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Buzzard Class

LPDS Literacy Units of Work Week Commencing Monday 8th June

Science Week Day 5

Today we had a visit from the dentist. They taught us how to brush our teeth properly and for how long by singing a special song. We learnt about which foods are good for our teeth and which foods are bad for them. We listened to them tell a story of a boy who did not brush his teeth and his visit to the dentist. We all got a goody bag with a tooth brush, tooth paste and a 2 minute timer to help us brush our teeth properly. 

Old Holly Farm

Today we went to Old Holly Farm to learn about animals. We painted our own cows and learnt about the different features they have. We looked at all the animals on the farm and were able to stoke the chicks, rabbits, lambs and calves. We also fed the calves which was lots of fun! We learnt about the cows being milked and saw the units that they use to collect the cows milk and saw the tanks where the milk goes. We were lucky enough to taste some ice cream that had been made from the milk on the farm. We learnt that the milk from Old Holly Farm goes to places like McDonnalds for their milk bottles, milk shakes and McFlurries. We finished the day with a play in the indoor play area. What a fun day we had! Some of us fell asleep on the way home we were that tired! 

Science week day 3

Today we had a visit from the vet who told us all about his job and how he looks after animals. He taught us how we can look after pets by feeding them, giving them exercise, washing and brushing their coats and caring for their teeth. The children asked their own questions that they wanted to know about animals. 

Science Week Day 2

Today we have been Fairy tale engineers. The children dressed up as their favourite fairy tale character. We completed our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) challenge which was to build a house for the Three Little Pigs. The children decided which material was best to use to build their house, they measured the lengths of the materials to make sure they were the correct sizes, they tested their completed houses by putting them 50cm away from the fan and each house had to withstand 15 seconds of the fan. 
We have made lava lamps using oil, water and food colouring. We learnt how water and oil do not mix and that is why our lava lamps had bubbles in it. 

Science Week Day 1

The first day of science week has been fun! The children have loved all the activities and experiments we have completed today. They have been experimenting with magnets to find out what materials are attracted to them. They have learnt about healthy eating, what food is healthy and why we need to eat healthy food. They have explored vinegar, ice and baking powder to see what reactions happen when they are mixed. They made play dough, bath bombs and ice cream. After reading Jack and the Beanstalk the children planted their own beans- we wonder if any will grow as tall as Jack's beanstalk!

Ash Wednesday Mass

We attended Ash Wednesday Mass at church. It was our first time attending mass with the rest of the school. We listened to Father Michael and joined in with the hymns. We received ashes on our forehead as Father Michael said a prayer. 

Shrove Tuesday

We have learnt about Shrove Tuesday. The children have been sharing their experiences of pancake day. We made pancakes and ate them. 

Class Worship

Today in worship the children asked questions about our worship table. They wanted to know why it was purple and what we are preparing for. The children have started bringing in an item that they would like to give up for lent to go into our class lent box. They learnt that we are preparing for easter and that the start of lent is tomorrow. They enjoyed watching the year 5 and 6 children perform their lenten liturgy and learn why lent is important.

Spring II Newsletter

Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning about and celebrating Chinese new year. The children have enjoyed participating in lots of activities linking to the celebration such as making Chinese lanterns, writing in Chinese and tasting Chinese food. We made a Chinese dragon and went on a parade around school with musical instruments to share and celebrate with the rest of the school. 
We visited Fleetwood Fire Station this week to learn how the figher fighters help us. We found out what the fire fighters do, looked around the station and had a go at using the hose. It was lots of fun! 

Matthew 4:18-22 - Jesus Calls His Disciples

In our RE lesson, we listened to the scripture Matthew 4:18-22 Jesus Calls His Disciples.

We found out who Jesus chose to be His friends. We wondered what Jesus's friends would have been like, what Jesus was like as a friend and what a good friend is. 


Later, we reflected upon why being a good friend will help Jesus and some of our thoughts were:


Jesus wants us to be nice. 

Jesus wants us to help each other. 

Jesus wants us to learn. 

Jesus wants us to be good. 

Jesus wants us to be caring.

Jesus wants us to love each other. 


St Mary's Church Visit

We visited St Mary's church to have a look around before we start attending mass with the rest of the school. We enjoyed looking at all the special things inside the church. We had thought about what we might see in church prior to our visit and the children identified them in church such as a bible, crucifix and statues of Mary and Jesus. We asked some questions to Father Michael such as:

How many crosses do you have?

Do you have a bible?

Why are there candles and flowers?



Spring I Newsletter

In science we have been investigating which materials would be best to make a boat that floats and stays dry. 

We predicted which materials we thought would be waterproof and which would not be.

We then tested the materials to see if they were waterproof then decided which material we would make our boats out of. 

After we had made our boats, we tested them on the water. 


Class Worship

Everything had fallen off our worship table so the children had to help Miss Charnley decide what needed to go on it. 


The children chose the green cloth and said it needs to be green because it is green in church. 

They chose the candle because Jesus is the light of the world. 

A crucifix to show Jesus loves us. 

Some flowers and a carrot because God made them. 

A statue of Mary because she is the mother of Jesus.


Our topic for this term is People Who Help Us so we had a special visit from some police officers to learn about all the different ways they help us. We asked them questions about their job, what they have to wear and what weapons they carry. We were lucky enough to sit in the police car and turn the siren on. It was very noisy but lots of fun! 

Christmas learning

The Posada box

Each night a child takes the Posada box home to share with their families. They light the candle, share the story of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem and say a prayer.

Posting letters to our homes