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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Working Together for the Good of Each Other

Hadid Class

The 'Star of the Week' this week is Liana. For gaining more confidence in maths never giving up and learning new strategies. Well done!

In PSHE we have been thinking about acts of kindness and thought of ways we could spread kindness around school.

Spring term 2

The children used the stamps they made last week and then created colleges using the art they designed over the last few weeks.

Hadid Class learnt about the Easter story and reflected upon the 'Fifteen Stations of the Cross', they chose a station that they felt was important to them and explained why. They discussed the feelings of Jesus as they looked at the hall displays made by the whole school and had time to reflect upon their own feelings.

'Star of the Week' this week is Jessica for showing enthusiasm in all lessons especially maths.

In worship we have been learning 'The Hail Mary' and reflecting upon how our mothers look after us just like 'Our Mother Mary'.

We have been learning how to make stamps this week in art.

Reunited again! This week I have awarded the 'Star of the Week' to the whole class, they have settling back in really well and have worked so hard. Well done Hadid Class we are so proud of you all.

The children have been learning about computer coding skills.

In PSHE we have been sharing our different feelings coming back to school. We then discussed how different feelings make us feel inside and who the children could talk to in school if they were worried about something. Can you guess some of the feelings the children have acted out to the class?

In PE the children have been practising catching and throwing skills.

Home learning Spring Term

Science home learners of the week this week are:

Molly, Harrison, Teddy, Hermione, Jorja, Ivayla, Maria.

They all deserved it this week because they clearly enjoyed and fully took part each day in all the science activities. Well done everyone!

Science Week- We based our week around Mylo our new school therapy dog.

We finally met Mylo today the children in school were so excited. They learnt the rules to help Mylo settle in and how to act around him. They even got to give him a treat and stroke him.

In science week each day we read a new diary extract from Mylo and used adjectives, verbs, time words, capital letters for names and then wrote a recount of his week. We also based our maths around Mylo.

Science week-Designing a poster to look after a pet and in art learning to draw a dog.

Dog training

Still image for this video

Science week-Designing, making and evaluating a new dog bed for our new therapy do Mylo.

Science Week- Making a sunflower and writing instructions.

Home learners of the week are:

Teddy, Molly, Harrison, Ivayla & Maria for not giving up and trying their best.


Home learning PE-Zumba

RE-Mother Teresa-key figures in the history of the people of God.

Internet safety

'Home learner of the week' this week is Lucie for always trying really hard with all her home learning work and sending it to me every day.

Science-The stages of life.

The children have been learning about information text and listening about the ice witch. They have then made up their own witch to write their own super information text.

Home learning fun!

'Star Home learners' of the week this week are Maria and Poppy, for sending beautifully presented work every day and always trying their best.

Science-We have been learning about a healthy diet and all the different food groups.

In PSHE we have been discussing what a secret is, if it is ok to keep it and who we could talk to if we were worried about something.

'Star home learners of the week' this week are (22.1.21) Harrison, Teddy, Ivayla & Molly For working at home so hard and sending their work to me every day. They have also completed next steps in the feedback I have given. Well done.

Learning to tell the time in maths.

PE & computing for home learning. The children have been working hard at home with their PE lessons and reading eBooks.

For home learning this week the children have listened to the story of 'The Great Explorer' and started to write their own stories.

In history home learning the children have been learning about significant people. They chose a significant person from their own lives and then one from history.

They then thought about how Florence Nightingale improved hospitals.

'Star home learner of the week' this week is (15.1.21)


For pushing herself at home when she is writing and completing next steps from her feedback.

In RE they have been listening to the story of the 10 lepers and reflecting upon what they are thankful for.

Welcome to Hadid Class.

This year our class is named after Zaha Hadid who was an Iraqi-British architect who was born in 1950 and died in 2016. She was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize.


Take a look around our classroom.

The Posada represents Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem where baby Jesus was born and each child will get the chance to welcome them into their homes throughout their journey. The children can light a candle, choose a prayer to read and reflect upon the Advent season and how we can prepare for the celebrations.

'Star of the Week' this week is Ivayla. For always trying her best in everything she does and always having a smile on her face.

We made Christmas cards for our families today. We followed instructions to fold, cut and stick our cards together.

The children really enjoyed completing the 'Santa Dash!'

Healthy heads

This week we are learning division.

Hadid has two 'Stars of the Week' this week. Olivia for working really hard in English and writing a super newspaper report about the 'Big Bad Wolf' and Archie for completing super home learning work. Well done both of you.

Healthy heads-Teamwork

We have been learning repeated addition, multiplication and solving problems this week.

We had a zoom lesson with the 'Creepy Crawly Road Show' as part as our animals topic. We learnt many amazing facts about mini-beasts.

The weeks 'Star of the Week' is Hermione for giving 100% in everything she does and being a good role model for other children.

Healthy heads- This week we learnt about teamwork and used these skills to work together during PE acivities.

In RE this week we listened to the story of 'The Annunciation' from the Bible as children acted out the story for the class. Then the children wrote the story thinking about what the Angel said to Mary and how she replied.

In worship we thought about what 'Red Wednesday' meant and prayed for the Christians who were ill-treated for their belief.

The children have been learning about habitats around the world and how animals adapt to their environments in science. They then chose a habitat and created it using collage materials.

This week, Hadid's 'Star of the Week' is Harriet. For being a super mathematician and having a mature, sensible attitude.

Healthy heads-This week, the children learnt about kindness in relation to their own feelings and emotions, and also the feelings and emotions of others.

To start our new topic 'Traditional tales with a twist' We listened to 'The little pigs' used role-play to tell the story and wrote a story map.

For 'Anti-Bullying' week this year we wore odd socks, discussed what bullying is and what we should do if we or one of our friends were being bullied. We then designed odd socks to use for a display.

Hadid's 'stars of the week' this week are Maria and Brendan for both working so hard and pushing themselves to do their very best in all lessons. Well done!

Healthy heads-feelings

Today in science, the children worked in mixed ability pairs to describe the different habitats around the world using adjectives and what animals they thought would live there. Then they presented their work to the class.

We wrote acrostic poems for Remembrance day and the children put poppies in their windows at home.

We made Victorian toys in history.

Hadid Class Autumn II 2020

This week, Hadid's 'Star of the Week' is Jorja for always learning her spellings, reading at home and just being an all round super star! Well done!

In history we have been learning about how Victorian schools were different from our own. We have learnt about the punishments children received for talking in class and the lessons they learnt in school. The children thought it would be a good idea to have separate lessons for girls and boys but didn't think it very fair that girls learnt sewing and cooking and the boys got to learn carpentry!

This week we are learning to add 2 and 3 digit numbers.