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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Working Together for the Good of Each Other

British Values

At St Mary's we take great pride in promoting a range of British Values. The Government set out its definition of British Values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy and these values have been reiterated once again through the new National Curriculum which was developed in 2014.

The DfE have recently reinforced the need ‘to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British Values of;

- Democracy

- The rule of law

- Individual liberty

- Mutual respect

- Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.'


The Department for Education has introduced a statutory duty for schools to promote British Values more actively from September 2014, and to ensure they are taught in schools.  

Head Boy and Head Girl Speeches and Voting

Today votes for the new Head Boy and Head Girl took place after the year 6 children had finished their speeches on why they thought they would make a good leader at St Mary's. 


Draft British Values Policy

Our Royal Wedding Celebrations

Aristotle class have been thinking about what is right and wrong. We have been encouraging each other to make good choices.We have been thinking about how as a school we are respecting the civil and criminal law of the country, and appreciating that, the democracy and freedom with which comes a clear moral duty to act responsibly towards those with whom we share our world. In our class we have been discussing acceptance of responsibility for behavior, to show initiative and innovative thinking, and to understand how we can contribute positively to the local community and to society as a whole. British Values permeate throughout our everyday experiences in school, and influence how we deal with matters, as we strive to create a positive culture and a successful, supportive community.

The PCSO visit to Aristotle - May 2018

We were visited by two PCSOs who told us about all the wonderful things they do. We asked lots of questions and enjoyed trying on some of their uniform and getting to each sit in the police car.