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Marco Polo Class

This week we had another visit from the photographer. We took a trip to The Mount and the beach where we took photographs to show the weather. There was a wonderful selection of photos, including the sun shining and the cloudless skies our shadows and the flags barely moving in the breeze.

We were fortunate enough to have a visit from a photographer. We learnt all about the history of photography and how technology and cameras have evolved over time. We were able to look through an old camera and see how the inside of a camera works

Festive cheer 


It was our KS2 Christmas lunch today. The food was delicious and the ambience was merry and bright. Many thanks to the kitchen team, it was a fantastic occasion.  


Autumn II Class Newsletter

In music this week we practiced our 'I'm in the rain now' and 'Apple pie' songs for our concert next week. We put together 'apple pie' with the 'I don't want a cat' break, followed by 'I'm in the rain' with the 5 beat break. We sound fantastic! We ended the lesson with some small group performances where we also showed off our amazing dance moves too.

We started our P.E lesson warming up by jogging, jumping and skipping around the hall. Today we practiced our dribbling skills, after being put into groups we dribbled the ball to the other side of the hall collected a cone at the end and dribbled the ball back to our team. the team with the most cones at the end were crowned the winners. we then changed this up by adding large cones between us and the end to dribble between. Again the team with the most cones won.

In computing today we created colorful and informative posters to show how to stay safe online. We included lots of information we have learnt during our computing lessons, including things such as; Plagiarism, not sharing passwords, not sharing personal information, and not trusting strangers.

Escape Room Game 


Today, we were told that we were to imagine that we were stuck in a high-tech kitchen that needed an access code to override the locks. We were asked to read the 10 clues and find out the numbers that could be used for the access code. All the clues were questions regarding materials and their properties. The children had to answer questions on changes of state, material properties, dissolving and magnetics.

This week in our Samba lesson we recapped our 'Cool Girl' rhythm. T then taught us a new break, 'Hickory Dickory Dock, Hey' and another new rhythm 'Sweet Potato.' After perfecting these we played them all together as a big band and some of our lovely volunteers came to do a solo for the whole class too.

This week in Basketball we practiced our dribbling and passing in a relay style game, dribbling between cones and practicing our dodging skills. We then finished with a quick match.

In maths today we used the Ipads to consolidate our multiplication knowledge (4 digit by 1 digit) on My Maths.

This half term our P.E subject is Basketball! This week we re-capped our dribbling skills. Dribbling the ball to one side of the hall and back again, dribbling between cones and a dribbling race. We also practiced some passes - chest pass and bounce pass.

In year 5 we started our 1st afternoon of anti-bullying week by complimenting each other. We then shared how those compliments made us feel and why it's important to be kind to others.

Year 4/5 joining in with odd sock day to kick off anti-bullying week!

Gold medal inspiration 


Both Shackleton and Polo class were lucky enough to join in a live stream interview with an Olympic medalist today. Michael Johnson, a three times gold medal winner,  spoke about his career as a sprinter. The main focus of his speech was to highlight the importance of having a positive mental attitude and how this can help a person achieve great things.  The children listened intently and will hopefully use his inspiration to pursue their own dreams.  

In this weeks music lesson we listened to the song ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ with Miss Butler. We spoke about the different style of music ‘rap’, the different instruments used in the song and how the lyrics tell a story. The children enjoyed a sing off, boys vs girls, singing/rapping a verse each and finished off with a dance off with the boys being crowned the champions.

We have been celebrating Black History Month and looking at inspirational black people and their achievements.

In PSHE we discussed the rights, responsibilities and duties we have at home, in school and in the local area. We worked in small groups and came up with our own ideas, we then shared these with the rest of the class.

We have been celebrating Healthy Eating Week by making our own rainbow pizzas.

We started our music lesson with an exciting game of 1-12, we then learnt to follow the hand movements of the leader (louder, quieter, stop) using our instruments at different volumes. A few of the children volunteered to stand at the front as the leader. We also learnt another new rhythm this week, that we will add to our ‘tea, coffee’ song.

In P.E this week we continued our work on our rugby passes, working in pairs and then teams of 4 or 5, passing, attacking and defending. When our number was called we moved over to the next team and attempted to defend their ball scoring points for our own team.

During our PSHE lesson today, we spoke about the differences between fact and opinion. With this we spoke about the Daily Mile, learnt the facts and shared our opinions on it. After, we tried the Daily Mile ourselves and shared our opinions again once we completed it to see if any had changed.

In todays BSL lesson we learnt how to ask and give somebody our name, express how we are feeling and say where we live!

This weeks drumming lesson was all about musical arrangements.

Today the bird man came to visit us!

Our year 5 children enjoying their time on the new playground equipment.

Year 4/5 children learning all about British Sign Language.

Year 5's first drumming lesson of the year