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Tower Wood Residential Jan 2016

Our Tower Wood photostory of our fantastic week away, which was shared with parents at our assembly!

Tower Wood WMV 2016.wmv

Still image for this video

Monday - our first day

On Monday 25th January, we set off on our journey from school to Tower Wood situated in the Lake district on Lake Windermere. 17 children and 2 adults were about to begin their adventure for the week! After our journey, we met staff, made our beds, unpacked, learnt how to use maps to then compete in an orienteering challenge around the grounds of Tower Wood. Finally to complete our first day, we went on a night walk with our torches at the ready to explore in the dark.

Tuesday - Skiing

Tuesday brought rain...but also dry slope skiing! The children had a great time learning how to ski for most of the day at a dry slope in Kendal. They learnt how to move up the slope without assistance as well as how to ski down safely. Some children managed to move further up the slope and complete head, shoulders, knees and toes as they came down!                                                                      

Wednesday - Rydal Quarry and Canoe Rafting

Wednesday came a long walk to the quarry in Rydal and then came back to Tower Wood to build a canoe raft in our teams and see who could get to the other side of Lake Windermere - and both teams did! Great team work! Some children even went on to jumping into the lake.

Thursday - Adventure Day at Hampsfell

Our final full day - adventure day! Fun in the woods as we climbed to the top of the fell together. We had games along the way, as well as den making on our way back down. When we arrived back at Tower Wood we shared ghost stories and toasted marshmallows around a camp fire, before an evening of room inspections and Tower Wood's got Talent.

Friday - Tree Climbing

Our last day - completed our visit with packing our bags, tidying our rooms, tree climbing and a final lunch with the staff of Tower Wood. A great week had by all. The children were even complimented on their behaviour, resilience and progress in learning new skills - well done everyone!