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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Working Together for the Good of Each Other

Pele Class

Yesterday the year 5 children were invited to Cardinal Allen to take part in a P.E transition afternoon. They all thoroughly enjoyed trampolining on their Olympic sized trampoline, creating different routines with multiple tasks including a half turn, a tuck jump and a sit drop. They also took part in a game of cricket and cricket skills. 

Beach Park!

Despite the unpleasant weather and an earlier than expected ending the children had a lovely afternoon out! They enjoyed a picnic on the field followed by some fun on the beach park and we finished off with a tasty -albeit slighty soggy- ice-cream! 


The children look fantastic in their red, white and blue today, all ready to celebrate French Day and enjoy a carousel of French activities throughout school.


In tag rugby this week the children warmed up with a game of toilet tag, warming those legs up with squats. This was followed by a few games of capture the flag and cop and robbers!

Today we were lucky enough to be joined by a tag rugby coach from the Fylde Rugby Club! We played multiple different games using different rugby techniques such as; Tag rugby stuck in the mud, Tails, Tag steal and 5 pass point.

In P.E we have started Athletics with a 25m & 50m sprint followed by push throwing with bean bags.

Last week the children thoroughly enjoyed a trip to the Grundy Art Museum in Blackpool. They had the opportunity to look at all the exhibits on display followed by a chance to create their own egg!

This week in P.E we enjoyed a few games of dodgeball!

Lola and Charlotte spending a quiet 5 minutes reading in our friendship corner.

This week in cricket we started scoring runs!

In our P.E session this week the children thoroughly enjoyed a game of Rounders!

👑Coronation Celebrations!🇬🇧
The children all look fabulous this morning in their combinations of red, white and blue.


Continuing in our artwork we have been tracing and exploring the architecture of the Taj Mahal and we have created our own designs for our own buildings.

We have been researching colour and patterns and putting this into practice in the design of St Basil’s  Cathedral.

We have been exploring the architecture of Sir Christopher Wren. We then looked at different shading techniques and using them to shade in a picture of St Paul's Cathedral. We used hatching, crosshatching, scumbling and stippling.

This week in Healthy Heads we focused on self-esteem. We discussed what self-esteem means and how we can improve our own. We then enjoyed some exercise and teamwork outside.


This week in P.E we improved some more on our hand-eye co-ordination and worked on directing the ball to our partner, focusing on accuracy and power.

Today we have been looking at the difference between weight and mass. We have spoken about Issac Newton and his discovery of gravity. We then measured the weight and mass of different objects around the classroom and compared our findings.

Healthy Heads - week 3

This week we discussed the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, we also learnt different ways to deal with a fall out with our friends. We spoke about different methods we could use to stay calm. STOP-THINK-RELAX

This week in P.E we continued to work on our hand-eye co-ordination and our accuracy. 

World Book Day 2023

Healthy Heads - week 2

This week we have focused on Empathy. We discussed ways we can show empathy to others and how we would like people to show empathy towards us too. We spoke about the importance of listening to others, helping other people and having consideration for other peoples feelings. At the end of our lesson we headed outside for some exercise too.

In P.E we have started to focus on our hand-eye co-ordination. We did this with a tennis racket and a ball, we started off by walking around the playground whilst balancing the ball on the racket, we then moved on to walking around whilst bouncing the ball on the racket and we ended the lesson batting the ball back and forth between partners making sure we focused on our aiming and power.

STEM learning

Take a look at a selection of our completed mini greenhouses, all ready to add some seeds! The children have done a fantastic job incorporating all the important aspects they learnt that make a greenhouse work best.

Wear your scarf to school day!


Today we enjoyed some games and singing in French with Mrs Halloran. We played a colour game and a numbers game to recap on some of the French we have learnt so far. The children thoroughly enjoy the games ‘pamplemousse’ and bingo as well as singing head, shoulders, knees and toes.. in French!


Still image for this video

In Pelé we love to make some time in our week for some self reflection/ meditation. This week it tied in nicely with our discussions during mental health week. 

STEM learning
Today we considered how greenhouses work, how they allow sunlight in and how their structure and stability is important. We then made our own mini greenhouses.

Today we have spoken about our mental health and the importance of looking after ourselves. The children then created some wonderful posters offering different ways you can take care of your mental health and the things we can fit into our daily routine to help keep us happy and healthy.

Today we have been celebrating Science day and we were lucky enough to have a scientist come in and do an assembly for us explaining all about different types of energy. A few lucky children were even able to go up and try out some of the experiments too!