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Wren Class

A Leavers to Remember!

It wasn't quite the end to year 6 that we had planned, however, we still managed a quick assembly, a leavers video and an emotional goodbye under the snow machine!  Thank you for some wonderful memories Wren class - we will never forget you!  Please come back and visit!

Sports personality of the year 


Today was the day in which we celebrated all things sporting. It was our annual Sports Personality of The Year assembly. Each class teacher a winner based on the attitude and performance in PE. The winner for our class was Kane Jones. Very well deserved Kane, well done. 

Domino's for dinner


Wren class had a special delivery today. We enjoyed a trip to The Mount where, rather mysteriously, a Domino's pizza order arrived! With full bellies, the children enjoyed a play in the sunshine. It was delightful! 

Leavers Mass


Yesterday we celebrated our leavers mass. It was even more meaningful than usual as it's been such a long time since the children have been able to visit church. The children read beautifully and it was a truly spiritual, moving occasion. 

Leavers meal 


Last night was our annual leavers meal. It's hard to believe that the time has come to say goodbye to lovely year six children. It really was a special evening with delicious food, dancing and - the highlight of the evening for many of the children - a game of hide and seek. 

Our grand opening


Today was a very special day for our little school. The playground development is now finished and it was time to unveil our fabulous new play equipment in a celebratory opening ceremony. Our heads and deputies were in position and the excitement was palpable. The children counted down from ten, the ribbon was proudly snipped and the bells chimed! Our new playground is officially ready for action. 

Wren Class Graze Breakfast!

This morning, Wren class were invited to a Graze Breakfast.  We enjoyed a huge feast of croissants, pan au chocolate, fruit, yoghurts, waffles and much more! We enjoyed each others company, made a toast and pretended we were in a lovely restaurant!  We are definitely very full now! 

Pleasure Beach


As part of our fun week, Wren class enjoyed a trip to the Pleasure Beach. It was an amazing day! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Some had nerves of steel, others preferred a more gentle time. Whatever the preferred pace, it really was a great time had by all.  

Ship ahoy! 


Our fun activities continued today with a trip to the boating lake. We enjoyed canoeing, kayaking and some of us even had a swim! It was a fantastic day, all the children embraced the challenge and it was wonderful to see.   

Fun at the beach 


After our weekly swimming lesson this morning, Wren class enjoyed a trip to the beach. The weather was glorious and the children had a fabulous time! Sandcastles, ball games and picnic lunch followed by a trip to the beach park.  It was a perfect day! 

Playground renovation


Our playground renovations begin this week. The children were informed of the joyful news by our head girl and boy and their deputies, via a zoom meeting. There were lots of questions, plenty of excitement and we literally cannot wait! 

Climbing high


Our fun continued yesterday with a trip to Stanley Park. To start our day, the children climbed on the high ropes and navigated an orienteering trail. All the children gave it a go, some were confident and un-phased whilst others demonstrated immense bravery and conquered their fears. Despite encouragement from skilled instructors and our staff team, the most heartwarming aspect was seeing the children encouraging each other and the trusting in their peers. It was superb to see. 

As if all that wasn't enough, we then visited the Model Village in the afternoon. The children were amazed by the detail on the buildings and enjoyed completing the quiz. A super end to a fabulous day! 

Bowling fun


Wren class kicked off their fun activities with a trip to the YMCA for a game of bowling. The children had an amazing time and some of them were clearly naturals. Kingpins in the making. After a couple of games we headed to the field next door for a play and picnic lunch. The sun shined and it was truly lovely! 

Rounders fun


Our PE lesson this afternoon was a game of rounders. It was energetic, fun and the team spirit was amazing. Well done Wren class. 

Celebrating our success in the pool


Some children received a certificate in recognition of their progress in the pool. Well done children, I'm sure there'll be many more certificates to come! 

