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Science Week 2024

Hughes Class

Science Day


The children were engrossed in the story of 'The three Billy Goats Gruff’ and decided that the bridge was so creaky and old that it was waking up the troll. Everytime the troll woke up, he would try to capture the three billy goats. The children decided to make brand new bridges to help the goats. There was some fantastic team work on display and the children had some great ideas about how they could improve their bridges. 

Science Day -Lionni Class-The children watched the story of 'The three Billy Goats Gruff and decided that the bridge was so rickety that it was waking up the troll so they decided to make new bridges. They then designed, made and tested their bridges and evaluated them.

Science Day- Briggs Class

The children in Briggs class spent the day exploring both in the classroom and in our outdoors area. We made slime, planted, built bridges and water tunnels, made different shapes and drew the shadows of these, we looked at magnets and found different objects inside and out that were magnetic. 

Science Day - Potter Class

Today we have spent the day going into different classes and doing a range of science experiments. We made slime, fizzy rockets, lava lamps and completed an engineering fairy tale experiment. This experiment was to make a chair for as Goldilocks had broken the little bears chair. We had a fantastic day.

Science Day - Blake Class


A great, fun day all around with fun, quick experiments on a carousel in the morning followed by an afternoon of STEM by completing a task from the Engineering Fairy Tales book - The Three Billy Goats Gruff where we made a bridge in small groups to see if it would hold the weight of the 'goat'.

Experiments with Robinson Class

The children in Robinson class thoroughly enjoyed the ks2 carousel of experiments, including lava lamps, rockets and slime! 

Science Day 2024 - Maurice Sendak Class

This year's theme was Time.


To start science week off, we took part in a carousel of activities across KS2.  We made slime, lava lamps and explosive rockets!  We talked about the chemical reactions taking place in each experiment.  In the afternoon, we worked on our Engineering Fairy Tales STEM knowledge and created a 20 second timer so Cinderella could get home from the ball on time.