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The Cove

Welcome to The Cove

New this year is...The Cove. This space used to be our school library but now we have developed the opportunity for reading in our learning zones in KS1 and KS2, plus our reading areas in the classrooms. Therefore, we have created a space where small groups of children, with Mrs Sewell, will be working, supporting the teaching and learning.  Then, in the afternoons Mrs Sewell gets to teach the Year 4s for the foundation subjects - PSHE, History, Geography, Art, DT, RE etc.

A picture paints a thousand words.

Check out some of the learning...

Who is Sir Christopher Wren?

Here is some art work from Year 4 on our topic about 'Famous Buildings'. The children drew aspects of St. Paul's Cathedral after learning about Sir Christopher Wren and his career as an architect. 

Who are our European Neighbours?

As we continued our Geography work learning about Europe, we used an atlas with our partner to identify and locate the countries in Europe.

Art - famous buildings

Our Art topic for this half term is to study famous buildings. We began by looking and comparing different pictures of famous buildings across the world. The children discussed them and put them in order of the favourite to least favourite.

Carol Singing - We Three Kings

Although we haven't had a Carol Service, each year group prepared a carol to sing to their parents - today (Wednesday 15th December) was our turn. Year 4 sang 'We Three Kings' and then had some fun with the snow (machine)! 

We Three Kings

Still image for this video

Fashion Designers in the making

As we continued with our work on Sonia Delaunay, we learnt about how she expanded her artwork into the fashion industry. She opened her own shop in Madrid 'Casa Sonia', which sold shoes, dresses, swimwear and so much more, which she had created. Using her design cards, the children created their own outfits of a male and female using style of geometric shapes and bold colours.

Festive Cheer

It was our KS2 Christmas lunch today. The food was delicious and the ambience was merry and bright. Many thanks to the kitchen team, it was a fantastic occasion.  

What is the Holy Trinity?

Year 4 learnt about the Holy Trinity being three persons in one - God. We discussed how this can the difficult to fully understand but the children worked hard as we researched and discussed different images of the Holy Trinity. They then moved onto creating their own representation of it to show their understanding.

Computing - Coding experts

The children have thoroughly enjoyed developing their coding skills creating their own stories, using if statements and a game too. Year 4 were great at supporting and helping each other with their coding skills.

PSHE - Me and My Relationships

In our PSHE lessons, we have been looking at our relationships with others and this we discussed how we need to respect other people's feelings, how we can use their body language and facial expressions to read how they might feel but mostly importantly what we can do if we see someone demonstrating they feel shy, angry or upset. Here our some of the children in their freeze frame to show a feeling and the other children had to guess what it was.

Sonia Delaunay - movement and motion in artwork

Sonia wanted the observer’s eye to constantly move from the painting to the poem, and create a feeling of speed and disorientation that would be like being on a train journey. She illustrated a Russian poet's poem about a journey on a train. Year 4 created their own artwork to complement a poem on the theme of poem by Robert Louis Stephenson. 

Molly's RE

In response to our RE work this half term, on the Christmas story and the trust in Mary and Joseph, Molly took it upon herself to respond by writing about Christmas. At the end of it,  she also shared the true meaning of Christmas and wrote her own prayer to reflect this. She read it to the class and they gave her a round of applause - very well deserved! 

Sonia Delaunay inspired artwork

Sonia loved to experiment with colourful shapes and light to create a sense of rhythm and movement in her work. She would use like to create brighter effect or a darker one by thinking about where she placed primary colours next to secondary colours. 

Fleetwood Town gifted us shirts

Fleetwood Town gifted Year 4 children a football shirt each and free ticket to the Morecambe v Fleetwood match on Saturday 20th November. The children were very grateful and excited about their gift and the opportunity to watch Fleetwood Town.

Anti-Bullying Week 2021

Year 4 engaged with anti-bullying week brilliantly! They wore odd socks on Monday, bought rulers and wrist bands so money could go to the charities and we had an afternoon discussing key questions - what is bullying?, why do people bully? how can I be an upstander, not a bystander? We watched the BGT clip of a school choir performing a song they had written about bullying not being welcome in their school. In addition, we looked at the theme for this year being 'one kind word' and we made chatterboxes for the children to play with their friends to encourage kindness.

Art - Who is Sonia Delaunay?

This half term Year 4 are learning about the artist Sonia Delaunay. We spent our first lesson looking at her early life (when she was born, her family, where she studied) and the work she produced early in her career, around the age of 20. We discussed their features, compared them to work of artists she admired and the children gave their opinions on the colours, brushstrokes used, as well as words to describe the piece they had chosen.

How can we organise organisms?

We began our lesson looking at the definitions of a vertebrate and invertebrate and organised a set of images into these two groups. Next, we challenged our partner to complete a Venn diagram based on the category we chose. For example: predators, flowering plants, mammals, tetrapod and many more. Our partner had to check we were correct, before we swapped roles.

