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Summer 2 Week 6

Estimating and then checking amounts by counting.
Our end of year treat!
We went to the lovely Enchan T'ead Character Rooms
Afternoon Tea
We had a special visitor!
Capacity potions.

Summer 2 Week 5

Reception had a fantastic time on Sports Day
Cardinal Allen kindly organised and hosted.
We got the tram to Cardinal Allen
We worked hard in our teams.
There were lots of fun events for us!
Football skills.
The ladder challenge
Sack race.
We have been practicing our worship.
Building models outside.
The school Teddy Bears Picnic.

Summer 2 Week 3

Summer 2 Week 2

Numicon counting outside.
Making 3D shape fish.
3D shape fish.
Under the sea creatures.
Experimenting with floating and sinking.

Summer 2 Week 1 - Our trip to the beach

Summer 1 Week 6

Our paddling pool.
We have been enjoying the lovely weather this week
Making bubbles.
Using money to make amounts.
Y1 science - waterproof materials.

Summer 1 Week 5

Our school Royal Wedding street party.
We dressed up to celebrate.
We looked at some old toys.
We compared old toys to new ones.
We though about what they're made from.
Subtraction sums.
We have been revising subtraction.
Our last yoga session .... NAMASTE!
Using numicon to help with our number work.

Summer 1 Week 4

Independent subtraction sums.
The PSCOs came to visit.
We each got to sit in a police car!
We were told about all the buttons.
We are very lucky we had such amazing visitors.
We played take away skittles.
We wrote number sentences.
Subtraction skittles.
Year 1 completing a traffic survey.

Summer 1 Week 3

Acting out Jesus returning to his disciples.
Y1 created maps of the classroom.
We have been logging onto Purple Mash ourselves.
The Life Education Van.
We learnt about our bodies.
We learnt how to keep healthy.
We have been learning how to recognise o'clock.
Making half past an hour.
O'clock times.

Summer 1 Week 2

Design and make a chair for a toy.
We evaluated our designs.
Yoga lesson 2.
Identifying and continuing patterns.
Creating different lengths in the playdough.

Summer 1 Week 1

Counting ducks to make duck soup.
Designing a bridge for the 3 Billy Goats.
A bridge design and model.
We had our first yoga lesson.
Yoga poses.
Skipping outside.
Counting items from The Scarecrows Wedding.
Year 1 went on a Geography walk.
Year 1 stopped off on the park.
Year 1 computing - deign your avatar.
Check out our version of No Matter What which we recorded for our Mothering Sunday assembly. You can find it under children - video resource centre. heart

Family Afternoon

We are very grateful that so many of our families came to spend some time in class with us on Tuesday afternoon. We asked them about toys and birthdays when they were our ages and did lots of lovely Easter crafts together. 




Spring 2 Week 6

Making dens outside.
Adding two amount together.
Making paper chains for our guests.
Mouse skills.
Decorating the Easter egg.
Using Ipads to access purple mash.
Counting 1:1.
Stations of The Cross.
We enjoyed taking part in the Stations.

Spring 2 Week 5

Retelling Cinderella using story stones.
Ordering the story Cinderella.
Threading the correct number of beads onto a wand.
Making crowns with junk modelling resources.
Adding two groups together.
Writing addition sums.

Spring 2 Week 4

Measuring with cubes.
Ordering by size.
Making slides.
Exploring angles in the water.
Acting out Cinderella.
Letter formation with chalk on the wall.
Y1 Science - seasonal change.
Measuring and comparing the size of our feet.
Using tweezers to add decorations to the crowns.
Making potions.
Building places of worship.

Our Mother's Day Assembly

Spring 2 Week 3

Decorating the mystery box.
We used various sized containers with lentils.
Team work to build a wolf proof house.
Making tasty soup.
We painted pictures for our special ladies.
We lead a Mothering Sunday Assembly.
Gifts for special ladies who look after us.

Spring 2 Week 2

World Book Day with Year 6 Gingerbread Man
Year 6 acting out The Three Little Pigs
World Book Day reading outdside
Sharing stories
World Book Day

Spring 2 week 1

Turn taking outside.
Subtraction playdough.
Practical subtraction.
We have been learning to 'take away'.
Y1 halving.
Year 1 Dividing.

Spring 1 Week 5

Washing the babies outside.
Shop role play.
Balancing, jumping and landing safely in PE.
Counting and adding two amounts together.
Using chopsticks to move objects for counting.
Year 1 making lists.
Writing rhyming strings.
Matching words that rhyme.
PJ day valentines card.

Spring 1 Week 4

3D Shapes.
Money on the iPad.
Our fruit and veg shop.

Spring 1 Week 3

Following instructions on an obstacle course.
Writing a shopping list.
Using phonics to write a fruit and vegetable list.
2D shape pictures.
Year 1 went on a 3D shape hunt around school.
2D shape pictures.
Year 1 & 2 following instructions to create shapes

Spring 1 Week 2

Comparing weights using 'heavier' and 'lighter'.
Using standard and non-standard units.
Counting magic beans.
Acting out Jack and The Beanstalk.

Spring 1 Week 1 - Jack and The Beanstalk

Discovering ice outside.
Counting magic beans in multiples of 2.

Aristotle Class

Read, Write INC - How we teach phonics at St. Mary's.

Starting School

Exploring Autumn

We have been exploring Autumn in our outdoor area. We have been collecting leaves, building shelters, playing in the wet weather, and investigating pumpkins!