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Archimedes - Reception

Sports Day 2017

Welcome to Archimedes class


Our Trip to Glazey Days

On Tuesday the 4th July, we went on our trip to Glazey Days. We each painted a tile that we will get to keep, and we had a picnic in the studio (because it decided to rain!) We braved the weather to cross over to the ice cream kiosk where we all had an ice cream. We were hoping to get an hour on the park but it was raining too much at this point so we came back to school.

Even without visiting the park we had a lovely morning out, and thoroughly enjoyed painting our tiles, which we will be bringing home soon.


Thank you to our helpers who made the trip possible.

Our first day at school.

Our classroom

The classroom all set up and ready for the children.

Autumn 2 Newsletter 2016

Hero Week (14.11.16)

We have been looking at people who help us, the emergency services. We have had a visit from a P.C.S.O. who told us all about the important work the Police force do, helping to keep us all safe. He showed us all the equipment he carries with him on patrol.

We have had a visit from an ambulance crew too, who bandaged us all up, and showed us their ambulance!

We then went on two trips, one to the lifeboat station and one to the fire station. At the lifeboat station we saw the brand new lifeboat, called the Kenneth James Pierpoint, we had a tour around the station, and saw some videos of real rescues.

At the fire station, we got to have a really good look around the fire engines. Fleetwood have 2, one full time one part time. We tried on helmets and breathing apparatus, and even got to squirt the hose!

We have really learned a lot this week, and are carrying on with our theme into next week as we've enjoyed it so much!



Making Bread

This week we have been reading the story of The Little Red Hen. Today we imagined we were The Little Red Hen and had a go at making out own bread. It was very yummy!

Making Bread

Science Open Afternoon

Today we had our science open afternoon. The children and parents enjoyed a wide variety of activities based on Our Senses.

Science Open afternoon

The Mount

We are having a science week this week. Our scientist has been Charles Darwin. On Wednesday 5th October we pretended we were Charles Darwin and went on a nature walk. We collected examples of nature and made a collage with them.

The Mount

Road Safety- Lancashire Constabulary


On Friday 30th September

PC Chris Banks and PC Dave Reid from Lancashire Constabulary recently paid a visit to Archimedes and Boole class to teach the children more about road safety. The children took part in a small quiz and impressed the officers with their knowledge on how to keep themselves safe. The children were able to role play situations such as crossing the road safely and they each had the opportunity to drive motorised vehicles around our very own, 'Road Safety Town'. The children thoroughly enjoyed the interactive nature of this session and we thank Lancashire Constabulary once again for taking the time to visit our pupils.

Our Town

Autumn 1 Newsletter 2016