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Year 6's Last Day - Thursday 20th July

Year 6 celebrated their last day in style - filled with tears but also lots laughter. The day began with our leavers' assembly in front our parents, visitors and the rest of the school. The afternoon brought signing of shirts and celebrating their time at St. Mary's with party poppers and silly string. Year 6 it has been a pleasure - you'll always be part of the St. Mary's family. Have an brilliant summer!

Summer Production - Marine Hall Tuesday 18th July

A great start to a very busy week. Tuesday began with celebrating Mass together as a whole school at church, led by our fantastic Year 6 children and then they rehearsed with the rest of Key Stage Two all afternoon. This was all before they performed the show in front of their friends and families. The children worked hard rehearsing and gave it 100% on the night, not only the actors but our fantastic chorus too. Well done, and thank you all of KS2 - you were stars!

Prize Day

Well done to all of our Prize Day winners who on Friday 14th July received an award given to them for an outstanding contribution to our St. Mary's school during their time with us. Awards given out were progress prizes, named prizes for example Mark Rogan award, Lynn Thomas award as well as out two specials: the governors and the Headteacher award. It was a lovely afternoon were attendance awards and the winning house for Sports Days was also announced. 

Graffiti Artwork

The children did amazing at raising over £500 to pay for the materials and artist to create their graffiti art work which was inspired by their designs and our learning from our English unit on argumentative writing where we debated graffiti - art or vandalism. Our piece of artwork is now hung proudly in the school hall and is a memory that this year's year 6 will leave behind.

Winners - Cardinal Allen's writing challenge

Well done to Harry and Will who came 1st and 3rd place in a writing competition held by Cardinal Allen when Year 5 went on a CAGITs visit. All the primary school across Wyre attended CAGITs and entered the competition too - well done boys!

Pleasure Beach - Friday 23rd June

What a brilliant day! Luckily the rain held off while we enjoyed our end of year trip to the Pleasure Beach. It was filled with rides, food and lots of laughter.

Deanery Mass - Cardinal Allen Wednesday 24th May

On Wednesday 24th May, Ethan, Declan, Lamiha, Amelia and Thomas did a brilliant job at representing St. Mary's after attending and reading at the deanery mass held at Cardinal Allen. The children were complimented on their attendance, smartness and how well they read. 

Bible Explorers

We have had the privilege of Amanda and Helen in with us for last 5 weeks completing work on being 'bible explorers'. We have been taken us all the way through the old testament, learning about the important people and events which occurred. We have had lessons which had involved actions, singing and lots of role play, with each other children being able to take it in turns to 'get up and have a go'. The children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and looked forward to the next session each week. 

SATs - preparation and SATs breakfast

The first week of May saw the last preparations for SATs week. We tried to enjoy the sunshine the days before with making revision posters in the sun.  When SATs week came, we enjoyed breakfast together in the classroom before the tests began each morning. 

Stations of the Cross

Today, Wednesday 5th April, St. Mary's Hall was a place of reflection and worship. The children in their classes contributed to making two stations for our own version of 'Stations of the Cross'. Each class got the opportunity to visit, reflect and interact with the each station, which showed the stages of Jesus' journey to his death on Good Friday. We have seven children from Fibonacci Class, who have been going to church every Thursday for the service there and today we invited them to us, not only for the service but for lunch too. It was a lovely day of reflection and the respect shown by our children was beautiful.

Human Sentence Building

Following on from our games of Battleships, in French lessons, Fibonacci have been building their knowledge of the locality by forming human sentences.  Each child was given key word cards and working together they built sentences to describe the short journeys shown on our interactive map.

You Sunk My Battleship!

To practise what we have learnt in our French lesson about letters of the alphabet, numbers up to 80 and features of the locality, we played Battleships in pairs.  It was great fun to see who could score the most hits on their partner's grid.

Today, Wednesday 8th March, Fibonacci Class went to Milton - The Zone, where they worked with Michelle (Amelia's Mum) to explore the graffiti art that they do with their young people, look at the graffiti inside and outside the building, discuss the health and safety aspects and then actually have a go themselves. We created a final piece which everyone contributed to and it will be displayed in school. This visit linked with our English work, as over the last few weeks we've been learning about 'argument' writing and being persuasive with the theme of graffiti. We have studied the for and against sides of the debate and presenting the case of whether graffiti is art or vandalism?

World Book Day - March 2017

On Thursday 2nd March, it was national world book day, as a school we celebrated on Friday with our 'book on a hat' theme. Our children created their favourite book on a hat and could dress up too if they wished. We had a school parade and had winners from every year group chosen by our office manager, Mrs Tew and a school governor, Mrs Thwaites. 

Pancake Day

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, we learnt about how the day came about and linked the day with our Maths work, that was after we'd doing some tasting too! In Maths, the children were provided with the real costings of the ingredients needed, the children had to scale up, calculate the measurements of each ingredients and work out the cheapest supermarket to buy the ingredients from. Some supermarkets had offers on, therefore children had to apply their knowledge of percentages to see if this effected the overall cost.

P.E - Team Building

In preparation for our residential next week, the children in P.E have been completed team building games, where the children have had to ensure they all participate, look after each other and follow instructions. The children have enjoyed their P.E the last two weeks with Fleetwood Town coaches; it's been lovely seeing them work well together to solve the problems and help each other.

