years. In the same assembly Keiyara received her pen licence and then completed her first piece of extended writing with it. Summer then continued the celebrations, by making superb progress with her presentation.

Music - Samba Time!

Music - Samba Time! 1
Music - Samba Time! 2
Music - Samba Time! 3
Music - Samba Time! 4
Music - Samba Time! 5
Music - Samba Time! 6
This was our first lesson using the drumsticks and following the rhythm Mr Smith demonstrated, up until now we have been listening and clapping our different rhythm sequences. The children were fully engaged and really enjoyed the lesson.

Jose as the Fleetwood Town Mascot

Jose as the Fleetwood Town Mascot 1
Jose as the Fleetwood Town Mascot 2
Jose as the Fleetwood Town Mascot 3
School were invited by Fleetwood Town to invite one pupil to be the mascot at the match (9th Oct). Jose was chosen due to displaying great sportsmanship when he played football golf, by encouraging the others to have a go, congratulating them on their efforts and even though he didn't feel the 'best' at the sport, he still gave it 100% and expressed how much he enjoyed himself.

Schools in France

Schools in France 1
Schools in France 2
Schools in France 3
Schools in France 4
Schools in France 5
Schools in France 6
Schools in France 7
Schools in France 8
Schools in France 9
This week (w/b 8 October) Van Gogh have continued to learn about schools in French.  They have learnt to recognise the vocabulary for places around a typical school.  We played 'Qu'est-ce qui mangue?' (What's missing?) and Lotto.  

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day 1
National Poetry Day 2
On Saturday 6th October, it is National Poetry Day, so in school we celebrated poems in our English lessons and shared them in our celebration assembly. We had two groups, one group concentrated on using a poem to help with spelling and the other group read and performed a poem linked to the book 'Wonder'.Check out our video in the video resource centre section of this website to see our 'Wonder' poem performance.

Maths - multiplication time

Maths - multiplication time 1
Maths - multiplication time 2
Maths - multiplication time 3
This week we have been learning about written methods for short and long multiplication. We discussed the importance of setting out our calculations, using our place value knowledge and knowing our times tables.

Prayer and Liturgy - using our prayer wall

Prayer and Liturgy - using our prayer wall 1
In Van Gogh class we have our own prayer wall in our worship area. We have time within our worship time or throughout the school day to reflect and add a ribbon to our prayer wall as we STOP and pray. S is for sorry, T is for thanksgiving, O is for others and P is for peace; we chose the appropriate ribbon for our prayer and add it on to represent our time in prayer with God.

English - Freeze Frames

English - Freeze Frames 1
English - Freeze Frames 2
English - Freeze Frames 3
English - Freeze Frames 4
As we continue to read 'Wonder', we discover more about the characters and how their actions affect other character's feelings. The children worked in groups of three after reading the chapter 'The Bleeding Scream' and acted in role either Julian, Jack Will or August to create a freeze frame with a chosen adjective to describe how their character felt at that moment.

Cyber Safety Talk - Digital Media department at Lancashire Constabulary

Cyber Safety Talk - Digital Media department at Lancashire Constabulary 1
Cyber Safety Talk - Digital Media department at Lancashire Constabulary 2
Cyber Safety Talk - Digital Media department at Lancashire Constabulary 3
Year 4/5 and Year 6 classes had an hours workshop with Dave, who volunteers with Lancashire Constabulary and their digital media department, in promoting safety online. In the class information, there is a document that shares video clips, websites and phone numbers which can help and give advice on keeping everyone safe. We also had 10 parents join Dave for a parent workshop after school. 

P.E - circuit training

P.E - circuit training 1
P.E - circuit training 2
P.E - circuit training 3
P.E - circuit training 4
P.E - circuit training 5
P.E - circuit training 6
This week in P.E, Year 6 took part in circuit training with Coach Chris as they discussed National Day of Fitness. The children took part in a variety of exercises (skipping, sit ups, bench push ups) for short periods of time, but had to do as many as they could before the time ran out and they moved onto the next exercise. Lots of muscles were hurting the next day!

Telling the Time

Telling the Time 1
Telling the Time 2
Telling the Time 3
Telling the Time 4
This half term in our French lessons, Van Gogh children will be learning to tell the time.  Initially they will learn key times on the clock face, progressing to using timetables for an imaginary school week.

Our 2018-19 Headboy, Headgirl and their deputies

Our 2018-19 Headboy, Headgirl and their deputies 1
Our 2018-19 Headboy, Headgirl and their deputies 2
Congratulations to Keiyara Ranasinghe and Wyatt Harrison for being elected this year's Headgirl and Headboy, Alongside them as their deputies will be deputy Headgirl Sky Hogan and Deputy Headboy Leon Jones. 

Headboy and Headgirl speeches

Headboy and Headgirl speeches 1
Headboy and Headgirl speeches 2
Headboy and Headgirl speeches 3
Headboy and Headgirl speeches 4
Headboy and Headgirl speeches 5
Headboy and Headgirl speeches 6
Headboy and Headgirl speeches 7
Headboy and Headgirl speeches 8
Headboy and Headgirl speeches 9
Headboy and Headgirl speeches 10
After only being back in school for a week, the Year 6 children, who wanted to run for Headboy or Headgirl, had the opportunity to speak in front of KS2. Out of 25 Year 6 children, 18 children wanted to be elected. The children in KS2, listened to their speeches and then had the opportunity to vote for who they wanted. The children's speeches were brilliant - they did themselves proud - anyone of those 18 children could have been chosen, not just based on their speeches but of what we know about them in school. The votes were very close and deputies had to be chosen too...

Biggest Number Dash

Biggest Number Dash 1
Biggest Number Dash 2
Biggest Number Dash 3
Biggest Number Dash 4
Biggest Number Dash 5
Biggest Number Dash 6
Whilst we've been looking at place value this week, Year 6 took their learning outside for a number challenge, where they had to work in teams to collect digit cards at random, within a specific time frame. They then had to create the biggest number possible with their digit cards.

Our classroom is ready...

Our classroom is ready... 1
Our classroom is ready... 2
Our classroom is ready... 3
Our classroom is ready... 4
Our classroom is ready... 5
Our classroom is ready... 6
Our classroom is ready... 7
Our classroom is ready... 8
Our classroom is ready... 9
Our classroom is ready... 10