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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Working Together for the Good of Each Other

Core Value

Autumn I - Positivity

Are you positive like a giraffe?

Positive emotions: Feeling positive emotions such as joy, gratitude, interest, and hope

Engagement: Being fully absorbed in activities that use your skills but still challenge

Relationships: Having positive relationships

Accomplishment: Pursuing success, winning, achievement, and mastery

Daley class have been positively engaging in the activities in the continuous provision. They have been working, independently and with each other, to imagine, create and explore in their learning activities.  

The children in King class have been displaying positive attitudes towards their learning. In learning activities, they have tried hard to have a go and not give up. They have positively shared resources and worked together during maths. They are beginning to understand that we learn through mistakes and being positive encourages us to keep trying.


Working as a team to positively make class rules together.

We have been extremely proud of Thomas Forward in Merckx Class. He always displays a positive attitude to his learning. He never gives up and will ask for help if needed.

Merckx Class star of the week is Thomas Clapp for displaying a POSITIVE attitude towards his learning. He has been trying his best to not give up and have a go. Well done, Thomas!