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Working Together for the Good of Each Other

Marco Polo Class

Our amazing prize day winners 2022! Well done!

After their Scratch competition at Fleetwood High School on Friday, the Digital Leaders taught their classmates how to animate their names using the Scratch programming.

In this weeks Healthy Heads session we looked at the Eatwell Guide and discussed what it means to have a balanced diet. In our booklets we created 3 typical meals we may have during an average day and challenged ourselves with the 'Fruit and Veg-abet' trying to find a fruit or veg beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Outside we played a game of red, yellow, green line, Rob increased the difficulty by calling out names of fruits and veg that fit with the colour instead and we then finished the lesson with a game of Sun and Ice.

This week in Samba we learnt and perfected a new 8 beat break to fit in with out 'Cat sat on a mat' rhythm. We played every 8 beats, then every 4 beats, every 2 beats and onto every beat finishing with the original 8 beat break.

Continuing with our athletics - we have been practicing our sling throw, hop, step, jump and racing.

In our extra P.E lesson we practiced some of the skills we'll need for sports day gaining points for our teams. Push throws, jumping from one foot and landing on two, and relay racing! 

In this weeks Healthy Heads session we learnt how physical activity helps your body and mind and some different kinds of physical activity we can do. We came up with our own ideas of the good things that come from physical activity and what activities use strength, flexibility and stamina. During our time outside, we played a few games of bib tig - if we were tug with a blue bib we could run, if we were tug with the green bib we had to either hop, jump, or hopscotch. we finished the lesson with a game using our throwing and catching skills.

In music we continued with our 'Little Cat' rhythm, we tried different ways of playing this rhythm with the instruments. We also added in an 8 beat break.

In P.E we moved on to a different throwing technique. we began by practicing how to use the shot put throwing style by using the push throw method. we put this into practice using tennis balls with a point system set out for distance, the further the ball made it the higher the points we scored for our team. After this we moved on to javelin, Coach Josh push the point system further back to really challenge everyone!  

For the next 6 weeks Rob will be joining us for Healthy Heads. This week we focused on physical activity- understanding what it is and the different types of physical activities, understanding what activities contribute to our active day, and learning how much activity we should be doing each day.

We took part in a pulse rate experiment where we measured our resting heart rate then again after moderate activity and again after vigorous activity.

After this we went out side and played a few games too.

The year 4 children enjoyed joining us for our Samba lesson again this week. 

We learnt a new rhythm 'Little cat sat on a mat'

Putting all of our efforts towards a small end of year performance! 

In P.E we focused on our speed and agility. Starting with a race to collect cones, we then moved on to a 5 second race followed by a 10 second race. Coach then set up a couple of races around the whole playground. Their determination and support for their team mates was incredible.

In Samba we continued to work towards our end of summer concert. this week we tried 2 rhythms at once. With one group playing 'stick/hand' and the other group playing 'dance, dance'

It sounded fantastic! 

In P.E we have been continuing with our tennis skills. We started the lesson playing tennis keepy uppy and balancing the ball on our racket whilst our opponents tried to put us off balance.

We then played our own mini games of tennis using our power control and aiming skills.  

This week in Samba we have still been practicing our 'sweet potato' rhythm, ending it with 'hickory dickory dock'. We managed to keep the rhythm without any music, just ending the last two beats with a clap. 

Year 5 also had their first chances on the hand drums this week and they sounded fantastic!  

Today we focused on the ball and racket control in P.E.

We started by gently hitting the ball up and trying to beat our own high score of how many hits without hitting the floor.

Next we bounced the ball between the racket and the ground, again seeing if we can beat our own high score.

We then joined teams of 2 or 3, hitting the ball to each other with no more than one bounce between. controlling our aim and power with the ball. 

As a little treat Polo class were given an extra P.E session with a bit of a difference. 

They were given the choice of 3 activities - football, netball or the large equipment. 

In music the children continued working towards their end of term concert by practicing different ways they can play their 'sweet potato' rhythm, different groups coming in at different times. The year 4's thoroughly enjoyed joining in the samba session too! 

