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Wren Class

Remembering Mrs Lofthouse

Today we paid our respects to Mrs Lofthouse as she was laid to rest.  We thank her for all the wonderful things she has done for our Fleetwood community. 

How is Jesus truly God and truly human?

Today we use the Bibles and Bible references to find out how Jesus is truly God and truly human.  We paired up and made the most of the warm weather and completed our task outside!  We do love outdoor learning! 

Music, sweet music!


Our weekly samba lesson was fantastic, as always. The children pick up new rhythms quickly and are progressing quickly. 



Exploring shapes


Our maths focus for this week is 3D shapes and their nets. We have looked at a selection of shapes, identified their properties, and made various nets of shapes. We also used a maths dictionary to learn the names of unusual 3D shapes. 



Easter Fun!

We've had a lot of Easter fun before breaking up today!  Firstly, we combined our science lesson with a bit of chocolate fun - we chose materials to wrap  our chocolate egg in to keep it safe and waterproof before it took a trip to the Mount.  We rolled our eggs down the hill before eating them!  What a success!

Stations of The Cross


St. Mary's are marking this important time during Lent with our annual Stations of The Cross reflection. The children visited the stations today and were given the opportunity to see how the different classes had represented their stations. It was a time for reflection and contemplation - as always it was a moving experience. 

Our Bulgarian Lesson 

We are privileged to have fluent Bulgarian members of our class and they were kind enough to help us learn some Bulgarian today!  We all thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt how to say 'Hello my name is...' and count 1-5!  What a fun afternoon! 

Growth Mindset 

We have focused a lot on our mental health and growing healthy and happy minds recently.  Some of our discussions have been fabulous!  Today, we were given a task to draw an animal or creature.  The children were given no guidance to start off with and comments were, 'I can't do this, mine looks terrible, this is hard, I'm not doing well with this.'  Then, after some guidance, the children had another go at drawing their image and what a transformation!  The comments changed to, 'Oh my this is amazing, I can do that, Oh that's how you do it, I love mine, I feel proud of this, this is the best picture I have drawn!'  It was lovely to see the positivity fill the room! 

A visit from our furry friend 


Wren class were lucky enough to have a visit from Milo this afternoon. We think that Milo enjoyed the visit just as much as the children did! 


A Celebration of Home Learning 

The children in Wren class enjoyed sharing each others home learning today!  It was lovely to see them giving each other feedback on their work, praising, and enjoying the models and writing that were completed during lockdown!  Congratulations Wren class on such a successful lockdown three!

What should they earn? 


Our PSHE focus for this afternoon is thinking about how much certain professions should earn. The children were given a list of professions and were asked to rank them in order of what they think they should earn. As you can imagine, this activity prompted a great discussion. 




Team Spirit!


Today we got together with our bubble and took part in a team competition!  The aim of the game was to work together to get the hoop around the circle in the quickest time - despite a fabulous team effort, Pugin class took the win!  Well done everyone! 

Dig for victory!


Wren class have been looking at wartime posters as part of our WW2 topic. We had an interesting discussion about the meanings on which the posters were based. Using watercolour paint, the children had a go at re-designing a wartime poster of their own. 

Celebrating writing success


Wren class have entered two writing competitions this year,  one titled 'A Wander in the Woods' and the other named 'Peculiar Pets'. The children were given some vague writing criteria but, other than that, they could be as creative and imaginative as they liked. The entries were excellent, so much so that we received certificates and bookmarks to reward their efforts. Well done children! 

Beanbag battle


Wren class enjoyed their PE lesson today. We played team games using beanbags and it was fast, energetic fun. Communication and team work made the dream work. 


First impressions


Our class read for this half term is The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas. To begin our read, we analysed the front cover using inference and clues to make predictions about the text. 

Against the clock


Wren class have been trying out our new, active movement boards. The aim of the game is to hit as many illuminated pads as you can-within a minute. We had some very high scores and it was energetic and fun. 

Returning to school


We've had a fantastic return to school today. We have spent the day talking, sharing experiences and painting a picture of how life has been for us over the last few months. 

Lockdown Learning at home and at school
Our Final Day of Lockdown Learning!

World Book Day 


Wren class celebrated World Book Day by re-creating the cover of their favourite book. I'm sure you'll agree, they have done an amazing job.  

Mylo found it impossible to choose a winning bed!
Our Science Trip Around Fleetwood

A festive message


Wren class performed a Christmas assembly this morning. The message of our assembly was all about the true meaning of Christmas. The children explained the meaning of many Christmas symbols. Did you know that the holly leaf represents immortality? It represents the crown of thorns worn by our Saviour and the blood he shed on the cross for us. Well done children for such a fantastic, meaningful performance. 

Santa Dash 2020

Well done to all our lovely Wren class for taking part in the Santa Dash 2020!  We had lots of fun...even if it was cold!



Our light focus continues in Science this week. Today we have looked at how light rays can change direction when blocked by objects and how visions can be distorted. We did the straw and arrow experiments to explore this. 

Exploring colour


We also looked at how refraction can change the colours we see. We used a prism to make a rainbow on the ceiling and talked about why this happens. We concluded our experiment by making a colour wheel and spinning it at speed to see how this altered the colours. 

We have seen the light...


Wren class are seeing the light this week, quite literally. Our science focus is how light travels and how we see things. We have conducted various experiments to investigate this. 

The true meaning of Christmas 


Wren class have been reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas this week. Our focus is the well known festive advert which shows the famous World War One truce, in which German and English soldiers played football on Christmas day. We have written diary entries from the perspective of the soldier who initiated the truce. Take a look at our wonderful writing...

Advent begins


Our Christmas preparations are well under way. The children made an Advent promise last week in preparation for this. They thought hard about how their promise could make them a better person on the run up to Christmas. Unfortunately we aren't able to follow our usual Posada Box tradition in quite the same way as we have in previous years. Therefore, we have adapted this year and each child will receive a tea-light and selection of advent prayers to say with their families at home - which they can keep at home as a lovely momento. The entire school has had a Christmas style makeover. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


Christmas has landed in Wren class this week. We have dedicated some time to festive craft, in the form of making paper snowflakes. The snowflakes will be used to decorate school later this week. The children have really enjoyed the craft sessions. Surprisingly, the children (and adults) found making the perfect snowflake more challenging than year six maths work. We got there in the end though. 


Life Education


The Life Education service have been in school this week. For Wren class, this involved a session based on decision making. The children were encouraged to think about the decisions they may make as they get older and the factors that might influence decision making, such as peer pressure for example.  

Samba band


Wren class has their first Samba lesson this week. The children played brilliantly and had a fantastic sense of rhythm. Well done children, if our first lesson is anything to go by, I can't wait to see how well we will progress this half term.