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Working Together for the Good of Each Other


EYFS have been working on how they use iPads.

Some of the children in Columbus class had a fantastic time singing and dancing along to some of the songs on the Anomoly board in the playground at lunch time today!

Year 2 have been creating a computer program using algorithms.

Today in Year 5, we have been researching Amazon tribes and finding out interesting facts about the different tribes in the rainforest.

In year 5, we have been looking at decomposition and abstraction. We chose between a meal and a game to write instructions for and used decomposition and abstraction to show what command the computer needs to know.

Year 3 have been working together to understand flowcharts and see how flowcharts are used in computing.

Today, year 5 created an algorithm in order to program a traffic light simulation.

Year 1 have been learning how to log into Purple Mash and change their avatars.

Year 4 have started learning how to write code.

Using their existing code knowledge, the children in year 5 have been able to simplify code and create playable games on Purple Mash.

We have created our own lego hopper and programmed them to move around out classrooms using the Lego Spike computer software.

St Mary's are so excited to use our new Lego Spike Robots!

Year 4/5 have been using iPad to research rainforest animals. The children have been using different search technologies and have collected information for their rainforest posters.

Year 1/2 - How to use a laptop? Year 1/2 have been using the laptops to develop their understanding of logging onto the laptops and using the keyboards and their buttons.

Safer Internet Day 2021

Year 4/5 using Purple Mash to complete computing activities about space.

Using Purple Mash to access coding activities in school and for home learning.

Today, Year 4/5 have been using the Ipads to research facts about WW2. The children are using these facts and gathering information to use within their non - chronological report.

Year 3/4 researching facts about Stonehenge to create posters.

Kestrel Class are really enjoying using the laptops and Ipads to practice their times tables.

Digital Leaders

Buzzard Class have been working on the ELG 'Understanding the World' by using technology and iPads in school.

Kestrel Class have been creating fact files about Italy during multicultural week, using the iPads .

Purple Mash - Year 2 have been comparing Victorian toys with new toys.

Creating Animal Fact Files

Safer Internet Day

Michelangelo class using IT in their daily Maths lesson


Our Maths lesson today involved using the I Pads to investigate Roman numerals. We worked in groups to translate numbers into Roman numerals. It was a lively, informative activity with an emphasis on team work. 

Year 4/5 - Using the Purple Mash app to create leaflets about Fairtrade.

Year 3/4 Michealangelo class using the Purple Mash app.

Banksy class using the iPads and computers to link with the ELG understanding the world.

Year 2/3 using purple mash to investigate how toys have changed over the years - from the past to the present day

Year 4/5 using computers to help expand our Scientific Minds!

Year 4/5 Using IPads to improve their maths skills

Year 4/5 creating fact files about God's helpers.

Useful links about Online Safety

Year 4/5 Online Safety Talk

Digital Leaders Meeting

The leaders checked that the iPads are being used appropriately.

The leaders checked that all the laptops have been plugged back in.

The leaders checked that all tabs and apps were closed down after they had been used.

Digital Leaders


Year 5 use Microsoft word to create fact files to support their learning about rain-forest animals.

Using Purple Mash on the I pads to write about the functions of the skeleton in year 3.

Safer Internet Day 6th February 2018

Researching Planets in Topic using Ipads

Cross Curricular Learning using Computing

E- Safety

Computing Overview