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Bertoli Class

Sports Day

Young Voices 'The Big Sing'

Lovely Art Day

Weather Report

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This week we have been thinking about all the different types of weather. We tried to think of some describing words, like wet, soggy and cold for rainy, and hot, bright and warm for sunny. We are going to use our words to help us write some short poems.
We also made some weather forecast videos. Here are a few!


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This half term...

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Just a quick collection of photographs of some of the fabulous learning that has taken place so far this half term. We've also been looking at teen numbers and how they are made of a ten and ones, addition and subtraction and measurement in Maths. For our English we have been writing our own stories with a beginning, middle and and end, using descriptive words to describe the weather and we had a go at writing our own short poems.

Fairy tale character day

Bertoli Class had a special visitor over night...

Stations of the Cross

Take a look at some of our learning this week!

A fun first day back at school

The children in Bertoli class have enjoyed their first day back at school. They have been busy accessing the provision in the classroom as well as listening to stories and playing some number games in small groups. In the afternoon, we found a fancy present in the classroom and we wondered who it was from and what could be inside it which inspired some super writing from the children. 

Valentines and Shrove Tuesday

After reading a non-fiction text on sharks, William went to the beach and found some 'mermaid purse' similar to shark eggs. We wondered if we could see any eggs inside the purse so we used the light box to shine through the 'mermaid purse'. We then looked on the ipad to find out if it had come from a sea creature and what could be inside it, 


The key worker children went on a minibeast hunt in our outdoor area. They safely collected any they found and we used magnifying glasses to look at their features. The children then chose their favourite minibeast to do an observational drawing. 

Christmas Party

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Christmas Lists

This week in Literacy, we have been looking at different things we could write lists for such as shopping lists and job lists. The children said that Father Christmas has a naughty and nice list too! They made their own stockings and then wrote a list of the things they would like for Christmas, writing the sounds they could hear in words. We have been trying hard to remember our finger spaces too!

The Christmas Story

The children heard the Christmas story in our RE lesson this week. They retold the story and explained why the birth of Jesus was important. 


On Monday, the children helped Miss Charnley change the worship table cloth to purple and talked about why we do this. The children learnt about advent and how it is a time to prepare for Jesus's birthday. The children thought of ways they might prepare for Christmas at home such as putting a Christmas tree up or eating an advent calendar. We made a class advent wreath using salt dough and lit the first purple candle. We then looked at what each of the other candles represent and how we use an advent wreath to prepare for Christmas. 

Christmas has arrived in Bertoli Class

Posting our letters

This week the children enjoyed our new role play area which was a post office. The children wrote their own letters in the writing area, putting them in an envelope, went to buy a stamp from the post office and posted the letter in our class post box. We then wrote letters to people who live with us and posted them in the real post box. The children looked out for the postman at the weekend, waiting for their letters to be delivered. 

Addition to 5

A busy Monday engaging in our learning!

Life Education Bus

Today we had a visit from Steve from the life education bus. We learnt about our bodies and how we can keep them healthy. We also had a special visit from Harold the giraffe. It was lots of fun!

The Annunciation

In our RE lesson today, we learnt about the important message that angel Gabriel shared with Mary. We painted pictures of angel Gabriel telling Mary the news and talked about what angel Gabriel and Mary were saying. We then reflected upon Mary's reply to the angel and learnt the Hail Mary prayer. 


We used clay to make our own diva lamps for Diwali. Once they were dry, we painted and decorated them. We have  been colouring rangoli patterns and making our own.  We listened to the story behind why Hindu's celebrate Diwali and used props to retell it. The children also enjoyed making houses and temples for Rama and Sita. 

This week in Literacy, we have been reading the story "The Little Red Hen". The children have done some fantastic writing linking to the story and have been sequencing the events. 


Unlike the characters in the story, the children in Bertoli class have helped make the bread and also some delicious vegetable soup to go with it. 


Although remembrance day was slightly different this year, the children in Bertoli class took part in the 2 minute silence and made their own poppies. 

Autumn II Newsletter

Bonfire Night Activities

Halloween Activities

We have been learning about Halloween this week. We have shared our own experiences with the celebration and engaged in lots of activities. Our story focus this week was 'Room on the Broom' and we have enjoyed acting out the story using the story props or by dressing up in our witches kitchen. 

Exploring our mud kitchen

Listening Walk

The children made listening ears to wear on our listening walk. We went to some areas around school and practised our listening skills, listening to the different sounds.

Gross Motor Painting