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Job Junction

What is Job Junction?

Job Junction is a programme about aspiring the children to think about their opportunities and raising to their true potential. Although they may think about their future seems a long way off, it's at this age they can plan for future, work hard in their SATs in preparation for their transition to secondary education, as well as think about what they want a career in and the skills needed for certain profession. Regenda Home and Positive footsteps have worked together with raising aspirations with the 'job junction' project to support young people in being inspired and make real connections between education and business.

Why is careers provision important?


  • Children can truly connect with their aspirations
  • The curriculum becomes relevant according to aspirations
  • A positive, early intervention helps to address the unjust relationship between aspirations, poverty and behavioural issues
  • Children who are aware of their qualities and skills understand how they can positively contribute tot heir school environment and local community

Module 1 - qualities and skills

Can you identify the quality?

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The children worked in groups to listen to the clues given to identify the quality being described, sound their instrument to see who guessed first. We had discussed previously what qualities they liked in a person, perhaps qualities they thought they had, understanding it's part of who you are. We played guess the quality and then children identified a quality their partner had and why.

Job Junction - Careers Carousel