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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Working Together for the Good of Each Other

Nellie Bly Class

Bly class at the beach!

Sports Day

Keeping cool!

July Fun!

The Queens Jubilee Celebrations

To celebrate the Queen’s jubilee we invited our grown ups to come and play! We made crowns, threaded necklaces, painted faces, played hopscotch and hook a duck. We shared cakes we’d made and decorated, and sang a song we’d learnt together. We had a lovely afternoon, and thank you to all the grown ups for supporting us and coming to spend the afternoon in our class. 

Teddy bear story time and tea party

Today we had Caroline from the Lancashire Library Service visit us. She came with some special stories to share with the class to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee. The children enjoyed listening to the stories with their teddy bears that they brought from home and taking part in some fun activities. 


We have been learning all about money. We have learnt that we need money to buy things from shops and began looking at different coins. We have used our superstore role play to buy groceries using 1p coins. 

Stations of the Cross

Dentist Visit

Today we had the lovely Dental Nurses from Ideal Dental Care Fleetwood visit Bly class. They taught us all about taking care of our teeth. We listened to a story, played a game and learnt a song to help us clean our teeth for 2 minutes. We loved it! 

Easter Activities

St Patricks Day

The children in Bly class have been learning about Saint Patrick and why we celebrate St Patricks Day. They enjoyed joining in with some lovely activities. 

We love the outdoors!

World Book Day

Ash Wednesday

Some children from Bly class joined the rest of the school and went to church to participate in Ash Wednesday Mass to celebrate the start of the season of Lent. We all received Ashes on our forehead and celebrated Mass together. We reflected on how we make a Lenten promise and prayed to God to help us in the next 40 days as we prepare for Easter.

Mr Wolf's Pancakes

We listened to the story ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’. Nobody would help Mr Wolf make his pancakes so the children decided it wasn’t fair to get to eat them. We talked about fairness and why it is important to be fair. The children were asked what we could do to be 'fair' when making our pancakes. 

They made a list of ingredients we needed to make pancakes and then helped each other to make them. Everybody helped and all enjoyed eating them!

Spring II Newsletter

Science Week