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Christian Robinson Class

Welcome to Christian Robinson Class!


STAR of the week!

Active Mile

Today we took part in the active mile. Lee spoke to the children about keeping a positive mindset, being the best they can be and to be the best version of themselves, as well as setting goals and working to achieve those goals. After this we took a trip to The Mount where the children were given 10 minutes to see how many laps they could do, learning to keep their pace and setting a goal for our next trip! 


Today the year 5 children enjoyed their first of 5 yoga sessions. We started by learning how yoga benefits our physical and mental health. 
Wendy taught us a few different yoga poses including
the mountain, the swallow, the tree, the frog, the cat,  the cow and the down facing dog. We formed these positions into a full sequence along with the breathing techniques we had learnt.


Creepy Crawly Assembly 

Today we were lucky enough to spend an hour with the Creepy Crawly Man, the children learnt lots of interesting information about all kinds of different creepy crawlies and had the chance to ask any questions they had. Everyone was given the chance to hold a snake, a cockroach, a stick insect or a millipede! 

Active Mile

This afternoon we went back to The Mount to practice our active mile.


The children have been learning French greetings. They then used this to start a conversation with their partners in French.


"Bonjour, je m'appelle..."

"Bonjour... je m'appelle... Ca va?"

"Ca va bien! Ca va?"

"Comme ci comme ca"



This week in yoga we started by stretching out our muscles and practicing our breathing. We revisited the poses we learnt last week then moved on to some new poses. These included the camel, the bear, the snake, the swan, the shark, the scorpion, the mermaid/merman, the baby bear, the candle and the plow. 

STAR of the week!

Birdman Assembly 

Today we enjoyed a visit from the bird man, he brought in Sibble a Harris Hawk, Basil a Barbary Falcon, Alaska a Bold Eagle and Sparky a barn owl for us to meet and let them fly around our heads! We learnt an abundance of information about different types of birds and the children also had the chance to ask their own questions too.


This week we have learnt many more yoga positions to add into our routine: Dancer 1&2, warrior 1,2&3, the chair, the sunflower, mouse, pigeon, 3 legged dog, dolphin pose and more! We started the lesson by warming up our muscles and breathing. We incorporated some of our new poses into a partial routine and transitioned using some the the poses we have learnt previously. 

Relaxing in Robinson Class

Unfortunately we had a wet lunch break today so the children opted to relax and watch a movie!


Air resistance experiment

In science we have been looking at air resistance and how different things may affect it. We have planned an experiment with parachutes and made a prediction on whether the bigger or smaller parachutes will fall quicker or slower. Today we conducted this experiment and concluded that our predictions were correct - the bigger the parachute, the more air resistance, therefore the slower it will fall. 

Dogs Trust

Today we had a visit from Dogs Trust. We learnt what Dogs Trust is and what they do for dogs all over the country. They also taught us how to approach dogs - whether they are our own, a family or friends or a strangers dog - carefully, and how to care for a dog properly. The children had the chance to role play some situations that they may find themselves in with a dog and how to handle it correctly.