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Religious Education

RE at St. Mary's -

Christ at the centre of everything we do

At St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) education is embedded within our

overarching curriculum that prepares our children for many different aspects of their lives.  

Our overall goal is to help our children to become well-rounded individuals with strong character, who will eventually go out into the world of adults and be actively and positively involved in society.   In order to do this, we are striving to create a conducive environment around the school and this year we have created our own specific Personal Development Curriculum that is entwined with our academic curriculum.

Our curriculum aims to provide engagement and enrichment and through this, we aim for all children to have equal opportunities to thrive together.  

Our 'Outstanding' RE inspection report

Catholic Life at St. Mary's

The Catholic life of St. Mary's is rich in opportunities for children to encounter God and to deepen their relationship with Him as a loving, compassionate Father. Below, we aim to share with you and celebrate many of the elements which make our Catholic school so special. Here you will find information and that we have been up to as we work together with our families, the Parish and the school work together in supporting the development of our children’s faith.


Above, you can select from one of the star options to find more about what else we have been doing in Curriculum RE and Prayer and Liturgy.

Catholic Life at St. Mary's 

2021 - 2022

King Class were so lucky to have a visit from a local church youth group today for a nativity workshop. We took a journey through the Christmas story and saw Mary and her visit from Angel Gabriel, the shepherds and the kings and saw baby Jesus in the stable.

Shelly Woods Class School of Justice - A Courtroom Visit

To ink with our RE Justice topic and British Values in school, we were lucky enough to visit the mock courtroom at UCLAN.  The children got to dress up and perform a courtroom role play.  We had lots of fun!

King Class-In RE we have been listening to the story of Daniel and the Lion and how he trusted in God to keep him safe. We then made our own lions to re-enact the story.

Woods Class - Showing Compassion

During our RE session, we looked for Bible scriptures whereby Jesus showed mercy and compassion.  We talked about how we could show mercy and compassion and what OUR mission was. 

Stations of the Cross 2022

Wednesday 30th March saw St. Mary's coming together to create each station of the Stations of the Cross, Jesus' journey to his death. The classes created two stations each and placed them, in the hall, in order. When visiting the hall, each class had the opportunity to retell the story and spend time in reflection and prayer, thinking of Jesus' sacrifice. Our group of children who have been doing The Way of the Cross service, did the service using our stations instead of visiting church. Fr Michael and some parishioners joined us and then enjoyed a Lenten lunch together.

Lenten Lunch in community

Some of the children in Year 6 went to The Emmanuel Church and ate a Lenten Lunch together.  They enjoyed interacting with the rest of the community and enjoying some food together! 

The Way of the Cross Service

A small group of our Year 6s, during Lent, are participating in The Way of the Cross, every Thursday at church led by Fr Michael. The children read the child part of the readings are the moved around the stations remembering the events of Good Friday. Fr Michael and parishioners will be invited to our Stations of the Cross on 30th March to complete the service.

Ash Wednesday

On Wednesday 2nd March, as a school, we went to church and participated in Ash Wednesday Mass to celebrate the start of the season of Lent. We all received Ashes on our forehead and celebrated Mass together. We reflected on how we make a Lenten promise and prayed to God to help us in the next 40 days as we prepare for Easter.

Emmanuel Church welcome Year 3 and 4

The children in Year 3 and 4 had the opportunity to visit Emmanuel Church to participate in activities linked with Lent - what is it, how we prepare and why its important. The children played games flipping pancakes, learnt the history of Shrove Tuesday, ate some pancakes with a topping of their choice and wrote their own Lenten Promise.

The Presentation of the Lord Mass

The children of Year 5 and 6 attended their half termly class mass which fell on 'The Presentation of the Lord'. This is a special feast day remembering Jesus being presented in the temple 40 days after he was born. The children read beautiful and were a credited to themselves and school.

Raising money by doing a sponsored walk

On Thursday 27th January, 18 children from Year 4-6 participated in a sponsored walk to raise money for Isabelle, a local girl who needs to go to America for Cancer treatment. The children completed a 3 mile walk on the promenade in Fleetwood, with a stop off at the Beach Park before heading back to school. We are looking forward to seeing how much we have raised.

Carol Singing

To spread some Christmas joy, all of the classes prepared a carol and sang it to their parents outside whilst wearing their Christmas jumpers. The children thoroughly enjoyed preparing their carol. When asked why we sing carols, some of the children's responses were about how singing brings joy, it is a form of prayer and it helps to tell the Christmas story.

