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Bird Man

In assembly this morning, we listened carefully to the bird man as he told us all about his birds of prey.  He told us all about adaptation and survival, key learning that links to our science!  Take a look at our pictures to see how much fun we had. 

World Heart Day 


Shelly Woods class acknowledged World Heart Day by having a discussion about how best to keep our heart healthy. The children did a poster containing information. We also combined this with a practical experiment to replicate blood and all it's components. 

Testing materials to see if they are reflective!  Look how much fun we had!  We made predictions and then tested them out! 

Science in King Class-We have been learning about life processes for living things and hunting for mini-beast in the school garden.

How does the heart work? 


Our focus on the heart continued this afternoon. We looked at a diagram of the heart and labelled the various parts. We also discussed the function of each part. 

The lungs


We also continued our exploration of the circulatory system with an in-depth look at the lungs. We drew a diagram of the lungs and discussed the parts and their function. I think you'll agree they did a fantastic job.  


Heart and Lung Dissecting 

Our science lesson took an exciting turn today when Mr Harding, from Cardinal Allen High school, came to visit us.  He brought with him heart and lungs for us to dissect.  We spoke about the different elements of the heart, lungs and the windpipe and then worked together as a team to dissect different parts.  Take a look at the fun we had - what a fabulous way to start our science topic!

KS2 Manchester Science Museum 2022

What a wonderful trip to the Science Museum we had in KS2 - fun, shows, experiments and lots of exploring. 

Growth of seeds and bulbs

In year 2, we have set up our own experiment to find out how seeds and bulbs grow.  We are going to compare them. 

LEGO building in year 4

Organising organisms based on their features

Which materials are magnetic?

Bly class Dentist Visit

Today we had the lovely Dental Nurses from Ideal Dental Care Fleetwood visit Bly class. They taught us all about taking care of our teeth. We listened to a story, played a game and learnt a song to help us clean our teeth for 2 minutes. We loved it! 

Year 5 S.T.E.M activities

Year 5 - Science week

Healthy bodies, healthy minds - year 5 focused on how our mental health is just as important as our physical health and how exercise could also help to improve our mindset as well as our physical fitness.


Alexander Flemming and his discovery of penicillin - here are a few example of the fact sheets year 5 created after their research on Alexander Flemming and how his discovery changed the world.

Garrido Class Egg Experiment

Garrido Class carried out an egg experiment where they placed five eggs in five different liquids and left them for seven days. A week later, they examined the results and observed how the different liquids damaged the egg shells. This linked to their topic 'Teeth and digestion', representing the enamel on our teeth and showing which drinks are better for our teeth.

Garrido Class Femur Investigation

Garrido Class enjoyed recording the results to their femur investigation. They wanted to find out whether people with longer femurs would jump further. They had lots of fun!

Shackleton Science - Planning our own experiments.

We have enjoyed planning and carrying out our own experiments today in science.  We worked as a group to come up with a question, we planned our prediction, we discussed the variables and the method and then we carried out our experiment.  We selected our own equipment and then came up with our own way of recording our results!  What fun we had! 

Shackleton Class STEM RIAT challenge 

Delivered by The RAF

Today we were lucky enough to take part in the STEM Riot Challenge.  We made our own rocket launchers, planned for them, tested them out and learnt how STEM is involved in the process. 

We also talked about the following:  What the RAF does in society and jobs associated with it, different aircrafts, space and gravity, rockets and gravitational forces, satellites, payload and testing, how to launch a rocket the furthest it can go, scientific method, what needs to stay the same to make it a fair test, variables, what are you changing each time, predictions and having lots of fun!

Escape Room Game


In year 5, we were told that we were to imagine that we were stuck in a high-tech kitchen that needed an access code to override the locks. We were asked to read the 10 clues and find out the numbers that could be used for the access code. All the clues were questions regarding materials and their properties. The children had to answer questions on changes of state, material properties, dissolving and magnetics.

Plaque Attack!


On Tuesday 5th October, Year 4 discussed the structure of a tooth, what oral bacteria is and how we can help our mouths and teeth stay clean and healthy. The children brushed their teeth and then used a disclosing tablet to see, if and where we have new or old plaque on their teeth. We discussed what responsibility we have in looking after our teeth and to attack this plaque.  

The Blood

In Year 6 Science today, we looked at the different components of the blood and made these from different foods!  We talked about the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma!

Healthy Eating Week 2021 in Year 1!

Today, as part of our Science lesson we used magnifying glasses to look at different fruit. We discussed similarities and differences between each piece of fruit such as number of seeds, shape, size and texture. We spoke about how important fruit is as part of our healthy diets and even got to try fruit that we haven't had a lot of before, such as pomegranate and cherries!  

Heart & Lungs

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Harding from our link High School Cardinal Allen.  We learnt all about the heart and the lungs and even had the opportunity to dissect them both in order to have a closer look at the different components. We had so much fun!

Our STEM Morning

We had a special delivery in Griffin Class today... a golden egg! We were set the task from Jack to design and make something that could carry the special egg. It had to be strong and it had to keep the egg safe from cracking! Take a look at our creations...