Guardian Newspaper Workshop

On Monday 16th January, Suzanne Warr from The Guardian, came into Fibonacci to share with us information about her job as an editor, the daily routine in the London office and The Guardian's history and successes. We completed editor tasks with creating headlines, ordering stories, choosing the best image for an article and editing an article, using our SPAG knowledge. Even Fleetwood Weekly came along to see what we were up to -  find the article here:  

Start of Spring Term with a Science investigation

To start the Spring Term, Fibonacci Class had two science days about classifying organisms. We looked at different characteristics of organisms, learnt about the life and work of the scientist Carl Linnaeus, as well as discussing: what micro-organism are and how they can be helpful and harmful, which led to an investigation to see how yeast with water reacted with different ingredients - the most carbon dioxide that was created, was the one the yeast liked the best.

Our Classroom

Christmas Party - Wednesday 21st December

On our last day of term, each class had their Christmas party. In Fibonacci Class: we played games, had pass the parcel, party food, danced and opened our secret santa gifts. It was a great way to end such a busy and successful term.

KS2 Carol Service - Tuesday 20th December

KS2 put on their Carol Service at St. Mary's Church. It was lovely for us to remember the true meaning of Christmas, sharing the coming of Jesus as a baby. The children did themselves, school and their families proud. The looked so smart as they read and sang beautifully. We even had some superb soloists in Izzi, Robbie and Ellis in our class, who did a great job.  

Panto Time - Snow White at the Marine Hall

On Friday 9th December, all of the St. Mary's children, staff and helpful volunteers walked to the Marine Hall to watch their Christmas Panto - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The children joined in with every cheer and boo, along with singing, laughing and dancing in their seats. The children's behaviour and manners was complimented on by members of the public too. It was a great way to continue the Christmas celebrations.

KS2 Athletics

Well done to our Year 5 and 6 pupils who participated in the KS2 athletics competition at Cardinal Allen. The children took part in field and track events including speed bounce, relay races and long jump.

Flashbacks - UP

Over the last 3 weeks, we have been learning about the steps to success of writing a flashback and we have completed work on the Pixar film UP. The children have written in role as Carl, written character descriptions, as well as explain a character's flashback of his life with his wife, using the clip from the film to support their ideas. The children then typed up their work and here are some great examples of the pieces, which they drafted and built up over a few days.

Maths of the Day - Sum snakes

Continuing with Maths...we completed some Maths of the Day activities: adding or subtracting fractions. We had to work as teams to complete relay races, as well as challenge cards in our teams, which involved calculating the answer and then ordering the fractions and mixed numbers smallest to largest - there was great mathematical conversions and team work happening!

Maths - converting fractions

In Maths over the last couple of weeks, we have been concentrating on fractions: ordering, comparing, fractions of amounts, adding and subtracting fractions, even multiplying fractions. Here is one group converting fractions to 24ths, so they could the order the original fractions on a number line 0 - 1.

Remembrance Sunday - 13th November 2016

Keira, Scarlett, Amelia, Robbie, Mellissa, Georgia and Phoebe, along with staff from St. Mary's, joined Fleetwood community in paying our respects at the service at the Cenotaph in the Memorial Park. We laid a poppy wreath to show that our thoughts are with those who have, are and will in the future, serve to protect our country.

Primary Maths Challenge

Congratulations to our winning team - Keira, Will, Harry and Izzi-Belle, who successfully competed and achieved first place in Fleetwood High's Primary Maths Challenge. Our Year 5 team were up against 9 other local schools and got a total of 87 points, beating Northfold in 2nd place with 70 points and Flakefleet with 55. They were clear winners and represented themselves and our school superbly!

Making our own Stew - DT project linked to our Science Topic

In our last week of half term, we have spent a couple of days enjoying a DT topic linked with making our own food. We researched and learnt about: having a healthy balanced diet, did some food tasting; we collected our ideas of what could go in our stew, then in groups designed our own stew. Mrs Sewell went and got the shopping and we worked in four groups to create the stew of our choice - we had a turkey, chicken, beef and chicken and bacon, with an assortment of vegetables that they chose. We also discussed the costing of our ingredients and the price it cost to actually make each stew. We worked out it was approximately £1.36 per portion for our healthy stew!

Investigating our heart rate

To complete our Science unit, we investigated our heart rate by planning and conducting a full investigation in groups.

Times Table Champions!

Congratulations to these 13 children in Fibonacci, who achieved their times table champion badge. To gain their badge they had to: completed 100 in 5 minutes or less and get at least 95 correct - so many of them got 100 out of 100. Superb progress in 7 weeks!

Harvest collection - Wednesday 19th October

On Wednesday 19th October, Year 2 - Year 6 celebrate Harvest Mass at church with Fr Michael. During mass we offered some of our harvest collection with the offertory. After mass, the collection gathered together from our school's families and staff members was taken to Fleetwood Food Bank to give back to our community. Our Headboy (Ethan), Headgirl (Mellissa), Deputy headboy (Robbie) and Deputy headgirl (Georgia) went along with Mrs Kowalska to give 5 boxes full of donations. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our collection.

Year of Mercy - Pilgrimage to Lancaster Cathedral

The education department at Lancaster Cathedral, have invited all the catholic schools in the Lancaster diocese to participate in a pilgrimage during the Year of Mercy. On Monday 10th October, Fibonacci Class travelled to Lancaster and joined 7 other catholic primary schools in a walk through Lancaster to St. Peter's Cathedral for a prayer service. It was a lovely day; the children represented our school superbly. Our children's singing, their good behaviour and smart uniforms were commented on by volunteers and other schools.

Dissecting sheep's heart - Parent activity