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Faith Ringgold

A magical game of Quidditch 


Year 4/5 children from Michelangelo and Ringgold class enjoyed an outdoor games session with a difference today. They played a game of Quidditch and, given that the children are all avid Harry Potter fans, it went down very well. The children rode on 'brooms' and worked in teams whilst attempting to chase the 'snitch' and score points by successfully hitting the snitch through the hoop. It was a fun and enjoyable session.  

Sports Day 2019

French Day 2019

Creating the Eiffel Tower
using cocktail sticks
and midget gems!
Winning Team - Great Effort!
French Tour Guide
French Cafe food tasting Yum! Yum!
Pointillism - the art of painting using small dots

Beach Trip Friday 21st June 2019

Sand Castle Building
Beach Art
Collecting Natural Resources
A Crab Skeleton
Some of our amazing finds
Tug of War
Beach Ball Relay
The beach equivalent of  musical chairs

Corpus Christi

Trip to Blackpool Zoo 12th June

Our Rainforest Workshop
We got to hold a Madagascan Cockeroach!
Even Mrs Davies.......!
And Mrs Whittacker!!!
Habitat talk from Sam holding a Giraffe thigh bone
and a tiger scull!

Young Chef - Making Smoothies - Strawberry and Banana

P.E. Today we had a great lesson! We started by having some warmup games followed by indoor skiing. It was great fun!

R.E. - Creating our own prayer books and understanding the resurrection

NSPCC Workshop 4th June 2019 - the children worked in small groups, discussing different stiuations, and deciding if they were safe or not.

Rain forest project winners

2nd May 2019 Today we brushed up on our athletic skills in P.E. It was really FUN!

Fruit Tasting

Ringgold Dodgeball Delight!

Our Sporting Lives

In our MFL lessons this half term, Ringgold class have been extending their knowledge of sports.  They have watched short videos promoting the Olympic Games and produced posters showing which sports they like and dislike.

Science Day - A visit from the Science Man, creating slime and creating lava lamps.

Clay Workshop - Creating clay sea creatures

This week in P.E. we have been doing interpretive dance, focusing on World War 1

Warming Up

In Topic we have been learning how to make our own documentary. We have researched a chosen animal then documented the information found, in the the form of a documentary. Once completed we performed our work for the class.

The Planning and Research Phase
So proud of my work
Practise time!
Documentary about Dolphins
Documentary about Platypus
Documentary about snakes
More Snakes
Documentary about Mountain Gorillas

Week Commencing 11th March - this week we have been learning Isaac Newton and the discovery of gravity. The children researched and then created a poster whilst working in pairs

This term in P.E. we are learning about different types of we have been having fun learning The Lindy Hop

A gentle warm up!
Theory behind the movements
Video demo
It was hard
But fun!

Art/Topic - Painting clay spaceships

Art/Topic - Using clay to create spaceships

Celebrating Young Voices in assembly

Tower Wood Pictures