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Our Writing at St Mary's 2023-24

Writing in EYFS

The children have really enjoyed our story 'Chapatti Moon' we have really looked at the story talked about how we could change key parts, predict what might come next.

Writing in Year 1

We have been thinking about nursery rhymes. We looked closely at the traditional nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill. We thought about the structure of the nursery rhyme and how it has a beginning, middle and end. We also thought about words we could use to describe Jack and Jill. We rewrote the story of Jack and Jill in our own words, remembering there needs to be a beginning, middle and end and using our growing vocabulary to describe.

Writing in Year 2

Year 2 have been writing their own version of the story, 'The Great Explorer' by Chris Judge.

Year 2 have been learning all about Florence Nightingale and writing non-chronological reports about her life and how she changed hospitals for the better.

Writing in year 3

In English Potter class have been writing a story from an animation piece. They have focused on key learning objectives to created a piece of writing using their imagination.

Writing in Year 4

The Shaman's Apprentice-The children in Year 4 wrote in character as one of the characters from the story after reading and learning all about deforestation.

The Dreamgiver - We watched the video of the story of 'The Dreamgiver'. The children had to write the story in their own words and create tension by leaving it on a cliff hanger. They got to watch how the story unfolded after writing their story.

Writing in Year 4/5

Fantasy story writing

Writing in year 5/6

Year 6 - Maurice Sendak Class - Pig Heart Boy - Writing a Balanced Argument

In English, we are reading the book Pig Heart Boy.  Throughout the book, we notice that the main character needs an organ transplant.  We have discussed what this means and the question, 'Should organ donation be compulsory in the UK' arose.  We decided to write a balanced argument to debate this.