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One World Week - 29th October 2018

One World Week display

Having had our One World Week in school to celebrate and embrace the multi-faith world we live in, we have shared our learning, work and the artefacts used in class to support our learning to create a display outside our school hall for everyone to see.

Islam - Cassatt Class

In Cassatt class this week, we have been learning about the faith of Islam. The children enjoyed asking questions to a parent visitor who is a Muslim and tasting foods from the Islamic culture. We had a visit from children in Michelangelo class, who shared their traditional outfits that they wear during special celebrations. In writing, we created a class information text and retold traditional Islamic stories.

Christianity - Banksy Class

Banksy have been learning about Christianity, with a specific focus on the symbols of Christianity. We enjoyed two trips, one to St Mary's Church and one to Emmanuel Church. The children enjoyed listening to Bible stories and can now recognise key symbols of Christianity. They enjoyed  independently role playing with objects from the worship table. 

Judaism - Van Gogh Class

In Van Gogh class this week - we have recognised the importance of celebrating and embracing our diverse world. We studied the Jews faith by beginning our week in Manchester as we visited the Cathedral and the Jewish Museum (which use to be a synagogue) as we discovered the shared stories between the Jews and Christian faith. At the museum, we engaged with the Jewish faith, by looking at artefacts, understanding the importance of the Torah and how the Sabbath is celebrated. In addition, we also learnt about two important Jewish faiths: Passover and Hanukkah. 

Sikhism - Michelangelo Class

Michelangelo class were joined by a special visitor this week. Mr Singh, a practicing Sikh, came in to share his passion and knowledge about the Sikh faith. Throughout the day the children learnt the meanings of and how to pronounce relevant words, listened to stories relating to the Sikh teachings and thought carefully about how these can be applied to our lives. In addition to this, Mr Singh brought along plenty of items and instruments which the children were able to look at. We also talked about the practical aspects of the Sikh faith, such as wearing a turban for example. It was an insightful day and the children were enthralled. 

Buddhism - Ringgold Class

This week in Ringgold Class we have been learning about Buddhism by doing our own research and producing a non-chronological report.  We also had a visit from a Buddhist Nun who talked to us in detail about the faith.  Overall the week was VERY INTERESTING giving the class incite into another religion.

Hinduism - Hokusai Class

This week Hokusai's chosen faith was Hinduism. We have learnt about the history of Hinduism and where it was founded. We have looked at and discussed the different places of worship and the shrine in the Hindu temple and then made our own in the classroom. The stories of the Hindu faith have had the children enthralled and how these link to Festivals, in particular the Festival of light-Diwali. We prepared for our own Diwali by lighting Diva lamps, making Barfi sweets and Rangoli patterns to welcome the festival to our classroom. During our workshops we have worn traditional Hindu dress, learnt Bollywood and traditional dances and tasted Indian and Diwali food. The experiences the children have participated in has increased their knowledge not only of the World but of different cultures and beliefs and they have shown so much enthusiasm and I'm sure they will remember these experiences in years to come.

Islam - What do these famous people have in common?