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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Working Together for the Good of Each Other

Ernest Shackleton Class

The Bird Man!

Today, we were lucky enough to have an assembly from ‘The Bird Man.’  He spoke to us about his birds, his role in looking after them and what a big responsibility they are.  We got to see them flying around the hall and some of us even had our picture taken with them!  We also talked about adaptation, what they eat and how dangerous they can be!  The birds even left us with a bit of a smelly present…eww!  We learnt lots of facts and had plenty of fun!

Number and place value 


Our Maths lesson today focused on place value. We concentrated on identifying the value of a given digit and wrote numbers in words. 



Shackleton class have been looking at the work of the famous artist Banksy. We completed a fact file and then had a go at sketching some of his most famous pieces. As you can see, the children did an amazing job. 



Settling in


The children are settling in well to our year 5/6 class, named after the famous explorer Ernest Shackleton. This week we are catching up with one anther and exploring our beautiful working environment. We have also researched our explorer and completed some art work based on his adventures. 

Ball madness 


Our PE lesson today focused on ball skills. As a fun, introductory lesson we decided to try and replicate a Chinese kindergarten class who performed a bouncing, shuffle exercise. The children watched the video so they knew what we were aiming for. We quickly realised that it was far harder than it looked though we had amazing fun trying. We'll re-visit it over the course of the year, with the hope of performing it to perfection.