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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Billie Jean King Class

Welcome to Billy-Jean King Class

Mrs Stuchfield

Mrs Koro

This year our classes are named after athletes.

Billy-Jean King is a six-time world number 1 ranking, 39 Grand Slam titles World Champion tennis player, a crusader for social justice and equality, and the founder of the Women’s Tennis Association.

Summer 1

PSHE- What keeps us safe?

Be creative like a spider.

Theo is the star of the week for showing an amazing attitude to learning.

Coronation Lunch

Coronation Cricket

We have 2 'Stars of the Week' this week. Harry & Sasha try their best in everything they do and are super role models for the class.

Gymnastics - learning how to balance on parts of our body.

Week 2 of cricket.

In maths we have been learning the vocabulary for position and direction. We played a game to use the vocabulary such as: clockwise, anti-clockwise and one quarter turn to direct our partner around the shark infested waters to find treasure.

The 'Star of the Week' is Davyd for settling into St Mary's and trying hard in phonics and reading.


Science- plants-The children looked at the parts of a plant today and what plants needs to grow.

PE-Gymnastics -practising jumping.

We have started to read, predict and learn about riddles this week, the children have used noun phrases and similes to describe pictures.

Spring 2

PSHE- What jobs do people do?

Be curious like a cat.

The values 'Star of the Week' is Alice for having great self belief and curiosity.

Blackpool Zoo trip, we had an amazing time and the children were so well behaved.

King Class have written non-chronological reports about the human body.

Stations of the Cross



The children have taken home the Lent box and reflected upon what they would like to give up for Lent.

We have 2 'Stars of the week' this week, Emily & Josh, they have both been reading more at home and as a result this has supported their confidence and enthusiasm during their writing lessons.

This week in DT we have investigated the different pizzas, toppings and how we can make a healthy pizza. We then made our pizzas, ate them and evaluated them.

Maths-statistics- We collected data in class and then made are own pictograms whilst playing a game.

Our explanation text writing- The life cycle of a frog.

Our 'Star of the Week' is Lola for showing a sensible, positive attitude to learning.

Money-we had a shop in class today we bought items and used coins to make the amounts needed.

You can find MAGIC wherever you look.

Sit back and relax,

all you need is a book!

Dr Seuss

Our first reading group with the parents. The parents came into class today to read to their children and share their love of reading.

World Book Day

We had a visit from the dentist to help us to look after our teeth.

PE - ball control with Coach

Maths- Making 3D shapes and finding the properties.

In English we have been reading lots of explanation texts to understand the features and using our comprehension skills to find key words. Today we sorted relevant information into subheadings.

The star of the week is Daisy for being a sensible member of our class and supporting her friends to learn too.

PE-To dodge and change direction.

In PSHE we have been reflecting upon our own self-belief and thinking about all the things we are good at.

In RE we have been learning about forgiveness and made posters to show our understanding.

We have been investigating the properties of 3D shapes.

We learnt about Shrove Tuesday today and enjoyed pancakes in class.

To start off our explanation text, we researched the life cycle of a frog, created a diagram and presented our findings to the class.