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A picture paints a thousand words, check out our learning...

Spring Term - Mrs Sewell/Miss Wade

Worship - M&M prayer

In worship, the children participated in the M&M prayer, eating different coloured M&Ms for a different prayer after reading and sharing the following reading about how powerful God is:

Now to him who is able to do iMmeasurably More than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work in us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever. Amen Eph.3:20- 21


For each GREEN M&M: thank God for one gift or one good thing in your life (Family, Love, Health, enough etc.)

For each BLUE M&M: pray for a friend or neighbour who needs help or who needs to know Jesus.

For each RED M&M: pray for someone you love.

For each YELLOW M&M: pray for our leaders or those God has put in charge of something (Church, School, Government)

For each ORANGE M&M: pray for someone who is sick or hurt and needs healing.

For each BROWN M&M: Pray for yourself. Tell God something you are sorry for, something that’s worrying you or something you need help with.


You can eat the M&M after you have prayed!

Music - Samba Time!

Normally Yr 5/6 get Samba with the Music teacher from outside of school, but today our Key Worker children had a turn via zoom! They loved getting a go and following the beat and instructions to stay in time together using the drums and the cow bells.

We love Rocks!

Check out Oliver's crystal that he made at home. He brought it in to share his prior knowledge on rocks and how he made it at home. It was perfect timing as he was then ready for our Science topic.


Florence brought in her sister's rocks and each one had a card to go with it, to explain what it was and where it's from. She shared them with the rest of the children in class.

English - Writing Effective Sentences

Here are examples of sentence writing the Key Worker children in school have been doing. Using the book 'The Secret of Black Rock', we have been reading and discussing the story and using the events to explore different types sentences and detail we can include. The children have learnt how to use a thesaurus to find synonyms for adjectives, verbs and adverbs to support their description. This is a sample of some sentences they've structured in one of our lessons.

English - freeze frames

The Key Worker children completed their English work like the home learner children where they had to create a freeze frame pretending to be Erin from The Secret of Black Rock as she fell off the boat. Here are the children in Kere Class, as well as an example of what Molly got up to at home: choosing an adjective to describe Erin's feeling at that exact moment and using her body language and facial expression to show it.

Maths - Place Value

Our Key Worker children have been completing the same learning as our Home Learners by looking numbers up to 1000. Here the children independently found all the possibilities to using four counters to create a three digit number.

Using our Reading Corner

Here are some of the girls from our key worker group, enjoying sitting in our new reading corner.

Our Classroom

We are ready for Spring Term but seems COVID isn't! Mrs Sewell and Miss Wade will be taking over Kere Class from the 5th January, in the classroom and through remote learning. Everything for remote learning is in the 'home learning' star above, organised into the week and specific day, where you will find explanations and resources you need. 

Autumn Term - Ms Hennelly

Kere's Got Talent!

The children enjoyed showing off their talents today in our own talent competition. We had some amazing acts, from magic to dancing to comedy to singing. We voted together and came up with our first, second and third place winners. 
Well done to Molly, Lily, Daisey and Florence for winning - and a huge well done to everyone that took part!

Santa Dash!
On Friday, the children enjoyed getting on their Santa hats and running a mile around the playground! It took 14 laps of festive music and fun to complete the mile!

Money in Maths

In maths, we finished off our addition and subtraction unit by investigating money. We opened up a shop and used our money to buy different things. We had to figure out how much change to give when we tried to be the shopkeeper, too!



Life Education Visit



In Geography we have been practically looking at different types of maps, including Ordinance Survey maps. The children have enjoyed working in groups to find the different symbols on the key.

Exploring folk tales

In English we are in investigating folk tales, the outcome is to independently create one of our own. This week the children have been looking at Little Red Riding Hood! 

Working hard in Maths...

In Mathematics this week we have been looking at place value. We rotated around each table to understand the value of each digit. On table two, we divided numbers on number cards into their hundreds, tens and units columns. The children really enjoyed their learning!

Welcome to Kere class! 


The children have settled into Kere class really well. We are getting to know our new learning environment and each other. Check out our lovely classroom pictures. 

Myths and Legends


To welcome us back, we are doing a class project focusing on Gods and Goddesses. So far we have worked in groups looking at what makes each God/Goddess unique and their history. We have even debated and shared opinions as to whether fairies and trolls are real. It was a lively discussion!