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Christian Robinson Class

Welcome to Christian Robinson Class!


Summer 2

Prize Day Winners

Congratulations to our Prize Day winners who won Sports Personality and Progress Prizes.

Magic Fest Graduation

The guys from Magic Fest joined us to complete the Magic Fest project by doing some tricks, getting the children to do some close up magic and present the children with their own special deck of cards that magicians use and a Marvin's Amazing Magic Tricks box. They have worked super hard and what a lovely treat for the children to receive.


We enjoyed a session of orienteering around the playground, using our team skills, listening skills and map skills. We had a great fun out in the sunshine.

Magic Fest 2024

On Monday 1st July, Robinson Class took part in a final show that they had prepared for this academic year with a team from the Heritage Learning Lancashire and were one of five schools to participate. All of the schools visited a place of Heritage in Lancashire and put this as part of their act. The children rehearsed in the morning and in the afternoon VIP guests were visited to watched the finished show, as well as professional magicians. 

Singing in assembly - Blinded By Your Grace

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Another short clip...

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And one more...

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Class Mass

Our children did brilliantly at their class mass this week, including doing reading and prayers too to the rest of the parishioners. Usually we only have year 5/6 do this, but we involved ourselves in Mass more by sharing a theme linked to Refugee Week and shared readings and prayers superbly. 

Magic Fest - final practice!

Today was the last time we will see David, John and Francesca before the big show, so we used this chance to practice our lines and perfect our acts!

Science - sieving and filtering

In our second lesson for this half term, we discussed mixtures and how we can use sieving and filtering to separate these but depending on the substances, depends on which piece of equipment we use. The children created their mixtures and tested the different equipment to see which one was most suitable.

Crossword Time

The children worked in partners to solve five-digit addition and subtraction calculations to complete the crossword puzzle - Mrs Sewell even let the children write on the tables!

Freeze Frames - Street Child

In English, we read chapter two of our class novel Street Child. The children created freeze frames based on the family in the story being evicted by their landlord and thought of adjectives to describe their character.

DT (Cooking and Nutrition) - test tasting

During the second lesson in our Cooking and Nutrition work, the children had the opportunity to taste different bolognese sauces and discussed the taste and texture, in readiness for their own creation.

PE - Creative Games

This half term Year 4/5 are looking at 'Creative Games' and began by using their knowledge of invasion games. We began by discussing what this meant and what games this includes. We used a football, basketball, hockey ball (and stick) and a rubgy ball to practice the dribbling with that piece of the equipment, based on how it is used in its invasion game. In addition, the children played 4v1, with the 1 being a defender and using their skills for that game to invade and retrieve the ball.

KS2 Sports Day 2024

We have a thoroughly enjoyable morning at Cardinal Allen to participate in our KS2 Sports Day, where the children completed throwing activities, relay races, skipping, standing long jump and a tug of war (which got very competitive)!


In Year 4/5, we have a prayer wall where the children can add any prayers they wish by tying a ribbon. We have different colours for different types of prayers - sorry, thanksgiving, others and peace.

Science - dissolving

During Science this half term, we are looking at reversible and irreversible changes. We began with looking at the term 'dissolving' - what this meant and looked like. We tested different substances to see if they could dissolve or not and used scientific vocabulary: soluble and insoluble to describe the results of whether the substance dissolved or not, and created a solution. In addition, we set up an investigation to see if sugar would dissolve quicker being stirred or in water of a higher temperature.


September - May

Pop-Up Books

In the last couple of days of half term, the children looked at how to create their own pop-up books. They have looked at different types of mechanisms - such as pop up boxes, levers and pullies - they then planned and designed their own version of a famous tale, using these to bring their stories to life!


The year 1 children have spent the last half term caring for duck eggs and over the holidays they finally hatched into beautiful, fluffy, (noisy) chicks! Thankyou Mrs Cross for bringing them around and introducing us! 

Transition Afternoon

The year 5 children had a fantastic time at the transition afternoon at Cardinal Allen. After a warm up and practice the children enjoyed a few games of rounders and cricket!

Heathy Heads

Our final week of Healthy Heads this week and today we focused on teamwork. Looking at how we can work effectively with others, learning the key teamwork skills to complete group tasks and demonstrating these skills during physical activity! 


STAR of the week! 

Healthy Heads 

This week in Healthy Heads we looked at self-esteem. We learnt what self-esteem means and why it is important, we identified ways our self-esteem can be damaged and how we can improve it. after this we demonstrated how we use it during physical activity.

Magic Fest

Today we ordered our story and acts, picked the music and timings and had our first run throughs of our official St Mary's magic show



Healthy Heads (week 2&3)

The past 2 weeks in healthy heads we have been looking at risk and decision making. We gave examples of good and bad risks to take. We shared any risks we may have taken during the week and the outcomes of these, deciding if they were good or bad risks to take. We looked at how risk and decision making work together. we also showed how we may use this during physical activity.


During Art today we have been focusing on architecture and observational drawings!

Magic Fest!

We have had another incredible morning with John, Russ and David from Magic Fest today! We have started mapping out the show we will perform in July, creating a story from information we gathered on our recent trip to the Infantry Museum including things we saw and learnt during our time there. We have decided on the tricks we will perform on the day and the stories we will put with them and put together a cast list so we can start practicing our parts! A few tricks and games were thrown into the mix too for good measure.

Classroom exercise

Unfortunately, the weather kept us inside for P.E today however, we still ended our classroom exercise with lots of red cheeks! 

Healthy Heads 

This morning we were joined by Rob for our first Healthy Heads lesson! We looked at Character - understanding the difference between a good and bad character, identifying which character traits we value the most and demonstrating being a good character during physical activity. We saw lots of honesty, determination and helpfulness during a game of ball tag! 

Spring term P.E

In P.E his term the children have been playing rounders, focusing on their hand-eye coordination, catching and throwing (under arm and over arm) focusing on the power and aim of their throw.


World Book Day 2024

Science Day

The children have had a fantastic and exciting day conducting different science experiments today including, making a lava lamp, making rockets and slime! 

Lancashire Infantry Museum - Magic Fest

We all had a wonderful day at the Lancashire Infantry Museum! The children learnt loads of information about Fulwood Barracks and the army and listened to many stories.

Using what they had learnt throughout the day the children then came up with ideas and stories to use for their magic show in June!