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Tower Wood 2022


Our first day at Tower Wood was a success!  When we arrived we made our beds, looked around our new accommodation and then had lunch.  After lunch, we went off in our groups.  Group A went canoeing on the lake, Group B climbed up trees and Group C did team building activities!  Night time consisted of playing 'man hunt' in the dark with our torches and then we had hot chocolate and cookies before bed!  What a successful first day - no tears and everyone is happy!


Another successful day at Tower Wood!  Group A went caving today - a new experience for us all but a very positive one at that!  We navigated our way around two caves, used plenty of teamwork and we also saw where part of the Harry Potter film was filmed.  We also had a little bit of a history lesson along the way!  Group B went to Cathedral Quarry and explored some underground tunnels.  Again, amazing teamwork and it was lovely to see the children pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.  Group B also did a treetop trail!  Group C put on their wetsuits and went on the Lake where they canoed across it before taking part in bush craft.  After creating their own camp fire, they sat around it before making their own shelters!  Tonight is quiz night and hot chocolate!  Some very tired children today!


Wednesday has been another very fun day! Group A and Group B went on a very long walk up Gummers How, had a picnic on the cliff edge and then got in their canoes and rowed back to Tower Wood!  We are very tired!  Group C have been caving - such a fun but very challenging experience.  We have had a great day!  The children have really challenged themselves and we are proud of them all for pushing themselves out of their comfort zones!  Luckily the views after our climbs were well worth it!!  Tonight we will take part in 'Tower Wood's got talent' and then have hot chocolate, cookies and an early night ready for another jam packed day tomorrow! 


Our Thursday has been another success!  Group A went Ghyll Scrambling - what an experience!  A very wet one but it was a great success!  It was amazing to see the children working as a team and supporting each other through the tough bits - we are so proud!  Group B climbed up Gummers How, had a picnic and then canoed - another fabulous experience and brilliant teamwork - all children are tired that's for sure!  Group C had their caving experience - another wet activity and one that pushed many out of their comfort zones, but again, one that everyone stepped up to.  The children have requested some 'exploring time with their torches tonight' so that is what they will do!  They are currently packing their suitcases and tidying their rooms ready for a room inspection!!  Hopefully, they will be bringing back some new independent skills tomorrow!


Friday was our last day, a very busy morning packing our belongings, finding homes for the stray socks and then taking part in orienteering.  It was also Kobey's birthday so we had cakes and a sing song for breakfast!  What a fabulous week we had!