Science - Dentist Visit

To complete our work the digestive system, where we learnt about our types of teeth, their function and how to look after them. We had a dentist and a dental nurse from My Dentist, across the road from school, come in and talk to Year 4 about dental hygiene, their job, the equipment they use and the importance of knowing how much sugar is in food/drinks we eat. At the age a Year 4 child is at, they should have no more than 6 cubes of a sugar a day. In a can of coke there are 9, in a tablespoon of tomato ketchup there are 4 and in a Yazoo milkshake 27!

DT - cooking and tasting

Yummy! A lovely afternoon tasting the Autumn Harvest Stew each group created. They tasted their own, as well as another group's, so they could offer an opinion for the evaluation they completed. The children were able to go home with the leftovers to share with their family.

DT - peeling and chopping

In preparation for our stew that each group had designed, the children peeled and chopped the vegetables they needed, ready for the slow cooker. We discussed the importance of hygiene and safety.

Celebrating Our Learning

Here are some examples of work the children have produced this half term as we've learnt about the Digestive System, The Great Plague, The Bible, and creating our own Autumn Harvest Stew.

Black History Month 2021

As part of our work on Black History Month, the children created their own positive pebble, which included one positive word about how the Black community handled racism and being discriminated against. The children came up with words: forgiveness, strength, courage, hope and many more. On the back of the pebble, the children wrote Black History Month 2021 and are going to place their pebble somewhere in Fleetwood for another person to find. The children hope the word will bring a smile to that person's face and learn about BHM.

DT - investigating vegetables

Year 4, have been tasting Harvest vegetables in preparation for making their own Autumn harvest Stew, which they have planned in their groups. As part of our discussion, we talked about what people in the 1600s typically ate because we've been study the Great Plague and in Science, we've learnt about our digestive system and our teeth and the importance of healthy eating.

Maths - subtracting 1 digit from 3 digits

Some of the children from Garrido Class worked with Mrs Sewell in The Cove this week, as they moved onto learning more about subtraction this week - what it means, how to use resources and what strategies to help them. The children used Base 10 resources and/or whiteboards for number lines to solve subtraction calculations in order to complete a subtraction puzzle.

Science - Plaque Attack

Year 4 planned and completed an investigation to see how well they brush their teeth. We used disclosing tablets to see the plaque that was on their teeth so they could see quite clearly the areas they need to concentrate on, so they can improve their oral hygiene and protect their teeth.

Maths - using base 10

Some of the children from Garrido Class have been working with greater than and less than, using symbols to compare thousands numbers. The children used base 10 to create their own numbers and compare them with their partner and explain why. 

Worship - Prayer Wall

In 'The Cove', we have a prayer wall. In worship, the children often like to share and ask for us to remember a member of their family who has passed away. We listened to a song called Heaven and shared the Ascension story to remind ourselves of Jesus being back at the right hand side of his father. Year 4, then had the opportunity to add a ribbon on the prayer wall to represent a prayer they shared with God about someone they've lost. 

History - The Great Plague

Year 4 are really enjoying their History topic about The Great Plague - so far we have compared London from then and now, looking at how it's changed and why. Today, we discussed the symptoms of the Plague and what happened to a victim. Molly, Olivia and Violet shared information they knew about the nursery rhyme 'Ring a Ring a Roses' and we discovered what they lyrics meant.

Computing - Coding

To begin our work on coding, we recapped on the vocabulary linked with Coding and being able to match the vocabulary to their matching definition.  Individually, we explored the different backgrounds and objects available in Free Code Gibbon. When we had created a scene, we planned what will happen on a storyboard planner or interactive whiteboard.  Use 2Code to implement your plan and create your computer program.

English with Garrido Class - using a thesaurus

This half term, Mrs Sewell is supporting the teaching and learning in Year 3/4 (Garrido Class) with Mr Gregory. The children this week have been learning what a synonym and how to use a thesaurus to find alternative synonyms.

R.E - using Bible references

The Year 4 children began their topic on The Bible in R.E by looking at different Bibles, discussing what they remembered about the Bible. Mrs Sewell was very impressed with what they could remember of our work in Year 3 and then we moved onto using Bible references, to find specific messages, promises or stories. 

The Year of St. Joseph

This year, Pope Francis declared that it would be The Year of St. Joseph, where we would learn about the simple, yet holy life he led as the father, on Earth, to Jesus. The children studied paintings of Joseph, in which often, he was working and Jesus would be by his side. The children discussed what they could see, symbols that were used and how the people might be feeling at that moment. After this, the children responded by drawing their own picture of Joseph and Jesus together.

Computing - Purple Mash

Year 4, to start of the year, have logged themselves onto Purple Mash, which is resource we follow to teach our computer scheme. The children had an explore reminding themselves of how to use the website, practice some of their computing skills and check out some of the resources to help them with other areas of the curriculum - art, maths, reading and so much more.

Take a look inside...

The theme for The Cove was already establish with art work that was painted about 8 years ago by Naomi Lynch, when the library and intervention room was created. Mrs Sewell has built on that theme and she has developed a small reading corner, had new display boards added, created a worship area and have new tables and chairs of a slightly different style to traditional classroom tables.