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Shirley Hughes Class

Welcome to Hughes Class.


Mrs Cross and Mrs Halloran

In PE we have been working on our underarm throws and athletics. 

In English we have been developed our own superhero. We have thought about what they would look like and what their special powers would be. We thought about what questions we would like to ask a superhero and learnt how to use a question mark instead of a full stop. Here are some of the questions that some of us constructed on our Mighty Writer board. We have also learnt about using exclamation marks. This week we will be creating our own comic strip, complete with our very own superhero. The children have some very imaginative ideas and I can’t wait to share their finished work with you all.

In maths we have continued to work on our multiplication skills and understanding. We have learnt how to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, we can confidently identify equal groups and we can independently complete repeat additions (2+2+2+2 =8) to find a total of equal groups.

The children have been working very hard in maths. They have been starting to learn about multiplication. To do this we have been thinking about counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and finding totals using repeated additions. The children have shown great understanding. 

Mrs Halloran and I were incredibly proud of the whole class today when they performed a loud and cheery song for the rest of the school during assembly. The children have all worked so hard to learn the words and actions to ‘spring chicken’ and they were absolutely fantastic.

In English we have started thinking about stories with fantasy themes. We particularly love superhero stories, so we have had lots of fun being superheroes this week. 

The eggs are in the incubator. We have carefully helped Mrs C ‘turn’ the eggs regularly. Mrs Cross has explained to us that the eggs might be ‘empty’. We don’t know yet, but we are really hoping that there will be a chick inside some of the eggs. 

Look at our 3d paper pictures. We absolutely loved making these.

Have a look at our Earth Day activities. Thank you to all the grown ups who sent materials into school with their children.

In Art we have started to learn about sculptures. This week we rolled colourful paper to create our very own paper sculptures. Watch this space for the finished product!

In Geography we have been thinking about human and physical features of our local area. We will then compare the area we live in to an area in China. This week ‘Tom’ has been on a journey across Lancashire to find some human and physical features. The children were a very good help to Tom and could quickly identify human features that have been built by humans and physical features which have been created by nature.

Having lots of fun playing games.

We have started to investigate volume and capacity with some yucky green water!

In maths we have all had so much fun investigating mass and using scales in maths.

Thank you to all our grown ups and little siblings who joined us for our Easter afternoon. The children had a wonderful time planting seeds. 

Sometimes Mrs C can be a bit silly! This week we have been learning about instructions. Mrs C pretended to be an alien and we needed to tell her how to brush her teeth. We learnt that when writing instructions they need to be bossy, clear and in the correct order.

Thank you to everyone who came along to our reading afternoon. The children all had a wonderful time.

In Science we have been learning about different animals. We can now identify key features of mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians. We have also learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We now know that carnivores eat meat, herbivores eat plants and omnivores eat plants and meat. We also know that human beings are omnivores. We were able to make animal poo (don’t worry it was just salt dough), we added seeds, grass and leaves to the herbivore poo, pretend bones (spaghetti) to the carnivore poo and seeds, leaves and seeds to the omnivore poo. 

In English we have started to look at traditional rhymes. We have sung lots of nursery rhymes together, performed our favourite rhymes as a pair and even had the chance to experience some traditional rhymes for ourselves. We had the opportunity to fix Miss Polly’s dolly, make currant buns for the bakers shop, create beautiful gardens for Mary, Mary quite contrary, relax under the twinkle, twinkle little stars, take five little ducks swimming and pretend we are 5 speckled frogs jumping into the pool. 

On Monday Mrs B organised a treat for the whole school. She arranged for a yoga instructor to give each class a relaxing yoga session. 

This week in history we have started thinking about toys from the past. We have all been playing with some toys that children would have played with many years ago. Hughes Class had so much fun and even started to recognise how much toys have changed. 

When we return to school after the February half term break we will be in the Christian season of lent. During Lent the children will be involved in some activities to develop their understanding of the season in preparation for Easter. Please see the letter attached below for more information.

This week we have celebrated Mental Health Week. We have thought about what we can do if we are feeling worried or scared, we have discussed how we can be kind and make a huge difference to how our friends might feel. We understand that we are all very different but that we are all a very special piece of Hughes Class.  

We all worked very hard drawing our self portraits so that we could create this beautiful display in celebration of Mental Health Week 2024. Here is a picture of all our hard work. 

Hughes Class had a fantastic time on ‘French Day’. They enjoyed a variety of French themed activities all around school and even tried some French food. They all looked fabulous in their red, white and blue clothes. 🇫🇷 

We learnt the French words for some of our body parts with the year 3 teacher Miss Evan’s. We even learnt a French song. We hope you enjoy it!

Still image for this video

Just look at some of the yummy food we were able to enjoy. Some of the foods we could try included croissants, crepes, fromage, jambon and pan au chocolat.