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September Newsletter 2015 Euler

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II

The whole school joined in an outdoor party lunch to celebrate the 90th birthday of our queen, Elizabeth II.  Mrs Ashworth and the lunchtime team worked hard to provide a celebration for all children (and staff) to enjoy.  Happy Birthday Your Majesty!


Hunted - Trip to Blackpool Zoo

On Thursday 9th June we visited the zoo as part of our Hunted topic.  We participated in a workshop session when we learnt about the risks to our animal population from different kinds of hunting.  The children learnt about endangered species and what we can do to protect them in the future.

Imitating Monet

As part of our Topic lessons, we have used pastels to try and imitate the paintings of Claude Monet.

We divided famous paintings into four or six sections and, working as a group took a section each.  The final piece should look like a version of the original masterpieces.

Units of Measurement

In our recent maths lessons we have been studying units of measurement and converting centimetres to millimetres.  The lessons were made more enjoyable as the children were measuring strawberry laces!

Water Cycle in a Bowl

Continuing with our topic of Water, Water Everywhere we investigated the Water Cycle.  We filled a glass bowl with hot water and stood a small glass in the middle.  The bowl was covered with clingfilm and ice cubes placed on the top.  The children made predictions about what they thought would happen and observations over a period of approximately 20 minutes.  The demonstration simulated the actions of the actual Water Cycle, water vapour rising from the water, condensing against the cold clingfilm and transforming back from a gas into a liquid then falling as rain into the small glass underneath.


RE and Euler Class Prayer Book

In our R.E lessons we have been thinking about the different ways people pray and talk to God.  We have spent time both indoors and outdoors and have composed a class prayer.  Our next step will be to compile our class prayer book.

Life Education Bus

We were visited again this year by the Life Education Bus.  All year groups took part in lessons on various health and life education topics.  Euler children in Y5 joined in a session about drugs education and friendship/peer pressure. 

Summer Term - Topic Launch

Our topic for this term is Water, Water Everywhere! - We will be looking at water in various situations, in science and geography.  These photos show our topic launch lesson which focused on the properties of liquids and solids.  We mixed cornflour, food colouring and water to make slime.  Check our pictures to see if we enjoyed the lesson!

Stations of the Cross 2016

On Monday 21st March the school marked the season of Lent with our annual Stations of the Cross reflection.  The photos show Euler class joining in prayers during their time in the hall.


This week Euler children have been learning about the 'value' of Roman Numerals, both in maths and in everyday life.  They applied what they had learned to crack coded messages on antique scrolls.

World Book Day 2016

On Thursday 3rd March we took part in World Book Day.  We brought in our favourite books and shared them with our friends.

Passport to Europe

This week we began our new topic.  Over the coming weeks we will be learning about the countries which make up Europe and developing our geographical knowledge and skills.  The photos show how we assembled a class map and learnt about travel using Interrail.

Responding to a text

Pupils from the class interview each other in a 'hot seat' activity.  After reading a text they devised open-ended questions to ask each other.  The responses were thought-provoking and challenging.

A Taste of France

This week as a 'taster' before our new class topic, Euler children have been sampling some different French breads and cheeses.  There was a mixed response to the cheese, particularly the blue St. Agur!  However the croissants and brioche were a definite hit.

What's Out There?

This half term Euler are learning about our planet, the Earth, and how we form part of a galaxy.  We are using different methods of research in science, art, ICT and literacy to discover information about our fascinating home planet.

Using paint and print techniques to form a satellite image of Earth

Dream Jars Activity

Global Renewables

Investigating Eulers Rule

Open Afternoon

Place Value

Roald Dahl Day