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Christopher Columbus Class

Welcome to Columbus Class! 

Miss Wade and Mrs Halloran


Welcome to our class!

Spring 1: How can we stay positive in our learning?

Spring 1 Columbus Class Newsletter

Our topic in Science this half term is Animals including humans. We started by labelling all the body parts we knew and even some we didn’t!

In our computing lessons, we have been using Purple Mash as part of our Maths lessons to sort different criterion; such as, fruit, objects and shapes.

Using Base 10 to represent numbers to 100 in our Maths lessons.

Our fabulous work inspired by Pier Mondrian. Pier Mondrian was famous for his abstract paintings using primary colours.

Autumn 2: How do we feel?

Wishing all our friends and family, a very Merry Christmas!

We acted out the Nativity story in our R.E lessons this week. The children knew that the shepherds were the first person to visit Mary and her special baby. The special baby was Jesus, the Son of God.

Our Advent Promises...

In our English lessons, we have been looking at how adjectives make our sentences even better! Have a look at our amazing adjectives!

We loved going to the Marine Hall to watch Aladdin!

What has happened in Columbus class this morning?

In Computing this half term we have been exploring the Topic's on Purple Mash. We have been focusing on adding images and text using our class iPads.

Congratulations to Thomas who is Milo's star of the week! 

Who is Mary, our Mother?


Today, in class, we retold the story of the Annunciation; the visit of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary, during which he told her that she would be the mother of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. We spoke about how Mary would have felt when she was given this very important message!


Autumn 2 Charanga: Rhythm in the way we walk 

Odd socks day for Anti-Bullying Week 2021

We will remember them

11th November 2021

Autumn 1: How do we decide how to behave?

Black History Month - October 2021

Our work inspired by Frank Bowling!

Coram Life Education

Today, we had a visit from Harold and friends! We learned about lots of different topics such as:

  • Different parts of our body
  • What a healthy diet is
  • Why we need to exercise
  • Different food groups
  • What makes a good friend
  • What we can do if we feel poorly
  • Different types of feelings and emotions
  • How different feelings can display in our bodies

Today the children have used Purple Mash activities to sort various items online using a variety of criteria.

British Sign Language

We have been learning the alphabet in BSL. We are working up to be able to sign our own names!

What happens when we can't go to the beach? We bring the beach to Columbus Class! 

In geography we have been looking at our local environment and today we spoke about Physical and Human features that we may see on our route to school. What a better way to think about this than to bring the beach to Columbus class! We also discussed how to keep safe at the beach and what our roles and responsibilities are in looking after our local area.

Using practical activities in our Maths lessons to find one more and one less of a number.