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Boole - Year 1/2

Welcome to our class page! 


Here you can see pictures of all the wonderful activities we do in Year 1/2. 

Meet Boole Class 2016/2017!

Hello, I am Miss Thomas and I am the Year 1/2 class teacher!

This is Mrs Davies, she is our lovely teaching assistant!

Our trip to The Mount.


On Wednesday 28th September we took our learning to The Mount! We focused on phonics and practising our fine/gross motor skills. It was lots of fun! The teachers said a sound and the children wrote a word or drew a picture to match the sound. The children had to guess the clues to figure out the word and the sound it began with. They used paint brushes to practise their fine and gross motor skills in paint trays. Lastly as we were so busy, we relaxed with some juice and fruit!

Science Week!

Monday 3rd October - Friday 7th October


What a busy week we have had! On Monday a mad scientist came in to show us some exciting experiments! On Tuesday we learnt about our scientist Thomas Edison and we were fascinated that he created the light bulb! We talked about which light sources were used before the light bulb and where light bulbs are used nowadays. On Wednesday we looked at the phonograph and thought about how we record sound and how devices that we hear sound on work. On Thursday we created our own light bulb headbands to wear to our assembly and our parents came in to learn with us! In Science we have also been looking at animal habitats, so we decided to create a habitat in a shoe box. It was great fun! Thank you to our families for joining us. Lastly, on Friday we had a whole school assembly where we showed off our science fancy dress outfits. The children looked fabulous and the outfits were very creative! We shared with the rest of the school who our scientist was, what we had been doing and showed some of the things we had created.



What a brilliant evening! The children thoroughly enjoyed the disco! There were some fabulous, scary costumes!



We have been learning about subtraction in Boole class. We hopped on the bus and went on a journey. Some of us got off at different times and went to some wonderful places such as the Sealife Centre and the Pleasure Beach. We then had to work out how many children were left and write the number sentence on the whiteboard. We then extended our learning by using a number line to help us with our subtraction. The children listened well and are beginning to understand that we can use lots of different resources to help us count.



In English we have written our own poems about toys. We brought in our favourite toys and thought of adjectives to describe them. We then used our phonics to sound out our words when writing our poems. The children have also looked at poems with different themes such as Autumn poems and fire/bonfire night poems. The children painted a picture each based on a poem called 'A September Rainbow'.

Christmas time!


It's that time of year and we are very busy practising our nativity! This year we have chosen to perform The Sleepy Shepherd. The children are working very hard and singing the songs beautifully. We have also created a Winter Wonderland reading area on the children's request!  

Christmas Lunch and Party!


We had a wonderful time in the lead up to Christmas. We loved our Christmas lunch prepared for us by Mrs Ashworth as well as a Christmas party which involved party games, snacks and a very special visitor! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all in Boole class.

World Book Day

Material Hunt

We love outdoor learning !

Camping in Boole Class

Autumn 2 Newsletter