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Mylo - Our school dog

As you are all aware we are excited to welcome Mylo to our St Mary's family this year!

Although Mylo will be spending lots of time in school over the next few weeks and months it will be quite some time before he officially starts working with the children. The reason for this is because he's still very young and the transition into school life needs to be made gradually. Whilst he becomes accustomed to the new sights and sounds of school he will also be completing lots of specialist school therapy dog training. During this time the children will also be learning vital skills such as, how to take care of a school dog and dog safety awareness.

Allergies and fears


It's important that we're aware of any allergies or fears that your child may have in relation to dogs therefore please contact the school office on 01253 878445 to inform us if this is likely to impact your child. 

Mylo's role in school