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Pugin Class

Pugin Class - Year 4/5

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Lovely Day Singalong for Young Voices!

First aid training


Pugin class have been learning some first aid this week. Our current focus is CPR. The children did an amazing job and I have no doubt that, if ever needed, the children would apply their training effectively.  

PSHE - Healthy Heads with Fleetwood Town

First Aid Training

Welcome back Pugin Class!

Stations of The Cross


St. Mary's are marking this important time during Lent with our annual Stations of The Cross reflection. The children visited the stations today and were given the opportunity to see how the different classes had represented their stations. It was a time for reflection and contemplation - as always it was a moving experience. 

PE - Using the apparatus in our PE lessons.

Computing - Today, we have been using Purple Mash to complete some computing activities about space.

Science - The Earth, The Sun and The Moon

PE - Creating your own exercise routine at home as part of home learning.

Maths - Coordinates Home Learning Work

Space - We have been looking at the planets and creating our own posters including facts and information about the solar system.

Science - Looking at electrical circuits, the children loved this activity where we tested different materials to see if they were conductors or insulators

We really enjoyed the Santa Dash Festivities!!!

PSHE/PE - Move and Learn

Today we have been testing electrical circuits to see if they are incomplete or complete circuits.

Today, we have been using the Ipads to research facts about WW2. The children are using these facts and gathering information to use within their non - chronological report.

PSHE - The Life Education Bus - Today we had a visit from the life education team. We completed a workshop about how its 'Good to be Me'. We talked about how we are all unique and that we are all different. We should be confident within ourselves and know that we are amazing!

Anti-Bullying Week


 This week is Anti-Bullying week. The theme this year is: United Against Bullying. We have talked about this in class today and we will re-visit the issue of bullying throughout the week. Today the children arrived in odd socks and purchased wristbands. All the proceeds will be donated to an anti-bullying charity.

Maths - This week we have been looking at the inverse operation. We know that the inverse is the opposite. We were given some calculations and we had to find the inverse calculations to match. We then completed a treasure hunt around the classroom to secure our understanding of the inverse operation.

Maths - This week the children have been learning about decimal places and rounding numbers up or down to the nearest whole number.

English - The children have been learning about propaganda of the Second World War and this week they were tasked with creating their own propaganda poster.

Orienteering - Children were tasked, in teams of 5, with following 8 different routes made by red, blue, yellow and green cones. We recorded the routes and the amount of time it took each team to complete, with a prize for the winning team

We have been working hard in our PSHE lessons. We have been looking at how we can keep ourselves healthy. We have also been talking about how we can be good friends and how we can keep positive, healthy relationships with our family and friends.

Welcome to our classroom!