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What does Art look like at St. Mary's?

Our Art curriculum develops creativity and inspires children. Through challenges, we seek to equip our children with the knowledge and skills to explore and engage within a range of materials in order to experiment, design and create their own work. 


Our curriculum aims to enable the children to reach and exceed their potential at St Mary's Catholic Primary School. 

We celebrate children's achievements and showcase the skills and progress they have made when displaying and sharing the work they create. 


For Autumn term 2021, all classes are focusing on drawing. From mark making in EYFS to Banksy inspired Art in Year 6! All children have been given their own Art Sketchbook that will follow them throughout their journey at St. Mary's to showcase their progression.

Year 6 / Ernest Shackleton Class

My Lovely Day Art Project - EYFS

Drawing is one of the many languages which children use to 'talk' about their world, both to themselves and other. Through drawing, children can express actions, emotion, ideas or experiences. 


'Everything starts from a dot' - Kadinsky

Royal Mail Heroes Stamp Design Competition

For more than 50 years Royal Mail’s Special Stamp programme has commemorated British history and achievement. Stamps have also been issued to honour the achievements of many British people. Often, the people who appear on stamps are already famous. They include scientists and explorers, writers, artists, musicians, athletes, and Prime Ministers

Take a look at our pandemic heroes!

Print making in Year 1