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Wren Class

A festive message


Wren class performed a Christmas assembly this morning. The message of our assembly was all about the true meaning of Christmas. The children explained the meaning of many Christmas symbols. Did you know that the holly leaf represents immortality? It represents the crown of thorns worn by our Saviour and the blood he shed on the cross for us. Well done children for such a fantastic, meaningful performance. 

Santa Dash 2020

Well done to all our lovely Wren class for taking part in the Santa Dash 2020!  We had lots of fun...even if it was cold!



Our light focus continues in Science this week. Today we have looked at how light rays can change direction when blocked by objects and how visions can be distorted. We did the straw and arrow experiments to explore this. 

Exploring colour


We also looked at how refraction can change the colours we see. We used a prism to make a rainbow on the ceiling and talked about why this happens. We concluded our experiment by making a colour wheel and spinning it at speed to see how this altered the colours. 

We have seen the light...


Wren class are seeing the light this week, quite literally. Our science focus is how light travels and how we see things. We have conducted various experiments to investigate this. 

The true meaning of Christmas 


Wren class have been reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas this week. Our focus is the well known festive advert which shows the famous World War One truce, in which German and English soldiers played football on Christmas day. We have written diary entries from the perspective of the soldier who initiated the truce. Take a look at our wonderful writing...

Advent begins


Our Christmas preparations are well under way. The children made an Advent promise last week in preparation for this. They thought hard about how their promise could make them a better person on the run up to Christmas. Unfortunately we aren't able to follow our usual Posada Box tradition in quite the same way as we have in previous years. Therefore, we have adapted this year and each child will receive a tea-light and selection of advent prayers to say with their families at home - which they can keep at home as a lovely momento. The entire school has had a Christmas style makeover. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


Christmas has landed in Wren class this week. We have dedicated some time to festive craft, in the form of making paper snowflakes. The snowflakes will be used to decorate school later this week. The children have really enjoyed the craft sessions. Surprisingly, the children (and adults) found making the perfect snowflake more challenging than year six maths work. We got there in the end though. 


Life Education


The Life Education service have been in school this week. For Wren class, this involved a session based on decision making. The children were encouraged to think about the decisions they may make as they get older and the factors that might influence decision making, such as peer pressure for example.  

Samba band


Wren class has their first Samba lesson this week. The children played brilliantly and had a fantastic sense of rhythm. Well done children, if our first lesson is anything to go by, I can't wait to see how well we will progress this half term. 



In RE today we have been researching the work of CAFOD. The children worked in pairs and used the laptops and I pads to answer questions about the charity. We were all pleasantly surprised by just how much amazing work the charity do. 

Anti-Bullying Week 


This week is Anti-Bullying week. The theme this year is: United Against Bullying. We have talked about this in class today and we will re-visit the issue of bullying throughout the week. This morning, the children arrived in odd socks and purchased wristbands. All the proceeds will be donated to an anti-bullying charity. 

Lest we Forget...

In Wren Class, we will remember.


Rugby skills 


Our PE lesson today focused on passing skills using a rugby ball. We worked in groups to pass the ball using the correct technique. 

Teamwork makes the dream work


Our PSHE lesson today focused on teamwork. The task was to pass the hoop around the circle whilst still holding hands. The chain of hands had to remain secure for successful completion of the task. The children had to discuss the task, their group tactic and evaluate their attempts. It was entertaining to watch. 

Sometimes a little bit of hope goes a long way


Our new class read for this half is A Boy Called Hope by Lara Williamson. We have enjoyed the first couple of chapters and have stated to compile some interesting words/phrases about the characters we have met so far. Have a look at some of our brilliant ideas:


'Mum clenched her teeth and gave a poisonous stare'

'When dad left Dan could feel his heart melting and a tear dropped from his eye'

'Tears flooded the house as she was fuming about her husbands betrayal'

'Sparks of light twinkle inside me when I imagine myself on the moon'

'All joy flushed away while desolation seeped in'


If our first attempts are anything to go by, I can't wait to see our extended writing later next week. 


