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Boole (Y1)

Welcome to our class page! Here you will be able to see all the wonderful things we get up to in Boole class, including parent activities, school events and the fun we have in our lessons. Enjoy! 


September 2015 Newsletter

Stations of the Cross

During our last week of the Spring Term, also the last week in Lent, we held our own version of Stations of the Cross - where we remembered the sacrifice of Jesus' life. Boole class spent lots of time learning about Lent and the Stations of the Cross and created two stations. The first one represented Jesus carrying the cross and the second one represented Jesus being stripped of his clothes. I took groups to the hall to explain the story to the children and we looked at the other classes contributions. 


World Book Day!



To celebrate World Book Day, the children created a 'book in a box' and shared them in the classroom. They looked fabulous! Our parents came to visit us and were given the opportunity to see how we use role play to retell stories, they listened to the children read and shared a story with the children. It was a lovely morning and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Français - En Ville

The children had fun learning the vocabulary for places around our town and nearby.  After practising the words they joined in a picture matching activity using flashcards to respond.

Claude Monet! 
Well we certainly have some artists in Boole class! The children have loved learning about Claude Monet this term. We looked at a slideshow of some of his paintings and looked at the way he painted. The children then created their own versions of The Water Lily Pond and Waves Breaking. They look fantastic! 
Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

The children have been learning about Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday in preparation for Lent and Easter. We talked about why both days are special and created a chain of all our lent promises which was shared in assembly. As well as receiving their ashes on Ash Wednesday, the children enjoyed eating pancakes on Pancake Day! 

A Visit From The Police - Road Safety! 

PC Chris Banks and PC Dave Reid from Lancashire Constabulary came to visit our class to help us learn more about road safety. The children took part in a small quiz about how to keep themselves safe and were able to demonstrate how they would safely cross the road during role play situations. The children knew lots about road safety and really impressed the police officers! Each child had the opportunity to drive a motorised car around the street scene that was set up by the police officers. This promoted the importance of being aware of their surroundings and also highlighted how distractions can easily cause accidents. Thank you very much to the police officers who came to visit us!


EYFS and Key Stage 1 Christmas Party
The children had a fantastic time at the Christmas party! They had drinks, sweets, party games, danced to their favourite songs and we even had a very special visit from Father Christmas! 

Creating Timelines Of Our Lives


Thank you to all our parents who came to our History lesson. The children enjoyed having you in class with us and the activity was a success! The children have been looking at sequencing and putting events in chronological order when learning about The Great Fire of London, so we decided to put our lives into chronological order. 

Whoops A Daisy Angel!


WOW! What a performance! Our nativity was superb and a joy to watch! The children did a brilliant job remembering their lines and they did their parents proud. Having an audience did not phase the children at all and they sang beautifully. Thank you to everybody who helped create the nativity and to Reception, Year One and Year Two for their hard work. I hope you all enjoyed watching it as much as I did! I am very proud of the children. 

Christmas Celebrations


It would not be Christmas without Christmas dinner! Here are a few snaps of the children thoroughly enjoying their Christmas lunch with each other and their teachers. The lunchtime staff did a fantastic job of decorating the hall, cooking a tasty Christmas lunch and serving the children with a smile and Christmas carols. 


A Visit From The Fire Service 


As our theme for Autumn 2 is Fire, Fire and we have been learning about The Great Fire of London in History, we invited fireman Mike Birks to our school. He came to talk to the children about fire safety, his equipment, answer any questions they had and allowed the children to try on his uniform. The children were intrigued by what the fireman had to say and thoroughly enjoyed trying on the uniform. We had lots of fun! Thank you to Fleetwood Fire Service and Mike Birks for visiting Boole Class!

Clay Models


One of our projects this term has been to create 3D clay models. We decided to link our Art lesson with our theme Penguins, Pigs and Possums by creating a 3D clay penguin. The children designed their penguin, created it, painted it and wrote an evaluation of their project. We then went on to write instructions on how to make a clay penguin in our Literacy lesson. The children thoroughly enjoyed the process of this project and being able to take a final product home. 

Children In Need 


We had a fantastic time dressing up as superheroes or in our spotty clothes to raise money for Children in Need. Thank you for all the donations! 

Reading Week - Dahlicious Day 

During reading week we focused on one of Roald Dahl’s books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and dressed up as a character from one of the author’s books for Dahlicious Day, in celebration of his birthday. We showcased our outfits in a whole school assembly which our parents were invited to. Some of our parents also joined us for an activity in the hall which was a great success! The children and their families designed their own invention and described what they had created using adjectives. Thank you to all those who took part in reading week! 

Role play

As we have been focusing on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as a class we created our own invention room. The children have been using this area to retell the story and get into character. It has been lots of fun! We even made brown playdough and it smelt of chocolate! Next term our role play area will turn into a bakery as one of our theme is ‘Fire Fire Everywhere!’ and in history our theme is the Great Fire of London. The children will have the opportunity to create their own products using salt dough, write lists of ingredients and recipes as well as using a till to enhance their knowledge of the value of coins.