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Ernest Shackleton Class

More fabulous writing ...


Shackleton class have been successful in another writing competition. This time the children were tasked with writing a poem titled 'All about me'. This was a fun writing challenge and, unsurprisingly owing to the high standard of writing, many entries have been selected for publication in a young writers anthology. 

Welcome to our winter wonderland...


Shackleton class enjoyed a magical start to the day this morning. The classroom had been prepared with a delicious breakfast buffet banquet. The children enjoyed sharing a vast selection of tasty food whilst talking to their friends, all with a sprinkle of festive cheer. After the banquet, the children then opened their secret Santa gifts. It was a truly lovely time! 

Rainbow Laces


Shackleton class took part in a Rainbow Laces session this morning. The session was designed to show the children that clubs and communities are stronger when everyone feels welcome, and it's down to all of us to make that happen. The program is supported by the Premier League and aims to ensure that all those connected to sports clubs, including supporters, feel safe and welcome, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Celebrating our wonderful writing


Our class have gained yet another award in recognition for their writing. The challenge was to write a poem entitled 'All about me'. The entries were fantastic and the lucky winners will have the chance to have their work published in a book. 

Festive cheer 


It was our KS2 Christmas lunch today. The food was delicious and the ambience was merry and bright. Many thanks to the kitchen team, it was a fantastic occasion.  

Artistic afternoons 


Out final art in the community session involved a trip to The Mount, this time with a specific focus on plants. Each group chose a variety of plant to study which we later imprinted onto felt. 

Art in the community


Our art in the community sessions continued this week. Our focus is photography and we are working on The Mount; representing this beautiful, local landmark in a variety of photographic ways.   

PE - Gymnastics 

We are loving our gymnastics sessions this half term - partner work, balancing and even some equipment!

Wonder - A diary extract planning morning! 

This morning, we analysed a diary entry, picked out the key features and then planned our own ideas for a diary entry! 

Odd sock day


To kickstart anti-bullying week the children came in odd socks. We also launched our secret angel challenge, this involves the children choosing to secretly do a kind deed or offer a kind word to somebody in class. Also, to fit in with out class read Wonder, the children made a chatterbox to spread kindness in the playground at breaktimes. 

Anti-Bullying Week Assembly

Today, the year 6 children delivered an anti-bullying week assembly to KS1 and KS2 to introduce the coming week.  They spoke about what bullying is and how we can combat it.  One Kind Word is this years theme and this is something we will definitely be trying to spread next week!

L'est we forget 


In addition to observing the two minute silence today, Shackleton class also acknowledged Remembrance Day by discussing different coloured poppies and what they mean. After completing our reading comprehension, we also did a Remembrance Day crossword. We will also be attending the parade this weekend. 

Gold medal inspiration 


Both Shackleton and Polo class were lucky enough to join in a live stream interview with an Olympic medalist today. Michael Johnson, a three times gold medal winner,  spoke about his career as a sprinter. The main focus of his speech was to highlight the importance of having a positive mental attitude and how this can help a person achieve great things.  The children listened intently and will hopefully use his inspiration to pursue their own dreams.  

Computer coding 


Our IT focus for today was coding. The aim was to direct characters to move in a certain direction, perform an action or to talk. This was accomplished by creating a code. It was a challenging task and the children did very well. 



We continued our learning about the Galapagos Islands today. Our focus was how the beak of the Galapagos Finch has adapted over time. 

Super Maths!

We have been working so hard this week on our fractions!

Poppy Appeal

Our year 6 leaders have been selling our Poppies this week - we are excited to be raising money for the Royal British Legion.

How have humans evolved over time? 


This is the question that we are thinking about this half term in our Understanding The World sessions. Today we brainstormed what we knew about The Galapagos Islands as we will be looking at how animals have adapted to live there as part of our topic. 

Our professional bird pictures!


Coram Life Bus 


During our life education session today, we spoke about different decisions we may have to make as we grow up.  We talked about how it was fine to make different decisions to our friends and how we don’t always have to do the same as our friends.

Big decisions that we may face in the not so distant future included:

  • High school

  • Relationships

  • Getting a house, having a family, having a life without living in parents houses

  • Going to college/university

  • Driving

  • Getting a house, having a family, having a life without living in parents houses

  • Going to see the world

We also spoke about alcohol and the decisions that people make regarding this.  We talked about the affects it has on our body and how to cope with peer pressure.  We also spoke about different types of drugs including legal and illegal, medical and non-medical.



What qualities can you bring to God's Kingdom?

Our RE topic this half term has focused on God's Kingdom.  We have spoken about how God welcomes everyone to His Kingdom and what qualities we can add to this Kingdom in order to make it extra special.

We love problem solving!

In Maths, we have been faced with a lot of division word problems this week!  But luckily, working as a team has helped us solve the problems!  Some of us even reached the end of the challenges and managed to crack the code to win a prize!

CONGRATULATIONS to Our New Sports Captains!

We want to extend our congratulations to our new sports captains.  Another round of speeches and democratic votes saw us award our new captains!  We are sure they will do a fabulous job in leading their teams!

Black History Month

During the month of October, we have celebrated Black History Month.  Our weekly comprehension in class and our weekly homework have all linked to famous, black, significant individuals.  Today, we worked as a team and researched a mixture of black people and discussed what they were famous/remembered for.  It sparked some very interesting conversations.  We finished off our project research by playing a loop card game -we had to match the famous fact to the famous individual. 

