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Leavers' Party

Prize Day - Monday 16th July

Beach Trip - Tuesday 3rd July

A lovely morning spent on the beach. We completed a beach art piece, creating an animal in our groups from sand, shells and stones; we did some beach combing, exploring what natural life we could find and had a sandcastle building competition. Plus, the sun shone!

Raising Aspirations - Evaluations from some of our visitors

Here are a selection of evaluations written from some of our visitors at our careers carousel as apart of our Raising Aspirations project. We had visitors from: Fleetwood Town Council, First Aiders, PSCOs, Regenda, Builder's Suppliers, Santander, Oak Tree Nursery, Wyre Youth Mayor, Blackpool Transport and Fleetwood Town Football Club. Overall, the feedback given was that they felt the project is very worthwhile, they enjoyed speaking to the children and found them to be well mannered, engaged and asked relevant questions.

Raising Aspirations - Careers Carousel

As part of our Raising Aspirations project, we have been learning about the qualities we have as a person and the skills we currently have and would like to develop that are needed in a work environment, especially in a specific chosen career. They have shared their hopes and dreams and researched what qualifications they need to achieve their desired occupation. On Tuesday 19th June, we had 13 different places join us in the hall for a careers fair. The children went round in groups to learn more about their job and qualifications. 


In P.E this week, we have been doing circuits at different levels, using a range of P.E equipment to be on ground level and above, this made us think about our speed and balance.

Maths - creating our own board games

In Maths this week, the Year 6 children have worked in small groups to create their own board game related to Maths. They had to decide on a year group their game could be aimed at, design and create it. They then had children from the year group they had chosen to come along and play and evaluate their game for them. The games were so popular, the children wanted to take them back to their own classes to play again.

Year 6 Eco Team in action

The Year 6 Eco Team members: Keira, Kali, Andrew and Will attended a planting session on Ash Street to plant the flowers that have been purchased to continue to make Fleetwood looking lovely in the Spring time.

A thank you from Mrs Kowalska - Bouncy Castle Fun

Today, our last day of Spring Term, Mrs Kowalska arranged a surprise and treat for the whole school by getting two inflatables in school - one a castle and the other an assault course. This was a 'thank you' from the staff for the children's efforts and behaviours whilst Ofsted visited. 
Year 6 have been working incredibly hard towards their SATs, which will take place the week commencing the 14th May. They have written an information leaflet for Year 5 children, all about: what SATs are, how they are marked, the timetable and how best to prepare. Take a look at some of the leaflets which were created by Year 6.

Stations of the Cross - In School

On Tuesday 27th March, we shared the story of the events of Good Friday, the day Jesus died. In the hall, in St. Mary's tradition, the classes had prepared two stations (two parts of the story) to represent what happened. They went round in small groups or as a class and then were given reflection time to go to the different stations and be in prayer, write a reflection the books or be active with station if it requested them to participate in some way. At lunchtime, we welcomed Fr Michael and the parishioners to join us in the 'Way of the Cross' service, with our 7 year 6s, as readers, using the stations made by school.
Check out the Video Resource Centre link below for our video of our performance from coffee afternoon.

En Ville - Triorama

The children have each made a triorama (3D panorama) showing a simple street scene.  They have tried to describe images in their picture using vocabulary learnt in our current French unit, En Ville - Then and Now.

Stations of the Cross

Seven of our Year 6s during Lent have been volunteering their lunch every Thursday to participate in the service 'The Way of the Cross'. After they've taken part in the readings from the service in church, alongside Fr Michael and parishioners at St. Mary's, the children have enjoyed joining the rest of the congregation at the service for soup and cake.

Our children love to read...

Curie Class invited Priestley Class children to listen to them read this week. The children paired up to listen and discuss with their Year 3 reading buddy their book. It was lovely to see our Year 6s helping the younger children with any words they were unsure of and helping them to sound out them out phonetically if possible. Year 6 were very impressed by the high quality reading Year 3 demonstrated.

The Big 'Mean' Quiz

This week in Maths we have been learning about the four averages; we began with revising how to calculate the mode, median and range and then looked at finding the average 'mean' in more depth. One way we did this was completing a relay race with questions involving calculating the 'mean' or having to find a missing value because the mean had been given so we had to use our knowledge on inverse operations.

