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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Working Together for the Good of Each Other


At St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) education is embedded within our

overarching curriculum that prepares our children for many different aspects of their lives.  

Our overall goal is to help our children to become well-rounded individuals with strong character, who will eventually go out into the world of adults and be actively and positively involved in society.   In order to do this, we are striving to create a conducive environment around the school and this year we have created our own specific Personal Development Curriculum that is entwined with our academic curriculum.

Our curriculum aims to provide engagement and enrichment and through this, we aim for all children to have equal opportunities to thrive together.  

History and Geography Curriculum map 2021-2022

Drake Class wrote recounts about their class trip to Fleetwood Museum.

To start off their Victorians topic, Drake Class visited 'Fleetwood Museum' to learn lots of facts about Victorians visiting Fleetwood. It was amazing!

Garrido Class have been learning about 'The Stone Age' and enjoyed dissecting Stone Age poo this afternoon to find out what Stone age people ate in the past.

Garrido Class also used iPads to research about Stonehenge. They learnt about what Stonehenge was and why it was used. They had lots of fun!

Remembrance Day 2021

Columbus Class

Drake Class

The children in the Cove have remembered the fallen soldiers in worship throughout November.

Some of the children from Shackleton Class represented St Mary’s by attended the Remembrance Parade on Sunday and placed a poppy wreath on the Cenotaph.

Black History Month 2021 at St Marys.

Columbus Class created some beautiful art work inspired by famous black artist, Frank Bowling! Take a look at their creations!

Sir Francis Drake Class learnt about segregation in the 1960s and how Ruby Bridges started her first day in an all-white school. They discussed how she would have felt going to a new school and being in the classroom with no friends to play with. The class was shocked listening to the story as they know that we are all special and equal. They understand that Ruby played a large part in helping other schools all over America to make the decision to desegregate.

Sir Francis Drake Class also learnt about Alma Thomas who was an art teacher and artist who created art with bold bright colours. She was an influential black person as she was the first African American woman to have a solo Exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art. We then created our own art inspired by Alma Thomas.

Juan Garrido Class - We started our learning by discussing how Black History Month started and which black people have been influential, both past and present. In small groups, we then took it in turns to read and feedback new facts we had learnt.

Marco Polo Class-Today we have been celebrating Black History Month and talking about a number of famous black figures who have been inspirational. The children were given 5 inspirational black people to choose from. They were asked to create a fact file about this person and the amazing achievements that they made. We talked about: Barrack Obama, Martin Luther King, Alice Coachman, Rosa Parks, George Washington Carver and Nelson Mandela.

The Cove watched clips to understand the discrimination black people experienced. Then wrote about their findings and thoughts, they then made positive pebbles.

Shackleton Class researched 10 different people of interest in Black History month. We also played a loop card game based on many influential black people - we loved it that much we played it twice!


Griffin Class-Acted out the Great Fire of London in class today! Can you spot Samuel Pepys, Thomas Farriner and the people of London rowing away to try and flee the fire?

Bertoli Class-Understanding the world. "Enjoys joining in with family customs and routines" We have been making clay diva lamps for Diwali and writing and posting letters to our houses.

Pugin Class-Our project was the Romans and we have moved onto Food, Glorious Food.

Kere Class

In History we are focusing on the local area. We have looked at an overall chronology of historical time periods initially. After this we looked at what Fleetwood and Blackpool area was like before the victorian era, using primary and secondary source materials and discussing their reliability and usefulness. We then looked at what made the Fylde coast so popular amongst victorian and Edwardian tourists and made our own brochures to convince them to visit. We will continue to focus on the development of the area within the victorian and edwardian periods.

Role-play in Hadid Class

In history we have been learning about how Victorian schools were different from our own. We have learnt about the punishments children received for talking in class and the lessons they learnt in school. The children thought it would be a good idea to have separate lessons for girls and boys but didn't think it very fair that girls learnt sewing and cooking and the boys got to learn carpentry!

Kestrel Class have been researching facts about Stonehenge and we have made posters too.

Learning about the ancient Egyptians from one who knows!

Peregrine Class - History brought to life


Peregrine class had an extra special trip to the library today. We were invited to join in a history/drama workshop, based on the Ancient Egyptians. The theme was mummification and all the gory details, perfect for Halloween. It was informative and great fun, the children loved it.   

In Hobby class we have been busy bees. As part of our Victorian topic we have learnt about Victorian schools, had a teddy bear's picnic, watched a Punch and Judy show and visited Fleetwood museum to find out facts we can use in our writing.

Hobby class have been getting to know the place where they live and the surrounding area around school. • We walked around school to look at the differences of Fleetwood’s old and new features.

Hobby Class have been looking at Victorian toys this week to start their topic.

Year 4/5 researching the Anglo Saxons.

Cassatt Class- The Great Fire of London

Cassatt class have been learning about The Great Fire of London. We have compared London in the past to what London looks like today. We have watched video clips of the events of the fire and have sequenced the events onto a timeline. They worked in groups to sort the events onto the correct date. 

Michelangelo class - learning all about 'The Great Plague'


Astley Hall


Our trip to Astley Hall yesterday was fantastic. We learnt all about The Plague. We made our own posies after picking herbs from the garden, dressed up as the plague doctor, looked at different tools and instruments used to treat the plague and then even looked around to see what it would have been like in the days of the plague for rich and poor people. Take a look at our pictures below to see what a wonderful day we had. 

Ring-a-ring o' roses


This week we are continuing our Great Plague topic. As well as looking closely at the clothing worn by plague doctors, we have also looked at the rhyme Ring-a-ring o' roses and how this relates to the plague. 

Hokusai made their own Victorian rag dolls and wrote about what they had learnt.

Ringgold class have been learning about Anglo-Saxons.

Hokusai had a super time at Fleetwood museum learning about Victorians.

Hokusai's Victorian toys topic.

Hokusai learning about how Fleetwood has changed.

Making Roman roads.

Designing and making Roman shields using angles, perpendicular and parallel lines.

Roman numerals in maths.

Our Stone Age role play area in year 3.