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Goshawk Class

Week 12 Home Learning 6.7.20

Home Learning W.C 29.6.20

Goshawk Weekly Planning 22.6.20

Goshawk Weekly Planning 15.6.20

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Year One Planning for the W/C 18.5/20

Planning for W/C 11.5.20

Science Week

Today, we visited the Memorial Park in Fleetwood.

We found out about “kernels” and planted seeds that will grow into beautiful flowers.


Science Week - Monday 9th March to Friday 13th March 2020.

Recording our findings today.

In the Goshawk class we have been learning how Jesus chose his first disciples. The children produced some wonderful pieces of work.

Goshawk Spring II Newsletter


Families and Celebrations


We belong to a special family, the family of the Church.

Lots of people belong to our Church family.

When we are baptised we become members of the Church.


Today, we visited Church and Fr. Michael told us about Baptism.

He used water and oil and baptised the baby over the Baptismal Font.

Our beautiful worship table

Celebrating Children's Mental Health Week 3rd- 9th February with Rob and his Healthy Heads project.

The Presentation in the Temple


Today, in the Goshawk class we retold the story of The Presentation. We found out that Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple as a baby. This was a special occasion as it was a tradition and they wanted to say thank you to God for Jesus. In the Temple, they met a good man called Simeon.  For many years Simeon had been praying that God would keep His promise and send a king to rule over His people. When Mary and Joseph walked past Simeon, he felt his heart jump inside him. He got up, looked at the baby and straight away he knew that this baby was God's special gift for everyone. Simeon said "Lord God, you have kept your promise. I can now die a happy man because I have seen Jesus, the Light of the World".

The Presentation


The children from the Goshawk class visited St. Mary’s Church and had the opportunity to understand what it meant to belong to the Church family. It was also an opportunity to look around the church and understand that the Word of God is present in many ways and when we go to church, it is like going to our shared family.

Healthy Heads. Healthy Heads is a cross curricular PSHE initiative that focuses on "whole-child development." The children in the Goshawk class for the next five Tuesday mornings will access learning through storytelling and topical games to promote; Self-esteem/Kindness/Teamwork/Resilience/Positivity.

Spring I 2020 Newsletter


Thank you for your comments. The children were truly wonderful.


They were all magnificent. As a parent, it’s so lovely to watch and makes special memories. 

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, to them.  (Parent of Harriet)


Thank you for setting it all up and helping Hermione gain so much confidence x (Parent of Hermione)


 They did so well and so did you and the other teachers putting it together. (Parent of Amelia)


The kids and teachers did an amazing job x (Parent of Lily)






Our Christmas Nativity 2019. What a world wide performance!

The children are enjoying taking the Posada Box home and sharing it with their family.

During our RE lesson today, we learnt that the shepherds were the first people to hear about the birth of Jesus Christ. We designed some Christmas cards to help retell the story.

We placed our Advent promises on the whole school Christmas tree.

Today, we made our Advent promises.

Monday 18th November 2019

Today, two parents from the Goshawk class joined us with their new-born babies. They shared their experiences of preparing for the birth of their babies and talked about their journey to the hospital and aftercare. We then compare their experiences, with the journey Mary had to make to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus.

Anti-bullying week. In the Goshawk class today, we joined together with our blue hats and odd socks to talk about taking care of each other in and out of school.

Mary visits Elizabeth. Today, the children retold the story of Mary visiting Elizabeth. "Blessed are you among women,"said Elizabeth to Mary. Mary and Elizabeth are both very important people in the life of Jesus.

What an incredible Multicultural week we have had in the Goshawk class! We started by understanding why we are all unique and used Mr Men & Little Miss books to help us ‘embrace our differences’. Our class story was based on a Chinese folk tale, ‘Little Inchkin’, we created our own Chinese drums and used these to help us reinact the story in small groups. We also had our own class food festival, working in line with our current geography topic, whereby we were able to try different food from each continent. The children were also able to speak to children from an international school in Abu Dhabi! A fabulous experience that contextualised their knowledge and understanding of the world! Thank you so much to all our incredible parent helpers!

This afternoon we have been learning to play bowls. This is an old English tradition once played by Sir Francis Drake.

Meditation is a very important part of Buddhism. Buddhist believe they can calm and clear their mind, making it peaceful. We had a go at meditating today and really enjoyed the experience.

Making dragons! As part of our study of Chinese culture the children found out that dragons are among the four greatest creatures in Chinese mythology. Today we made our own dragons.

Today, we enjoyed a well known British tradition of Fish & Chips.

The children enjoyed tasting food from around the world as part of our Multicultural theme.

During our Multicultural workshop today, the children enjoyed a Chinese themed dance to High School Musical - Bop to the Top.

Today, the children from the Gowshawk class spoke with children from the Camel class at the International School in Abu Dhabi.

Physical Education - We are learning to roll equipment to a partner and to throw underarm into a target.

We are learning to play the recorder in the Goshawk class.

Reading for pleasure! Last Friday the Goshawk class visited Fleetwood Library and each child was issued with a library card.

Today we have been learning about taking care of God's world. We talked about what happens when we pollute the waters and oceans.

God's Great Plan. Amelia made a jigsaw showing God's wonderful creation of animals on the fifth day.

This week we are learning to understand the value of each digit in a two digit number.

Meet the teacher - Monday 16th September

There's a rumble in the jungle in the Goshawk class!

God's Great Plan.



God’s Great Plan

God’s world is very beautiful.

He has made the world for us to live in.

The children made something that they like about

God’s world with their parents to share and discuss in class.


Our Goshawk Classroom

Our First Day in Year One