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Working Together for the Good of Each Other

Marie Curie

We had a great morning at the beach school, it was very windy but the rain held off. We created Roman beach art, made shelters, looked for beach creatures and also did our bit for the environment by litter picking too.

In our Roman's topic we have been looking at where the Romans built roads and how they made them. We then made Roman roads using sand, marbles and cubes for gravel and card stones on top.

In maths we have been designing Roman shields using perpendicular, parallel, horizontal and vertical lines and also angles. We then made shields using mosaics and tissue paper. Next we marched with our shields and made a formation shield together.

In science we have been looking at the human skeleton and its functions. We used purple mash to make a poster and then made skeletons in groups.

This half term we are learning about the Romans so this week have started looking at Roman Numerals. We have practised making them with lolly sticks in pairs.We are then going to move onto making Roman shields with perpendicular, parallel, horizontal, vertical lines and angles.

We had a great time on the bouncy castle and the inflatable assault course.

Topic Homework.

Headline News!

Earthquake devastates Curie Class 

In Geography we have been looking at earthquakes and the effect they have on people.We made the classroom look as though it had been hit by an earthquake and when we heard the siren to alert us ,we all had to take cover under the tables. 

In Geography we have been investigating what is under our feet and learning about the different layers of the Earth.We made 3D models to show all the different layers from the Earth's crust to the inner core. 


In Science we have been investigating forces.We have looked at different surfaces to test friction .We discovered that the rougher the surface the more force is needed to move it.


In English we have been looking at discussion text.

Has your child ever pestered you for a pet?

Please mum can we have a rabbit/dog/cat/woolly mammoth?

Woolly mammoth?

We had to decide whether the woolly mammoth would make a good pet. 

Here are some of the reasons why it would or would not make the ideal pet.

It would keep you warm in winter.

It would stop burglars coming to your house.

If we rode a woolly mammoth we could save the planet by not driving our cars!

On the other hand....

Woolly mammoths would not fit through your door.

Woolly mammoths would break everything in your house .

Woolly mammoths make an awful toilet mess!

We have been making 3D shapes with materials and finding their properties.

In History in Curie class we have been looking at  Stonehenge and have learned why it was constructed and when.With the help of parents the children made their own Stonehenge using biscuits and icing.


Newsletter Spring Term 1

Welcome to Year 3's class page! 


Take a look at our class photographs of our learning and school trips! 

Here we are in our Stone Age camp/role play area.  We made it together and here are some children hunting prey, making fire and cooking and eating Stone Age food.  Yum!
We have been working in groups to look at the features of discussion texts.  In our 'Big Write' we have written an argument for and against the wearing of school uniform.

English - using pasta to show where inverted commas should go in a sentence.

Poo to You!

In History, we have been comparing the Stone Age diet to our 21st century diet.  We have been examining Stone Age 'poo'.  The children had to find out what Stone Age people ate by sifting through the 'poo'.  A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!

We have had a welcome addition to our class this term, as well as Mrs Stuchfield - say hello to Bubbles the goldfish!


In Autumn 2 we have particularly focused on the four operations and learned a new method for multiplication - the grid method. The children have worked very hard, focused and enjoyed learning new, challenging methods in their Maths lessons. Well done boys and girls! 

Posada Box

We have been sending home a Posada box to share with some of our families and looking at it in school too during our worship. We send home figures of Mary and Joseph, prayers, a candle, a purple advent cloth, the Christmas story and a notebook. The children have a look at whats inside with their families and choose what they do with it. This could be saying a prayer, ordering the story, lighting the candle and retelling the Christmas story. This gives our children and families the opportunity to prepare for Christmas together. 

Merry Christmas everybody and a Happy New Year

We had a lovely Christmas lunch! Thank you very much to our lunchtime team! We were all feeling the Christmas spirit in year 3! 

Healthy Afternoon Tea