​​​​​​Exploring different biomes


Our Geography focus this afternoon was different biomes and where they exist in various parts of the world.  We worked in groups to discuss features of each biome. We also had a super class discussion. 

How are we a part of God's Kingdom? 


This is the question that Wren class are considering in RE this half term. So far we have looked at the values of the Kingdom of God and how we can show these. Today we read three parables which demonstrate that God's Kingdom is open to everyone, regardless of how we may have behaved, and that god will always forgive us. We even had a go at re-writing an alternative 'modern day' version of 'The Lost Son' parable. 

Miniscule, exquisite beings...


Just one of the expanded noun phrases that our children wrote to describe The Borrowers. Our English work for this half term will be based on this classic children's novel by Mary Norton. So far we have written our own blurb and we are now gathering a vocabulary bank of words and phrases to help us with a longer piece of writing next week. 

Some ideas that we have come up with so far...

They are 'penniless', they have nothing of their own. 

Borrowers are 'resourceful', they recycle rubbish.

The little people are 'optimistic creatures'.

They are as sneaky as mice and as hard working as ants. 

Head Boy and Head Girl announcements


This afternoon saw the arrival of the long awaited Head Boy and Head Girl announcements. The children voted last and, after what feels like an age to the children, the winners were announced today. The vote was very close and counted twice, just to be sure. We are very proud to announce the following:


Head Boy - Kane 

Head Girl - Siyana 


Deputy Head Boy - Ben 

Deputy Head Girl - Abigail 


Welcome to the team children, we look forward to seeing you around school - making a difference! 


Sports Captains


Our Sports Captains have been announced for this year. The children who were interested in taking on the role prepared a speech as to why they should be chosen. Qualities required for the role are being able to work as a team, demonstrate good sportsmanship and supporting peers in PE. The children below were chosen as they possess these qualities. Well done children, we are so proud of you. 

Head Prefects


In addition to the Head Boy/Girl and Sports Captain roles, we are also appointing two Head Prefects. The Head Prefects will assist us in managing the rest of the prefects, assigning roles and ensuring the roles are being carried out properly etc. I have no doubt that they will fulfill their roles brilliantly! 

Acquired and inherited characteristics


Our Science focus for this half term is 'How did animals and humans evolve over time?'. So far we have looked at the work of Charles Darwin and how animals on the Galapogas Islands have adapted to their surroundings. Today we discussed characteristics that we have inherited or acquired from our parents and the difference between the two. It was a lively discussion which covered everything from inherited eye colour, height and even crooked toes! 

Head Boy/Head Girl speeches and nominations


Today was an important day for our wonderful school. Our Year 6 children had the opportunity to run for the prestigious roles of Head Boy and Head Girl. The event began with each child giving a speech, recorded for the rest of the school to watch, as to why they would be perfect for the role. The children have been working on their speeches for the last week and they have really put their hearts and souls into them. They spoke eloquently, with their personalities shining through in their words, and it was lovely to see. Voting slips will be distributed next week so that each child can cast a vote. We are all waiting, with baited breath, for the votes to be in. It takes a huge dollop of courage to stand at the front of the hall and speak; we are so proud of all the children who took part-well done!   

Welcome to Wren Class

Our Year 5/6 class is named after the famous architect, Christopher Wren. The children have been looking at the many iconic buildings that Wren is famous for. We have had a lovely few days, getting to know our new room and each other. Take a look at our super, new learning environment. We are all set for what I'm sure will be an amazing year !   

Thinking happy thoughts...


Our PSHE (Personal,Social, Health and Emotional) focus for this week is all about making ourselves happy. We have thought about what makes us happy and made a list of our 'happy things'. The idea is that we will use this list and refer back to it if ever we need a happiness reminder. 


In keeping with our PSHE focus, we have a designated display board in class to encourage mental well being. The board is themed on the children's film 'Inside Out'. We're trying to promote the idea of looking after our mental health and the steps we can take to give ourselves a boost or a 'charge'.  We have a self care poster for the children to look at and some self love activities for them to use. Anybody for a yoga pose? How about a positive mantra?