In P.E the children have been continuing their racket skills for tennis and the year 4's got to join in this week too! They warmed up by moving around the hall batting the ball up gently, the ball wasn't allowed to touch the floor. The last one standing won. After this they practiced their aiming and racket control by hitting the ball into a hoop on the other side of the hall, the ball wasn't allowed to touch the floor before it landing in the hoop. Lots of points were earned for their houses! 

On Friday in PSHE the year 5's learnt how to aim higher by understanding how we learn new things and how we achieve certain goals. We played a game where we took a step forward on each strength and interest we believed was relevant to us, at the end the children understood how everyone is different by where other children were standing by the end. We decided which learning style suits us best -Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic- and what that means. We shared what we have learnt since staring school and set goals we hope to achieve before we leave school.  

The year 5's have been learning about money, understanding the role that money plays in our lives, recognising positive behaviours and choices we can make to support our wellbeing, developing money management and exploring the world of work

Earth Day!

Year 5 celebrated Earth Day by switching off all the electronics in the classroom and making our way outside. We used this time to tidy up and take care of our playground with litter-picking, sweeping, weeding and watering the plants

This week in P.E year 5 were given the opportunity to create their own game. They were given the time to plan and try their game out before delivering it to the whole class, teaching their own peers. All the groups games were successfully taught and enjoyed 

A wonderful celebration 


Our key stage 2 children took part in a lovely celebration ceremony this morning. Over the last few months each class has worked closely on various art projects, lead by spectacular local artist Henry Iddon, focusing on a fantastic Fleetwood landmark - The Mount. The ceremony showcased all the work the children have produced and culminated with flags depicting their artwork being hoisted up for all to enjoy. It was a wonderful occasion. 

Stations of the Cross

Year 5

This week in computing we have started to look at databases. Today we looked at the different icons, what they mean and how we would use them.

A new week in samba means a new rhythm to learn. This weeks was called 'Decks on fire'. As always we saw some fantastic dance moves from the whole class and some wonderful drumming too

This week in P.E we used our rugby skills, passing, attacking and defending and some great teamwork too.

World Book Day 2022!!

Mary Poppins came to visit. Using her special measuring tape she has confirmed the children in Polo Class are practically perfect in every way.

In Polo class celebrated World Book Day today! We spent time talking about our chosen characters from our favourite books, spent time reading and joined in with World Book Day activities.

Ash Wednesday


As a school we went to church and participated in Ash Wednesday Mass to celebrate the start of the season of Lent. We all received Ashes on our forehead and celebrated Mass together. We reflected on how we make a Lenten promise and prayed to God to help us in the next 40 days as we prepare for Easter.



A new start in the new half term this week, we had a swap around with the instruments so we can all try something new and learnt a new rhythm 'Dylan'. We started by singing the rhythm then T added in some dance moves. Once we picked it up we started with the instruments too.

This week in P.E coach set us some different tasks/games and we put multiple skills to the test. 



We have been learning about fair trade and how we can help the people who grow and make the products we buy, by looking for the fair trade logo to ensure they are getting a fair pay for their hard work. We created posters to show the younger children in school what fair trade is and why it is a good choice to buy these products over others.

Wearing yellow and blue for Isabelle! 


Today, we all wore something yellow and blue to raise funds to help support 5 year old Isabelle travel to America for life saving treatment.


Thank you so much for all of your donations! 

Growth continued..


Today we discussed the growth in science. We researched the scientist Alexander Fleming and his finding of penicillin. We created a fact sheet to share what we learnt about his career and how the accidental discovery changed the world.



Our last Samba lesson for the half term. Miss Cardwell was lucky enough to be invited as a special guest to our performance. The children have put so much effort and practice into their songs and dances and they thoroughly enjoyed showing that off.


This week was our last week of rugby. We used this lesson to split into four, five-a-side teams and put all the skills we have learnt into a match, attacking and defending against the other team!  





During science day we discussed different types of growth, including physical and mental. We set up a mini assault course in the classroom and spent 30 seconds on each area; Squats, skipping, push ups, sit ups and step ups. After, we discussed different ways we think we grew during that time such as our confidence, determination, and how exercise helps us grow physically. After our little work out we relaxed by creating our own GROWTH acrostic poems.