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Wren Class

Miniscule, exquisite beings...


Just one of the expanded noun phrases that our children wrote to describe The Borrowers. Our English work for this half term will be based on this classic children's novel by Mary Norton. So far we have written our own blurb and we are now gathering a vocabulary bank of words and phrases to help us with a longer piece of writing next week. 

Some ideas that we have come up with so far...

They are 'penniless', they have nothing of their own. 

Borrowers are 'resourceful', they recycle rubbish.

The little people are 'optimistic creatures'.

They are as sneaky as mice and as hard working as ants. 

Head Boy and Head Girl announcements


This afternoon saw the arrival of the long awaited Head Boy and Head Girl announcements. The children voted last and, after what feels like an age to the children, the winners were announced today. The vote was very close and counted twice, just to be sure. We are very proud to announce the following:


Head Boy - Kane Jones

Head Girl - Siyana Angelova


Deputy Head Boy - Ben Mellow

Deputy Head Girl - Abigail Matthews


Welcome to the team children, we look forward to seeing you around school - making a difference! 


Sports Captains


Our Sports Captains have been announced for this year. The children who were interested in taking on the role prepared a speech as to why they should be chosen. Qualities required for the role are being able to work as a team, demonstrate good sportsmanship and supporting peers in PE. The children below were chosen as they possess these qualities. Well done children, we are so proud of you. 

Head Prefects


In addition to the Head Boy/Girl and Sports Captain roles, we are also appointing two Head Prefects. The Head Prefects will assist us in managing the rest of the prefects, assigning roles and ensuring the roles are being carried out properly etc. I have no doubt that they will fulfill their roles brilliantly! 

Acquired and inherited characteristics


Our Science focus for this half term is 'How did animals and humans evolve over time?'. So far we have looked at the work of Charles Darwin and how animals on the Galapogas Islands have adapted to their surroundings. Today we discussed characteristics that we have inherited or acquired from our parents and the difference between the two. It was a lively discussion which covered everything from inherited eye colour, height and even crooked toes! 

Head Boy/Head Girl speeches and nominations


Today was an important day for our wonderful school. Our Year 6 children had the opportunity to run for the prestigious roles of Head Boy and Head Girl. The event began with each child giving a speech, recorded for the rest of the school to watch, as to why they would be perfect for the role. The children have been working on their speeches for the last week and they have really put their hearts and souls into them. They spoke eloquently, with their personalities shining through in their words, and it was lovely to see. Voting slips will be distributed next week so that each child can cast a vote. We are all waiting, with baited breath, for the votes to be in. It takes a huge dollop of courage to stand at the front of the hall and speak; we are so proud of all the children who took part-well done!   

Welcome to Wren Class

Our Year 5/6 class is named after the famous architect, Christopher Wren. The children have been looking at the many iconic buildings that Wren is famous for. We have had a lovely few days, getting to know our new room and each other. Take a look at our super, new learning environment. We are all set for what I'm sure will be an amazing year !   

Thinking happy thoughts...


Our PSHE (Personal,Social, Health and Emotional) focus for this week is all about making ourselves happy. We have thought about what makes us happy and made a list of our 'happy things'. The idea is that we will use this list and refer back to it if ever we need a happiness reminder. 


In keeping with our PSHE focus, we have a designated display board in class to encourage mental well being. The board is themed on the children's film 'Inside Out'. We're trying to promote the idea of looking after our mental health and the steps we can take to give ourselves a boost or a 'charge'.  We have a self care poster for the children to look at and some self love activities for them to use. Anybody for a yoga pose? How about a positive mantra?