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Hobby class Lenten assembly was about working together as a team.

We attended the Ash Wednesday mass today and stayed afterwards to ask Father Michael questions the children had thought of about the beginning of mass.

Peter Rabbit made a mess in our classroom when he ran away from Mr McGregor's garden.

Our worship today was about respecting others and how we can do this in our daily lives.

Today as part of our human body topic in science, a fitness instructor 'Barry Kinder' came to our class to give us an exercise class. We joined him in a warm up while he explained to us why it is important to warm up the body before exercise and we participated in cardiovascular exercises to music. We even used his pound fit sticks to exercise before we cooled our bodies down. The children were brilliant following the routines and really enjoyed it.

We have been learning about how important exercise is and how it effects our bodies. We investigated this by completing different exercises in the playground to see if we could feel any changes in our bodies.

Year six visited us today to deliver worship to our class and spoke to us about being kind to others. This linked well with our RE lessons about bible stories and the message God is asking us to follow.

Today as we were learning about a balanced diet and the different food groups, we planned healthy meals and tasted different fruits to encourage the children to try new healthy choices.

To introduce our money topic in maths we created a shop in the classroom, the children worked in pairs to find amounts using the different coins to buy objects around the classroom. Then showed their recognition of the coins by matching the symbols to the coins and counting combined coins to find the amount.

This half term we have been learning about the miracles of Jesus and the message God wants us to learn from them so we can follow his example. Today we shared bread around the class but we did not have enough for everyone. We discussed how the children left out were feeling and then some of the children shared their own piece of bread so everyone had a piece. One group of children used role-play to retell the story of ‘The feeding of the 5000’ while other children sequenced the story using religious words and phrases. The class then went on to answer questions about the message of the parable..

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties this week.

Year six visited us today for worship to tell us the story of 'The poor widow who gave everything'. The children passed around the rosary bead and thought about whom they would give their last possession to. The children then joined in with the ‘Year of the Word’ prayer responses.

Some of the children in Hobby Class have been playing 'what time is it Mr Wolf?' To consolidate their knowledge of o’clock and half past.

This week as part of our explorers topic the classroom turned into the North Pole. We read the book 'The great explorer' by Chris Judge and acted out how we would walk in the North Pole. We think we had a visitor! Who do you think it could be?

We had our collective worship this week next to our 'Year of the Word' display. We started to learn the special prayer and reflected upon how God speak to us through the Scriptures.

The children have taken the Posada box home over the last two weeks to welcome Mary and Joseph into their home on their journey to Bethlehem.The children have lit the candle and read prayers to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

We had a fantastic Christmas party and a special visitor.

We really enjoyed our Christmas lunch this week!

Today we took part in a nativity workshop. The children followed the story of the birth of Jesus, they listened to the Angel Gabriel tell Mary she was going to have a baby and how she felt. We visited the stable where baby Jesus was born, saw the shepherds and talked to one of the wise men.

In RE we learnt about the Advent wreath and what each candle represents. We thought about how we could spread love, joy, peace and hope during Advent. We next each made an Advent wreath and then wrote an Advent promise to go on the Christmas tree in the hall. We then placed our Advent promises on the tree and thought about the journey Mary and Joseph made to Bethlehem to prepare for the birth of Jesus.

We have been using arrays in class to write repeated addition and multiplication calculations.

Red Wednesday 20th November. We supported Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) by supporting their Red Wednesday campaign #RedWednesday. The children were allowed to wear something red in addition to their uniform. We lit a red candle in worship to remember the people who died because of their faith.

For Anti bullying week we have worn odd socks and Mrs Thomas has made hat badges for the whole school for the American version 'Hats Not Hate'. We made Anti bullying posters to show how we can make a change and how to ask for help.

During worship and english this week we have thought about Remembrance day and the soldiers who lost their lives. The children wrote really thoughtful acrostic poems.

Someone has left something in our classroom! Can you guess who it might be? To introduce our Traditional stories with a Twist we have been acting out the three little pigs and writing a wanted poster for the Big Bad Wolf! Next week we will be hearing the wolf's side of the story.

Cher Zoo - ~Dear Zoo

The children have been listening to the story Cher Zoo (translated from Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell) which they are familiar with in English.  Our topic is animals and this book introduced several different zoo animals.  The children took part in a role play taking the parts of the animals.

To introduce Multicultural Week we listened to the book ‘The Ugly Five’ by Julia Donaldson. It is set in the African Plains, which links to our science topic of habitats and is about diversity. To emerge the children into the book we completed a carousel of activities:

We learnt a carnival dance today from Rio de janeiro and then listened to African music and made African instruments to play with an African song we are learning.

In Multicultural week we also invited parents to sample different foods from around the world. We tasted fish and chips to represent English food, created Aboriginal masks and visited year 1 and Reception to show them an African song we learnt in class.

A game that bridges two cultures

As a start to our multi-cultural week in school, and also as an end to our first half term of French, Hobby class have been playing Loto.  The game, which in this country is known as Bingo, is almost a national tradition.  It is also enjoyed by children in France and was a great way to practise the colours we have been learning to recognise in class.

We visited Fleetwood museum to help us with our non-chronological report writing. We learnt lots of facts about the Victorian household, toys and got to try on some Victorian clothes.

As part of our Victorians topic we have looked at Victorian schools and compared them with our school, the children loved wearing the 'Dunce' hat and holding the whip. We have also had a teddy bears picnic with cake and watched punch and Judy.

We have been learning about habitats around the world and what animals live there and how they adapt to their surroundings. Then in pairs we chose a habitat and worked together to make it using sticking and attaching methods.

We had a special visit from the Fire Brigade today. They taught us how to stay safe if there was a fire and we used role play to act out what we would do in an emergency.

Hobby Class visited Fleetwood's library on Friday, we looked at fiction and non-fiction books and the children were allowed to take a book home too. It was lovely to see the children choosing their own books and enjoying the stories and facts.

In maths we have been learning about measurement and mass. We estimated, weighed and then compared objects around the classroom.

In worship we have been reflecting on the qualities of a good friend.

To start our poetry topic we listened to the poem ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. We then worked in mixed ability groups to think of what we could put in our box using amazing adjectives.

Year 2 pirate story writing.

During dance in PE today we acted out how we thought the 'Big Bad Wolf' would move and the expressions he would use.

Today we looked on Google Earth at the streets around our school and then walked around school and the surrounding streets to look at any original features and new features we could find on houses etc. When we got back to school we discussed why we thought they were old or new.

Meet our class fish. The children had a vote and decided to call them Jessie and Blowy.

The Birdman was amazing we learnt lots of interesting facts about birds from around the world.

We started our Victorian toys topic by looking at old toys and playing with them.

Place value in maths.

Welcome to Hobby Class and our lovely classroom.