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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Working Together for the Good of Each Other

Bertoli Class

Gross Motor Painting

We have been working our upper body muscles to mix the paint and washing up liquid using brushes and mops. 

Read Write Inc!

Bertoli class have started phonics lessons this week. We have learnt a different sound a day and practise reading and writing the letter. 

Next week, we shall begin to read some words by blending the sounds together!

Outdoor adventures!

Lots of problem solving has been taking place in Bertoli class this week! 

The children have been working out how to move the water from one area to another.

They have also been joining construction pieces together to build and balance. 


Mark Making

We begin our school day with a gross motor dance making lots of different movements with our bodies. 

We then practise making the movements in small motions using our fingers and then holding a pen. 



The children have been weeding the outdoor area and planting some new seeds. 


We have be counting lots of different things in class this week. We have made towers and counted the blocks, we have made birthday cakes and put the right amount of candles on and we have counted out the shells to match the numbers. 

2-D Shapes

The children have been drawing around the 2-D shapes. They have been naming and describing them!

Class Worship

Bertoli class have started joining in with daily class worship. The children have been practising making the sign of the cross and learning about some of the special items on our worship table. 

Bertoli class have been busy exploring their new classroom this week.

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Our first day at school

Bertoli classroom