Would you accept the heart of a pig?

This week, we have completed our balanced arguments.  Our title was 'Would you accept the heart of a pig?'  We all came up with some valid points, we backed them up with evidence and we even heard a real life story from our NHS worker about her husband having the valve of a pi in his heart!  A very interesting listen and some great facts to add to our balanced argument.  


A church visit


Shackleton class accompanied our lovely year one children to church yesterday. We went to make ourselves more familiar with church and explore the different areas. 

Democracy in action


This morning the children voted for who they wanted to elect as Sports Captain. All Year 6 children were able to apply for the role and if they chose to apply they gave a speech to the other children in their house. Well done to all the children who gave a speech, you did amazingly well. The speeches were well prepared and heart felt. The results will be announced next week, watch this space. 

Our wonderful NHS


We were lucky enough to have a very special visitor in school today. Lyn Robinson, an emergency nurse practitioner from Blackpool Victoria Hospital, came to talk to the children about her career and the changes she has witnessed since she started her career. This fits in perfectly with our topic for this half term, which includes medicine through the ages, the circulatory system, the birth of the NHS and Xenotransplantation (our class read is Pig Heart Boy). It was both lovely and interesting in equal measure to hear Lyn talk about her experiences. The children were very interested to hear what Lyn had to say and we are truly grateful that she found the time to visit us.  

Graffiti Art in the style of Banksy

Over the last few weeks, we have studied Banksy's art work.  Today, we have created our own Graffiti piece.  We started off using collage then layered this using our own picture.  We then used our ICT skills to create our own Graffiti logo - this was either our name or our nickname. Take a look at our wonderful work! 

Head Boy and Head Girl announcements


This morning saw the arrival of the long awaited Head Boy and Head Girl announcements. The children voted in last weeks assembly and, after what feels like an age to the children, the winners were announced today. The vote was very close, the votes were re-counted and counted again - just to be sure. We are very proud to announce the following:


Head Boy - Caleb Rifai

Head Girl - Gracie Ward 


Deputy Head Boy - Zander Mowbray

Deputy Head Girl - Anna-Maria Rangelova

 Head Prefect - Lucas Walker 


The Blood

In Science today, we looked at the different components of the blood and made these from different foods!  We talked about the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma!

Are you for or against organ donation? 


We are making great progress with our class read, Pig Heart Boy. Today we discussed for and against opinions for organ donation. As you can imagine, this was an interesting discussion and raised lots of questions. We will write a balanced argument later in the week. 

Our Head Girl & Head Boy Speeches 2021

This morning, Friday 1st October 2021, we took part in our annual 'Head Girl & Head Boy Speeches'  and what a success it was!  We as a St Mary's family are so proud that every year 6 child wanted to take part.  Over the last two weeks, the children have worked hard on preparing their speeches and gained the confidence to speak in front of KS2 and the rest of their peer group - proud is an understatement! Our year 5 children also took part but they were on our democratic voting station - they also worked very hard to organise the rest of the key stage and ensure things ran smoothly.  

Healthy eating 


Shackleton class enjoyed a very special lesson today. The children prepared their own healthy pizzas. The children selected their own ingredients and were encouraged to make their pizza as colourful as possible by choosing healthy toppings. A delicious aroma filled the school and I'm sure they will taste as divine as they smell. 

Showing respect 


Our Healthy Heads lesson this week focused on how we can show respect. We discussed showing respect at home, school and in public. 

Artistic creations 


We continued our focus on Banksy this afternoon. We attempted to re-create some of his masterpieces.  As you can see from the pictures, the results are spectacular. 

Sign Language

Today, we started our sign language course and it was a great success!  We learnt the alphabet - we can't wait to complete the next part of the course.

A closer look at the heart 


We had a science lesson with a difference today. Mr Harding, a teacher from Cardinal Allen, kindly arranged for the children to dissect a heart. It was unlike anything the children had done before and they were enthralled. They learnt so much and, even if dissection wasn't their thing (for some it was too much), it was a truly memorable lesson.  

Healthy Heads 


This morning we began our Healthy Heads sessions for the half term. Our focus was the qualities that make a good character. We discussed various attributes as a class before playing a game to highlight the points we had discussed. 

The Bird Man!

Today, we were lucky enough to have an assembly from ‘The Bird Man.’  He spoke to us about his birds, his role in looking after them and what a big responsibility they are.  We got to see them flying around the hall and some of us even had our picture taken with them!  We also talked about adaptation, what they eat and how dangerous they can be!  The birds even left us with a bit of a smelly present…eww!  We learnt lots of facts and had plenty of fun!

Number and place value 


Our Maths lesson today focused on place value. We concentrated on identifying the value of a given digit and wrote numbers in words. 



Shackleton class have been looking at the work of the famous artist Banksy. We completed a fact file and then had a go at sketching some of his most famous pieces. As you can see, the children did an amazing job. 



Settling in


The children are settling in well to our year 5/6 class, named after the famous explorer Ernest Shackleton. This week we are catching up with one anther and exploring our beautiful working environment. We have also researched our explorer and completed some art work based on his adventures. 

Ball madness 


Our PE lesson today focused on ball skills. As a fun, introductory lesson we decided to try and replicate a Chinese kindergarten class who performed a bouncing, shuffle exercise. The children watched the video so they knew what we were aiming for. We quickly realised that it was far harder than it looked though we had amazing fun trying. We'll re-visit it over the course of the year, with the hope of performing it to perfection.