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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Working Together for the Good of Each Other

Francis Drake Class

Mrs Stuchfield & Mrs Koro welcome you to

'Sir Francis Drake Class'!

Spring 1 - PSHE theme

How do we show our feelings?


Different kinds of feelings; strategies to manage feelings; change and loss;  recognising how others are feeling; sharing feelings

The 'Star of the Week' is James for his sensible and mature attitude to learning.

Have a read of our amazing recounts about our class trip to Fleetwood Museum.

In computing we played the game 'Guess Who' to practise separating data we had so much fun!

Our unit in PE this half term is all about trust, so we played a game where we had to trust our team to help us move along the bench without falling off.

maths-we made our own clocks to support us working out time problems with before and later.

Emily is our 'Star of the Week' for trying her best in everything she does and never giving up.

Science-we discussed different weather symbols, different weathers and the four seasons today.

In computing we have been learning how to collect and represent data on a pictogram.

Maths- learning 5 minute intervals

Our visit to 'Fleetwood Museum' to start off our Victorian's topic was amazing! We learnt lots of new facts and will be writing a recount about our visit and later a non-chronological report about all the facts we have learnt.

Recounts -Partner work using time words to make up silly sentences.

Music- We listened to our new rock song today. 'I wanna play in a band' we listened, appraised and moved to the beat.

Practising o'clock and half past.

Maths- To start off our topic of time we played 'What time is it Mr Wolf?

Autumn 2

PSHE theme-Feelings and friendship

What is Bullying?

The 'Star of the Week' this week is Dominic for making super progress with his reading. Dominic also received Mylo's 'Star of the Week' too!

The children took home 'The Posada Box' to welcome Mary and Joseph into their home on the way to Bethlehem.

Our Christmas party and a special visitor!

Donkey ride and fun in the snow!

We made Christingles.

We sung 'Little donkey' for the parents today to wish them a Merry Christmas and then played in snow.

Christmas 'mindfulness colouring'

Blackpool Schools and youth work Charity visited us this week to tell us about the journey of the Christmas Story. We pretended we were explorers to find out the real meaning of Christmas and sang songs with the shepherds and sheep.

Amelia is 'The Star of the Week' for trying so hard in maths every lesson, she is a super, maths whizz!

Christmas lunch

Music-This half term we have been learning the song HOHOHO. We have listened to a range of other songs and appraised them, played movement games to keep the pulse and practised using glockenspiels to the tune.

Fractions of amounts

'The Star of the Week' is Porscha for being a model St Mary's pupil, she shows good listening skills, is always smart, always tries her best and never gives up.

We had a special assembly today with 'The Creepy Crawly Roadshow', they learnt about minibeasts and their habitats and the children sat beautifully and asked really thoughtful questions to find out new amazing facts. They even held the mini beast , they were so brave!

Sonny is the 'Star of the Week', for writing an amazing story plan about an explorer and working so hard in maths.


In science we have been learning about food chains. The children created their own food chains using the words - producer, consumer, predator and prey.

The 'Star of the Week' is Maria for making great progress in reading and writing.

PE - dance - travelling in different ways- The children used their bodies to travel like different animals -tall, short, fast and slow. They then performed with partners to the rest of the class.

Tayson is the 'Star of the Week' this week for having an enquiring mind and bursting with enthusiasm.

We remembered the fallen soldiers for Remembrance day today, we paused for a minute of silence to show our respect and then discussed what it would have been like for them. We then designed our own poppies for remembrance.

DT/science - We finished creating our animal habitats from around the world. Next we will evaluate them.

Well done to our poetry young writers winners.

This week our book from the same author is 'The Explorer' , we came into class today to find it had turned into the North Pole. The children acted out the story and then we brainstormed words we could use for our writing this week.