Harvest Celebrations

As a whole school, we contributed a harvest collection, consisting of tins and packets of food for our local food bank, as we do each year and we went to church to celebrate Harvest Mass. It was the first time, in a long time, due to lockdowns, that we were able to be there together as whole school. it was lovely to all be together to listen to the Word of God and sing hymns.

Returning to Mass

The children Garrido Class (Year 3/4) returned to church on 22nd September to celebrate mass with the parishioners. It was lovely for the children to attend mass together as a class, especially after not being able to go together as a class or school for over 12 months. The children followed the mass cards brilliantly so they could join in with the responses and watched and listened to Fr Michael closely.

Catholic Life at St. Mary's


Stations of the Cross - March 2021

In St. Mary's tradition, the school put on their own Stations of the Cross, recreating each station  each part of the story) of the events that occurred on Good Friday to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made. These were displayed in the school hall and each class took it in turns to visit the hall, as a place of worship to spend time revisiting the story and to have time in prayer with God.

Visit to Emmanuel Church - Osprey Class

Osprey Class has the opportunity to visit Emmanuel Church, we made comparisons to a Catholic Church and got involved in activities with their community youth leader, Ricca. The children concentrated on the theme of being thankful and what grateful means by writing cards to someone they appreciate and making a thankful flower by writing on their own petal after reading The Ten Lepers.

The God Who Speaks: The Year of the Word

30th Sept 2019 - 31st Dec 2020

celebrating, living and sharing God's word


The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales have designated 2020 as 'The God Who Speaks': A Year of the Word to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Verbum Domini - Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Exhortation on ‘The Word of the Lord’, and the 1600th anniversary of death of St Jerome, who translated the Bible into Latin.

Mass dates for this term are as follows:


15th January - Year 5/6

22nd January - Year 4/5

29th January - Year 3/4


Ash Wednesday mass will be celebrated by the whole school on the 26th February at 10am mass.


4th March - Year 5/6

18th March - Year 4/5

25th March - Year 3/4


Stations of the Cross will be presented in the school hall for our day of reflection on the 1st April. Parents and parishioners are all welcome.

Children Around the World Nativity

Children in Reception to Year 3 put on a fantastic Nativity performance to the school and their parents and families over two performances. The Nativity was called 'Children Around the World' celebrated how each country recognises the birth of Jesus.

Reverse Advent Calendar

During Advent both Osprey Class and Peregrine Class have completed a reverse advent calender with the children donating gifts or food for those in need over Christmas. The gifts have been donated to a local charity helping families in need and the food has been taken by a group of children to the local food bank held at St. Edmund's Church every Wednesday.

Carol Service 2019

On Monday 16th December, KS2 put on their annual Carol Service at church for the friends and family of St. Mary's. It was lovely to see church full and getting everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Workshop - Hobby Class

Hobby Class took part in a nativity workshop by visits from BYSW.  The children followed the story of the birth of Jesus; they listened to the Angel Gabriel tell Mary she was going to have a baby and how she felt. They visited the stable where baby Jesus was born, saw the shepherds and talked to one of the wise men.


Year of the Eucharist

We have now come to the end of the Year of the Eucharist. It officially ended on the Feast of Christ the King on the 24th November. The purpose of The Year of the Eucharist was Bishop Swarbrick's mission to raise the profile and understanding of the Eucharist and the importance of Mass. During the year, we participated in Holy Hour with the monstrance present in school, gathered as Fleetwood Catholic schools for the Feast of Corpus Christi, had our own Year of the Eucharist logo as part of our worship areas, as well as a display which was added to every time we had an event. We are now preparing for the Year of the Word.

Our St. Mary's Team - Working Together for the Good of Each Other

'I have called you by your name', the staff at school believe they have been called to serve God by working in school together for the good of each other.

Morning of Reflection - Kestral Class

Kestral Class were invited to spend a morning at Emmanuel Church. They spent the morning reflecting on being thankful. They read a story about ‘The Giving Tree’, which showed them that when we give things to other people, we feel really good; they also read a story about Jesus healing the Leapers. This showed them that they should always say thank you when someone has helped us with something. they had a great morning and are looking forward to experiencing another reflection session with them! The children really enjoyed talking about being thankful for what they had and they have all come away reflecting on what they have to be thankful for.

