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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Working Together for the Good of Each Other

Beatrix Potter Class

Welcome to Potter Class 

Miss Evans and Miss Hendley


Today we started the new half term with a session of yoga.

Mental Health week

In PSHE around school we follow SCARF (which stands for Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship). Children wore colourful scarves in schools to show their support for mental health week.

French Day

We have walked around school visiting different classes and learning all things France. We have learnt about the body parts, different types of food and tasted them, colours, clothes and how to count in French and we even played bingo.


Everyone enjoyed their French party, speaking French, eating French food and enjoying everyone's company. 

Dragons' Den

Children shared their AMAZING inventions and ideas to our judges. They gave fantastic speeches and shared their thoughts and feelings about their creations. We are so proud of them all.

Glow in the dark dodgeball

We have had a fantastic time playing glow in the dark dodgeball today. 


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Lego Builders

We have been lucky enough to have the Lego Builders in school today. They have all done an amazing job at creating their own Lego buildings. Take a look at these fantastic designs. 


During this term we have been looking at Diet and Nutrition. We have started by how we can group food and the meaning of different words. We have looked at a balanced diet and how we need food from different categories to have a healthy diet. 


During this term we have been looking at pneumatics. They have all enjoyed doing practical science experiments. We are looking at how the pressure of air can move things and how we can make our own item move.


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During this term we have been looking at place value and addition and subtraction. We have done this through our workbook, mentally and practically. The children have all enjoyed engaging with practical maths to enhance their learning.


During our art lessons we have been looking at the art produced by the Ancient Egyptians. We have been making our own paper in the style of the Ancient Egyptians, staining paper, using the Egyptian patterns and drawing and painting in the style of this ancient civilisation. The children have had the opportunity to explore Ancient Egyptian art using different patterns, colours and creating texture. We have some fantastic artists within the classroom! 

Life Education Bus

We have been lucky to have the Life Education Bus presenters in our class. Our topic was Meet the Brain. We looked at the Skeleton system, Respiratory system, Circulatory system and Digestive system. We have learnt a wealth of new information and we have loved the visit from the Life Education Bus.


Feathery Friends

Our lovely little school had some special, feathery visitors. The Bird Man came for his annual visit with his spectacular birds of prey. As always, it was a fantastic, informative experience for the children. 

 Creepy Crawly Man

The children have had a fantastic assembly with the Creepy Crawly Man, the children learnt many interesting facts about a variety of creepy crawlies. Everyone was given the chance to hold a cockroach, a stick insect a snake or a millipede. The children were able to ask questions and interact with the Creepy Crawly Man and the creepy crawlies.



Ancient Egypt in History

Continuing with our focus on Ancient Egyptians, the children have been learning about Ancient Egyptian artefacts, mummification, Egyptian God's and Goddess's and the discovery of the first tomb.


The children have been enjoying their PE lessons, inside and outside. It is great to see them working together and trying their best at all times. They are developing their skills and listening well to Josh who is making their PE lessons fun and exciting.