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Wren Class

In Geography this half term we have focused on climate zones, biomes and tornadoes ! We have enjoyed locating different climate zones on the world map as well as producing some group work about the different types of biomes! We carefully used our sketching skills to produce our own tornado picture and we are now on lockdown home learning whereby we are researching tornadoes using key questions to support us! We have produced some great leaflets and PowerPoint presentations!

Kere Class

In geography we are looking at where we are in the world as well as focusing on maps. So far we have identified that we live in Europe and named some European countries. We have identified that we live in the UK and can name the countries in the UK as well as some cities (and we can find Fleetwood). We have compared google and OS maps and have learned some of the symbols on an OS map. Over the half term we will continue to look at maps, create our own maps and learn to read a compass.

Peregrine class - Indian fact file


There is barely a corner of the globe that hasn't been explored in our class this week. This time it was the turn of India. The children completed an Indian fact file, using I pads for research. Working in pairs, they researched information about Indian currency, industry, oceans and neighbouring countries. There were prizes for the best fact files completed. Look at our proud winners. 

Goshawk Class talked to Camel Class today who are a school from across the World in Abu dhabi. They asked each other questions about each school to find similarities and differences..

Peregrine Class


Climates and rivers


Our topic focus for this half term is climates and rivers. We looked at different types of climate and which countries they apply to. We then went to locate various rivers around the world using an atlas to help us.  

Our lovely little school had some beautiful, feathery visitors today. Mr Alan Ames, from Eagle Heights in Kent, brought along some birds of prey for the children to see and gave a fascinating talk about these delightful birds. This is especially relevant as, this school year, all our classrooms are named after a different bird. The children learned about the need for conservation, caring for injured birds, their habitats etc. It was a unique and memorable experience for the children.

The Birdman

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Hokusai's Chinese afternoon was amazing, lots of parents, our governors Mrs Tew and Mrs Thomas, and Mrs Kowalska joined us to taste Chinese food, write our names in Chinese, try to use chopsticks and write a good luck message for our families.

Hokusai's Topic week for Extreme weather and China.

Hokusai celebrated The 1st of March today as Bulgarians celebrate this as their traditional holiday Baba Marta. Some of the children gave traditional bracelets out to the rest of the class to wish great health, good luck and happiness to family and friends.

Hokusai had a visit from nursery to show us how they celebrated Chinese New Year.

Ringold's science display had cross-curricular links to geography looking at different time zones in different countries.

Ringgold's topic display for their geography topic 'Food, Glorious, Food!'

Year 4/5 created non - chronological reports about Fair trade

Year 4/5 using the Purple Mash app to create a leaflet about Fairtrade in different countries.

This term Hokusai have been learning about the different symbols used on maps.We then designed our own symbols to create a map of our classroom. Next we looked at the floor plans of school including the grounds and decided to make a map of the 2nd floor in school as we didn’t go up there often. In groups we took pictures with I pads of the different areas and features and labelled the map with a key using our own symbols. We then used the pictures to indicate where each area was.

Van Gogh class have been learning about the continents and the oceans of the world.

Cassatt class have been taking photos and observing the weather, they then looked at maps to explain what they had observed. Next they Located and named continents in groups.

Year 3's topic homework.

We had a shock today, Mrs Stuchfield surprised us by pretending there had been an earthquake in our school. We also practised the earthquake drill with a siren so we knew what it felt like.
Curie class made 3D models of the Earth and described what is underneath our feet.

Geography Curriculum Overview

Geography Policy

Geography Action Plan 2017-2018