World Book Day 2018

On Thursday 1st March was World Book Day. Our Year 6 children planned and read a story to the younger pupils in school. Some even wrote their own story to share. They brought the stories to life by getting in role as certain characters and using props. We had lots of positive feedback from the children and staff who listened and watched the Year 6 children be story tellers.

Making our own Blood representation

As part of learning about the human body, we learnt about the parts of the blood and how each part has a particular job. We made our own representation using sweets as we understand its components and the amount of each.

Dissecting a Lamb's Heart - Science

What a practical science lesson! We had Mr Harding from Cardinal Allen in today, who come in for an hour to help us dissect a heart. We worked in groups with our parents/grandparents to learn about the different parents, its job, how it works and to cut into it so we could examine it closely. 

The Lodge - Heritage Project - Wyre Council

We discussed with Sophie from PLACED how we could modify the The Lodge with a range of events, activities, games and so on, to attract more people to come and explore The Lodge and surrounding Mount, and be a destination for people to bring in more money in to Fleetwood. We debated, as the young people of the future, how can we make the Mount accommodate for the future? Retaining many of the features of the listed buildings, how can it be modernised for today? We visited the place, drew designs and made 3D representations of our designs.

P.E - Gymnastics

Yes! Time for the apparatus! The children completed a carousal of activities involving different types of P.E equipment which allowed the children to practise jumps, safe landings, balancing and climbing.

The BFG Storyteller

St. Mary's children enjoyed a wonderful afternoon listening to Tony Pedley, the storyteller who joined us to share Roald Dahl's magical story The BFG.

Maths - Angles

We have been straight back into our learning in Maths by learning about angles: the types, properties and their relationships with being in shapes. We have estimated, measured and calculated angles on their own and linked with the internal angles of shapes.

Our Classroom - Autumn II

We have had a very busy and successful second half of autumn term together. Across the curriculum we have completed work on how we see, read the novel Street Child, discussed and debated the term Justice in RE and Maths work on fractions, percentages and decimals. Spring Term is only set to be another busy one in our learning as well as participating in class masses, our residential to Tower Wood, a BFG storytelling afternoon and an Architecture project related to the The Mount.

Christmas Party Afternoon

A lovely afternoon spent having our Christmas Party afternoon, which filled with laughter, dancing, games, food and even some pressies s we did our own class secret santa.

Science - How we see

This half term out Science Topic has been, 'How do we see?' and to complete our learning the children completed their own mind map to reflect on what they now know that they didn't. The children have used scientific vocabulary linked with the topic, explained about parts of our eye and its job, how we see, how light travels, what a light source is and about reflection.

Biographies on Dr Barnardo

After reading the novel 'Street Child', we researched the life and work of Dr Thomas Barnardo, as the book was about a young boy, based on his actually life and how we met and inspired Dr Barnardo to continue his mission of helping disadvantaged children, so they could achieve their hopes and dreams in life. The children researched and constructed their own biographies on the thoughtful and successful Dr Barnardo - take a read at the above selection.

Posada Box

The Posada Box is a Mexican tradition, where each night figurines of Mary and Joseph go home with a different family to give them, during Advent a home for night on their way to Bethlehem. In the box was the figurines, a selection of Advent prayers, a candle and a book to write in about what they did. These are the photographs our parents took in their homes when the Posada box went to their home for the night. 

Remembering Deacon Bill Wright

Still image for this video
Our Collective Worship group this week, independently decided and created a beautiful worship in memory of our Deacon Bill Wright who sadly passed away on Tuesday 12th December. The children had an image of Deacon Bill on the board, whilst they asked the children to share people they would like us to remember who have passed away; read the story of Noak's ark because they said; it was about how God will always kept his promise that everything would always be alright and we are safe with him. This was followed by a prayer before we said an eternal rest together.  

Amelia's Christmas Card design

Huge congratulations to Amelia for being awarded Runner-up for her delightful Cat Smith MP Christmas card competition design.  Her lovely design depicts The Mount with a snowman and Christmas Tree.  Beautiful!  Just think how many homes where this card will now sit.......including the Queen!  Well done Amelia!

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