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Christian Robinson Class

Welcome to Christian Robinson Class!


Lenten Cake Sale

Thank you for your donations! We managed to raise a fabulous £85 for CAFOD!

Lenten Workshop

We all had a lovely time in our Lenten Workshop this afternoon creating stained glass windows. It was lovely to have family and friends joining us!


We started the new half term with a session of yoga today.

Spring I

As the children have all worked super hard this half term we thought it was only right to give them the chance to relax and unwind this afternoon, ready for a week off school. Tying in nicely with our English work we all decided to watch James and the Giant Peach!


Have a lovely, well deserved break and we will see you on the 19th February bright and early! :) 

STAR of the week!

Childrens mental health week

This week we have been focusing on children's mental health. In PSHE around school we follow SCARF (which stands for Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship) so to end this week the children have worn colourful scarves to show their support for mental health week! 

Valentines Disco heart

French Day

We focused on colours in our class for French Day. Singing, puzzles, games and BINGO! 


In Computing the children have started looking at spreadsheets, how they work and ways to use them. They have had a go at inputting data into a spreadsheet as well as creating their own spreadsheet using the 2Calculate system on Purple Mash. They also used the How Many tool to count the variables in a spreadsheet such as counting vowels.

PSHE- Healthy Relationships

The children have been looking at what makes a healthy relationship from friends and families to characters we might see on tv or in books. Using this they created a 'cake recipe' with the ingredients being aspects they would find in a positive and healthy friendship.

STAR of the week!


While looking at the Holi Festival, the children have learnt about synthesia and how it is a condition where you see colours when musical notes are played, using this knowledge the children listened to a few different pieces of music while imagining what colours they can see and what patterns they would make, whether they see different colours and patterns for different notes and rhythms. They then created their own abstract composition.

Art - Mixed Media Portraits

We have been exploring how our drawings can be developed by combining different materials for effect. We can identify the features of a self portrait and have developed ideas towards an outcome by experimenting with a range of materials and techniques.

Using all of these skills we have created our own mixed media self-portraits!

PSHE - Communication & Friendship

The children have been looking at how online communication can be misinterpreted and accepting that responsible and respectful behaviour is necessary when interacting online as well as face-to-face. They have also demonstrated how to respond to a wide range of feelings in others. The children have given & shown some examples of some key qualities of friendship also reflecting on their own friendship qualities

The Planetarium

The Planetarium visited school today to engage us further in science.  During the session, we learned about the sun, Earth, the moon, and space.  We learnt about the NASA space mission to the moon and how the space rockets are built and sustained. 

Epiphany Assembly

Today we have been learning about 'The Epiphany' and how the three kings came to meet the baby Jesus.

Autumn II


What a wonderful last day it has been today! The Children had an amazing Christmas party with a special visit from Santa and his Elves! 



We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 

Miss Cardwell & Miss Reader 

Donkey Day

It wouldn't be Christmas without our Donkey visit! The children loved meeting the donkeys again this year and having a ride around the playground.


What a fantastic opportunity being able to play glow in the dark dodgeball in the hall! The children had so much fun! There were many red and sweaty faces after this.

Active Mile

Our final Active Mile with Lee before the Christmas break! 

STAR of the week!

Children of the World 2023

This year we held our first ever WHOLE SCHOOL nativity and it was wonderful! 

The children had great fun practicing their songs for their chosen country and learning all about how children from all over the world celebrate Christmas in their own ways.

Well done to everyone involved, it was spectacular! 


We had a crafty and festive time this afternoon while the children made their very own 3D Christmas Cards!! 

Santa Dash 2023

Unfortunately the weather put a stop to our plans to join the Santa Dash on the Memorial Park today however, Lee kindly joined us at school and we had our very own mini Santa Dash in the playground! We had Christmas music playing and had loads of fun! 


Thank you all so much for your donations for the food bank! 

STAR of the week! 

Magic Fest Part 2

The children were super excited for their second magic lesson with David and Russ! They had the chance to show off any tricks they have been working on themselves. David and Russ then taught the children a few more new tricks to try out. As always we were mind blown! 


The children enjoyed wearing their odd socks to raise awareness for Anti-Bullying week! 

Autumn I

STAR of the week!


The children have been learning all about how to stay safe online. They all created their own comic book via Purple Mash to share information with others about online safety.

Star of the week!

Please welcome our newly appointed Values Ambassador



Life Education

In our Life Education session we looked at keeping ourselves healthy- not just physically but mentally healthy too. This also included better ways to deal with potentially tricky situations with friends.

And of course, our beloved Gerald the Giraffe joined us too! 

Magic Fest!

This week Christian Robinson class became MAGICIANS!

We were joined by the wonderful John, Russ and David from Magic Fest, where we began the magical journey we will be taking this year. To start our first lesson we all took the Magicians Oath (don't ask how the trick works because we've sworn to secrecy.) Russ demonstrated some jaw dropping tricks that left the whole class in a stunned silence. Following this we learnt our very 1st card trick 'The Three Kings' as well as creating our own story to go along side it. We practiced our story telling, showman-ship and card trickery with our partners.


We cannot wait to share with you all the incredible opportunities this brings us throughout the rest of the year.

Watch this space..

It's going to be MAGICAL!


Sadly, this week was our last week of yoga with Wendy! Some of the year 6 children joined us for our last lesson, so we used this as an opportunity to teach them the things we’ve learnt and created our own routines with our favourite poses, ensuring that they transition easily into one another. We then shared our routines with the rest of the class.

Dogs Trust

Today we had a visit from Dogs Trust. We learnt what Dogs Trust is and what they do for dogs all over the country. They also taught us how to approach dogs - whether they are our own, a family or friends or a strangers dog - carefully, and how to care for a dog properly. The children had the chance to role play some situations that they may find themselves in with a dog and how to handle it correctly.

Air resistance experiment

In science we have been looking at air resistance and how different things may affect it. We have planned an experiment with parachutes and made a prediction on whether the bigger or smaller parachutes will fall quicker or slower. Today we conducted this experiment and concluded that our predictions were correct - the bigger the parachute, the more air resistance, therefore the slower it will fall. 

Relaxing in Robinson Class

Unfortunately we had a wet lunch break today so the children opted to relax and watch a movie!



This week we have learnt many more yoga positions to add into our routine: Dancer 1&2, warrior 1,2&3, the chair, the sunflower, mouse, pigeon, 3 legged dog, dolphin pose and more! We started the lesson by warming up our muscles and breathing. We incorporated some of our new poses into a partial routine and transitioned using some the the poses we have learnt previously. 

Birdman Assembly 

Today we enjoyed a visit from the bird man, he brought in Sibble a Harris Hawk, Basil a Barbary Falcon, Alaska a Bold Eagle and Sparky a barn owl for us to meet and let them fly around our heads! We learnt an abundance of information about different types of birds and the children also had the chance to ask their own questions too.