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Pele Class

Today in our Move and Learn lesson we discussed hydration, why it is important we stay hydrated, the best ways to stay hydrated and things that may affect our hydration levels. Then we enjoyed some exercise in the playground, the team that collected the most cones won however each team member had to use a different method of movement to get to the cones in the middle. 

We carried our netball skills over to bench ball again this week. We covered all of our learned techniques such as not moving once we have the ball, quick passes to avoid the defenders getting into position, chest passes and bounce passes. 

We had a visit from an author today called Nathan Parker. Nathan talked to us about his love of reading and how it inspired him to create his own books. We enjoyed listening to his story and learning about his love of writing.

In Science we have conducted an experiment to see which materials make the best conductors and insulators.

We predicted which materials would make the bulb shine brighter or dimmer and then compared this to our results.

Healthy Heads

This week the children have focused on the different food groups and what benefits they have on our bodies. They then created their own healthy meal plans for the day including; breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

In PE the children have continued to focus on their netball skills for this half term. Although the horrific weather kept them indoors they incorporated their chest pass and bounce passes into a game of bench ball. They also put  their attacking and defending knowledge into practice.  

Enhancement Week

Here are a few examples of the wonderful Seasonal Stockings the children have created! 

Enhancement Week

In DT we have been using our new sewing techniques to practice sewing different patterns that we may use on our stocking designs. We have also drawn up and labelled our own designs ready for us to start making our stockings. 

Enhancement Week

In DT we have started looking at the different types of stitches we can use when we come to designing and making our Seasonal Stockings. We looked at and practiced a running stitch, back stitch, over stitch and a zig-zag stitch.

Healthy Heads

This week we looked at how a important a balanced diet is. The class was tasked with naming a fruit or veg starting with every letter of the alphabet! after this they all headed outside for some exercise where coach got the children to move around the playground in different ways (skipping, running, hopping..) and would called out a number at random, they then had to get themselves into a group of that number or face the forfeit!  

Enhancement Week

We are working on our DT topic this half term. We have been looking at Christmas Stockings and their designs. We have been talking about the function of the stocking and what is important to consider when making a stocking. We have also bee looking at the visual appeal of the stockings and what we would like to include on our own Christmas Stockings. 

Anti - Bullying Week 2022

Odd Socks Day

In P.E we have continued to focus on our netball skills. This week we worked on our chest pass and bounce pass while moving into position to receive the pass. 

Healthy Heads

Today in our first Healthy Heads session, we discussed the importance of physical activity, different types of physical activity and the positive affects it has on our bodies. We started by measuring our resting heart rate, again after a light exercise and a 3rd time after a more vigorous exercise to see the affect it had on our hearts. To end the session we enjoyed some physical activity in the playground with a quick game of tuck in the mud.

Today, we had a visit from an outdoor education instructor. We took part in an Arctic Assembly learning about his journey to the Arctic and what he did there. We took part in a workshop, where we were asked to map read and do some orienteering. We worked in groups to read the map and work together to find the flags and their letters. 

In Fridays P.E lesson we continued with our swing throw practice. Coach Josh put the children into 4 groups and they played an oversized game of '3-in-a-row' this helped them practice their aiming with the swing throw. after this they played a mini game of rugby, finding space, passing, aiming, and defending.

This half term in P.E we have been working on our swing passes, outwitting opponents and finding space in a Rugby game situation.

We have been exploring the influence and legacy of Sonia Delauney. We have been reading about her Early life, Orphism, Later life and Fashion. We have created fact files about Sonia Delauney and we have included information about her artwork/designs.

During worship, we were talking about the 'Fruits of the Holy Spirit'. We focused on 'kindness' and 'joy' and we talked about how we could use these qualities to help spread the good word of God

We have been looking at how Sonia Delauney moved her paintings and ideas into fashion items. Sonia decided to create her own fashion range, using her use of shapes and bright colours. We have had a go at creating our own fashion today, using shapes and bright colours

We have been looking at Sonia Delauney's use of rhythm and movement in her paintings. We have used a poem to design our own drawing to show movement and rhythm, using shapes and colours.

This week has been the start of our 'Enhancement Week'. We have been focusing on Sonia Delauney and how she tells stories through her artwork. We have analysed a painting that Sonia created, answering questions about it. We have also created our own version of Sonia's abstract art pieces, using circles and lines. We have been focusing on the use of complimentary colours and harmonious colours, to change the appearance of our drawings. 

This morning we had our annual visit from the Bird Man where we got to meet 3 of his amazing birds! All of the children thoroughly enjoyed learning all about them and watching them fly around the hall and walk amongst the children too! 

Our Reading incentive. All of our children are expected to read at least 4 times per week, at home. As a little reward the children who manage this are given 20 minutes free time on the large equipment every Friday!

St Mary's Values Ambassadors 2022/2023

During this mornings assembly the year 6 children shared their speeches with us and we had the chance to vote for this years head boy and head girl.  

Good luck to all of the year 6 children from all of your friends in Pele Class!

During our first week the children created some lovely Brazillian and Pele themed artwork. They have also researched our class name sake and designed some wonderful fact files all about Pele's life and career.


We're all looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!

Welcome to Pele Class!