Remembrance Day - We Will Remember Them

Lest we forget


Year 6 children went to the Cenotaph on Sunday to participate in the Remembrance Sunday Serive in Fleetwood Memorial Park. Molly, Julia and Kian as Heads and Deputies went with Mrs Kowalska to the Marine Hall to represent school at the Remembrance Day service on the 11th.

All Saints' Mass - 1st November

As part of All Saints' day, year 1 to year 6 attended mass as it is a Holy Day of Obligation. Father discussed with the children, in his homily, about the connection to Halloween and the meaning and purpose of All Saints' Day.

Harvest Mass

On the 9th October, Year 1 - Year 6 went to Mass together to celebrate Harvest. We took our collection as an offering to Church and dropped it off at the food bank in Fleetwood afterwards to help those families in our community who need the help and support.

Nelson Mandela - Art Project

To begin our year together, Osprey Class discussed the qualities we will show this year so we can be a team and everyone can be happy. One of the qualities we discuss was acceptance. Accepting each other for who they are, accepting responsibility for our own learning and accepting our gifts from God and use them to help others. Nelson Mandela was all about acceptance - he fought to be accepted and to be treated as an equal along with his fellow black community. We looked at the artist Chuck Close and how he created large pieces of artwork using different colours, we did this to create the face of the iconic Nelson Mandela.

The Rainbow Fish

In July, the Eco team were selected by Fleetwood Council to perform at an outdoor performance presenting the story of the Rainbow Fish. We remember the special gift God gave us of our World and how it's our responsibility to look after it. 

RE at St. Mary's in 2018 - 2019

Leon makes his First Holy Communion

Leon, in Year 6, made his Frist Holy Communion on Sunday 23rd June. He joined school in the middle of Year 5 after relocating. With his mum, Leon began attending St. Mary's Church and even joined the choir. Leon hadn't made his First Holy Communion and was encouraged by school and the parish. Children from his class, along with staff went along to the special mass as a surprise and celebrate with Leon in the next step in his faith. 

Corpus Christi Procession and Mass - 20th June

Today, all of the staff and children at St. Mary's joined a group of children from St. Wulstan's and St. Edmund's and Cardinal Allen to celebrate mass at St. Mary's for Corpus Christi. This is a special feast day to celebrate the body of Christ and which always happens on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday. With this year being The Year of the Eucharist, this mass was extra special and as catholic schools in Fleetwood, we wanted to celebrate together. We used the icon of the Year of the Eucharist to led our procession together to and from church. 


After Mass the students from Cardinal Allen led an act of worship to Year 6 children about Corpus Christi: the important of Jesus in our lives and him being the Eucharist. The Year 6 children had planned and delivered their own worship on the same theme, the day before, across school to the younger classes in preparation of going us celebrating mass.

Stations of the Cross in school - 9th April

Creating our own 'Stations of the Cross' is part of our Lenten tradition at St. Mary's. Each class create two stations each, representing that part of the story of Good Friday in their own way. These are pictures from the Year 6 children engaging with the story and having time to make their own personal reflection in the reflection books or with stations that were interactive. The children's reverence and respect was evident throughout their time in the hall and children spent time in silence and in prayer together. As our Year 6 have been visiting church every Thursday for 'The Way of the Cross' service, we invited parishioners to join us for the service using our stations. They joined for soup afterwards and even left us some lovely comments about what have thought of school's efforts during Lent. 

More from Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross at church

During Lent, seven of our Year 6 children have been attending The Way of the Cross, a special service each Thursday held at church by Father Michael, which is open to parishioners. Our children have participated in children from the child's point of view during the service. At the end, the children, along with Mrs Halloran have been joining the parishioners from some lunch and conversation.

Ash Wednesday Mass

On Wednesday 6th March, as a school, we went to Mass at church to celebrate Ash Wednesday Mass. We received ashes and Holy Communion or a blessing from Father Michael. Ash Wednesday signifies the start of Lent where we repent our sins and turn to God. Each child has made their Lenten promise, which is display in their worship area in the classroom.

Sharing the Christmas Spirit - visiting Alexandra Court Care Home

Year 6 children made Christmas cards for the residents at Alexandra Care Home and our Headboy, Headgirl, their deputies and some Year 5 children went to wish the residents a Merry Christmas, give out our cards and sing a song from our KS2 Carol Service. 

KS2 Carol Service - Following the Light