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Ernest Shackleton Class

High Ropes, Stanley Park, a lovey picnic & The Model Village

It's safe to say we've had a busy day!  So lovely to see the children having so much fun and offering words of encouragement to each other.  What a fabulous day we've had!


A successful day bowling, playing rounders and football in the sunshine and having a picnic together!  To finish the day, we took part in our swimming lesson!  We definitely will be tired tonight!  A Tuesday well spent!

All aboard! 


Shackleton class enjoyed a fabulous time at the boating lake today. The children tried kayaking, canoeing and enjoyed lots of fun water challenges. The highlight of our day came at the end when the children were able to slide into the water and jump in if they wished.  It was a perfect day, one we're sure they will  remember for a very long time! 


Happy Campers!

A group of our year 6 children have found their inner Bear Grylls and gone camping for a few days!  Look at their happy faces!


Thinking about high school...


Our PSHE focus for this next couple of weeks is all about our transition to high school. Fleetwood Town have very kindly put together a program called 'Mental Health Transformation' to help the children work through their feelings about high school. Today was an introductory session, during which we had a general discussion about high school and what it may bring. 

The Gazette

Please take a look at our proud moment - we made it to The Gazette with our wonderful 'Bake Off' Creations! 

On your marks, Get set, BAKE!!

What  spectacular morning we have had celebrating the Queens platinum Jubilee!  Everyone in Shackleton class have created their own 'Bake Off' and it was unbelievable!  What fabulous effort from everyone!  We were blown away by the thought, care and effort put into every single bake!  It was lovely to see the children's faces - so happy and proud!  Even better that we were able to share this with our parent visitors!  We thank every single child and family member for their support!

WWII Historical Enquiry 

Today we had so much fun looking at different WWII artefacts - we asked questions, found out different facts and used the primary sources to support our learning of WWII.

It's all in the preparation!  Jubilee Style!

We are excited to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee in Shackleton class - we have started created our decorations and we are also starting to create our own information leaflet about the Queen's life and the upcoming Jubilee celebrations! 

During the next few art sessions, we are going to cover the following objectives…

  • Develop a painting from a drawing.
  • Research, discuss and compare a range of work by different artists – discuss their style and how they differ from each other.  
  • Carry out preliminary studies, trying out different media and materials and mixing appropriate colours. 
  • Explore the roles and purposes of artists, craftspeople and designers working in different times and cultures

Celebration Dominos

As a thank you for doing well in their SATs tests, and a huge well done to the children, we celebrated with a game of football and a Dominos pizza on The Mount!  What a lovely afternoon we have had!

It's that time again...


It's Leavers Hoodie time again. The children have been eagerly awaiting their arrival and I'm sure you'll agree, they look fantastic! 


Earth Day

Today, April 22nd, we took part in Earth Day.  We talked together about what this means, who joins in and what we can do to help our planet.  We learnt some shocking facts for example every 60 seconds the equivalent to 48 football pitches worth of trees are destroyed!  We concluded our discussions by making posters to talk about how we can make an effort to save our planet from being destroyed!  Watch our for some of our posters around school. 

Young Writers

Congratulations to our children who have won the Young Writers 'Bonkers Monsters' writing competition.  We took part in this as part of our English lesson and most of our children have won!  Their work will be published in a book!  Well done!

Stations of the Cross

What a beautiful afternoon we've had in the hall, visiting the stations of the cross.  We reflected on each station, thought carefully about what Jesus had to endure and how the people around him must have felt.  A very emotional experience indeed.  

Our final stations of the cross afternoon

Today marked our final afternoon delivering Stations of the Cross to the community.  We invited the Church parishioners into school to look at our beautiful stations, we read beautifully and then sat together and broke bread.  What a wonderful afternoon we had!