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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Kelly Holmes Class

Welcome to Kelly Holmes Class!

Miss Wade

Mrs Todman & Mrs Halloran

Our classes this academic year are named after athletes. Dame Kelly Holmes, DBE, OLY is a retired British middle distance athlete. Holmes specialised in the 800 metres and 1,500 metres events and won gold medals for both distances at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. 

Summer 1: Be Creative like a spider

Lego Builders in our Computing lessons - following a set of instructions from Miss Wade to ensure the correct outcome.

We loved comparing Victorian toys to toys that we play with today!

Spring 2: Be curious like cat

Stations of the Cross: a St. Mary’s exhibition...

Life skills! Food preparation & handling in Holmes Class

We love using instruments to help us play to the beat!

Using numicon to make representations of numbers to 30

Counting in 2s

In RE we have been listening to the story of The Good Samaritan. We spoke about what it means to be a 'Good Samaritian' and that loving your neighbour means loving everyone, that way that God loves us.

Thank you so much to all the lovely parents/guardians in Holmes class for attending our first Book Nook session! 
The children really enjoyed sharing their favourite books with you and reading with you!

World Book Day 2023

'Reading is dreaming with eyes open'...

Making sculptures from natural resources, wool and play doh!

Rock painting in Holmes class as part of out Earth Art project.

In Maths we have been looking at place value to 50. Today we used art straws to make groups of ten to help us with our counting in 10s.

Spring 1: Be knowledgeable like an owl

STEM CHALLENGE in Holmes Class!
We have been set a task in our class this week from no other than Jack (he is good friends with Miss Wade apparently!)

Jack wanted us to design, make and evaluate something that would safely bring the golden egg down from the top of the beanstalk. We followed these steps:

- Initial discussions about what materials to use

- Designing and labelling our model

- Gathering of materials

- Making our models

- Testing our models 

- Evaluation 


We have loved becoming inventors for the day!