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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Working Together for the Good of Each Other

Earth Day 23

Drake Class - Discussed how we could look after our planet, by using less water and electricity and making sure we always put litter in the bin. We then made our KS1 area tidier and planted flowers and shrubs in the planters and in the old wellingtons we had collected.

Columbus Class-tidied up all the planters around school by weeding them.

Marco Polo Class celebrated Earth Day by switching off all the electronics in the classroom and making our way outside. We used this time to tidy up and take care of our playground with litter-picking, sweeping, weeding and watering the plants

Shackleton Class - Today, April 22nd, we took part in Earth Day. We talked together about what this means, who joins in and what we can do to help our planet. We learnt some shocking facts for example every 60 seconds the equivalent to 48 football pitches worth of trees are destroyed! We concluded our discussions by making posters to talk about how we can make an effort to save our planet from being destroyed! Watch our for some of our posters around school.