Young Voices Biggest Sing


Yesterday we participated in the Guinness World Record attempt for the biggest sing. The whole school came together to sing 'Lovely Day' by Bill Withers. It was truly amazing, not just the singing, but to come together (in a Covid secure way)  for the first time in a long time. 

Asserting ourselves 


Wren class have been thinking about peer groups and the difficulties that can arise within a group. The children were given a scenario where peer pressure was being exerted and we discussed strategies to deal with this. We then role played the scenario and coping strategies. 



Our PE focus for this half term is athletics. Today we worked on our throwing and sprinting skills.  

Brutal and desolate...


Just two of the fantastic words that Wren class are using to describe an Artic setting for their English this week. As usual, their writing is amazing. Packed with features. 

Our Cricket Morning!

Wren class were lucky enough to have a coach from Lancashire Cricket come in and teach us how to play cricket this week.  We spent the whole morning learning new skills; we had some tremendous batting and fielding!  All the children worked so well as part of a team.  It was lovely to hear them cheering and supporting each other. 

The Railway!

Today we talked about the development of the railway over time and how it has evolved and changed.  We have linked this to our seaside topic and talked about the advantages and disadvantages of the railway system. We then created a timeline of the changes that occurred over time and we also located different routes using the atlas. 

Mini Teacher Prep!

Today we became mini teachers!  We started to prepare our own times table games for the year 3/4 children in preparation for their times table tests!  We hope to be able to play these games with the children once Covid is over!

Outdoor Art Work!

In  keeping with our artist research, we took our art work outdoors today!  We experimented with colour mixing and started to create our own pieces based on the different artists we researched last lesson!  

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside...


Wren class are looking at holidays past and present this half term. This afternoon we looked at this through an art perspective. Taking our inspiration from Abigail Mill, Alfred Wallis , and Hokusai (artists well known for their seaside themes), we researched famous paintings and their various styles.  

Film reviews 


This week our English focus is writing film reviews for The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas. After watching the film a few weeks ago, we have applied our writing skills to producing a detailed review. As always, the children have done a wonderful job.

RAF challenge


Wren class took part in a very special and unique challenge today. The Royal Air Force want young people who are into science, technology, engineering and maths to live in a world that celebrates their passion and supports their vision for the future, so with this in mind they hosted a Rocket Challenge.  

The objective was to follow instructions to build a rocket from card, launched by a straw. The children needed to evaluate the effect of adding fins, investigate how the launch angle affects the range and also investigate how the size of payload affects the range.




The objective was to follow instructions to build a rocket from card, launched by a straw. The children needed to evaluate the effect of adding fins, investigate how the launch angle affects the range and also investigate how the size of payload affects the range.

The children worked hard to think and communicate ideas to respond creatively to the design briefs whilst juggling their time management and teamwork demands. They also demonstrated problem solving and the ability to critically evaluate their work.

It was a superb challenge! The children were enthralled and fully engaged in navigating all the complexities of building a successful rocket. They worked phenomenally hard, well done children!

Stamp competition 


Wren class are entering a special competition this week. Royal Mail are launching a design a stamp competition, with a pandemic heroes theme. The children have designed their own stamp and, after having looked at what the children have produced, I think they are in with a strong chance of winning. The winning design will be made into a postage stamp and there are vouchers to be won too. Good luck St. Mary's! 

Remembering Mrs Lofthouse

Today we paid our respects to Mrs Lofthouse as she was laid to rest.  We thank her for all the wonderful things she has done for our Fleetwood community. 

How is Jesus truly God and truly human?

Today we use the Bibles and Bible references to find out how Jesus is truly God and truly human.  We paired up and made the most of the warm weather and completed our task outside!  We do love outdoor learning! 

Music, sweet music!


Our weekly samba lesson was fantastic, as always. The children pick up new rhythms quickly and are progressing quickly. 



Exploring shapes


Our maths focus for this week is 3D shapes and their nets. We have looked at a selection of shapes, identified their properties, and made various nets of shapes. We also used a maths dictionary to learn the names of unusual 3D shapes.