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Working Together for the Good of Each Other

Tom Daley Class

Our very first Sports Day!

Semaine fran├žaise en classe Daley

Coronation Week

Tom Daley Newsletters

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Oh no! What happened?

Stay and Play in Daley Class

It's snowing!!!

Our dentist visit - keeping our teeth healthy.

Pancake Day 2023, lots of tasty toppings!

World Book Day in Daley Class 2023

Today in EYFS was Science Day. We chose Floating and Sinking as a theme, and did our learning indoors and outdoors. First we predicted whether some objects such as coins, cotton wool, pencils and wax crayons would float or sink. Then we tested each object and compared results. We were correct on every prediction.

After that we went outside and investigated for ourselves other objects which float and sink. Indoors we made boats out of recycled plastic and cardboard.  We had lots of fun!

Science Day in EYFS

Our local Police Officers came to visit us as part of our topic 'People who help us'.

Chinese Lunar Year of the Rabbit

Yoga for a Monday morning start to our week

Daley Class visit to the RNLI at Fleetwood

Our first Show and Tell

Posada Box - here are some photos of our class who have been taking the Posada Box home each night. Thank you to parents for sending these in - they are beautiful.

Christmas party day in Daley Class. We had a very special visitor....

Christmas Lunch and Christmas jumper day!

Progression in Phonics

Diwali Celebrations

The Rhyme A Day Challenge

Each year,  5 rhymes are chosen and children are encouraged to take part in our ‘Rhyme a Day’ challenge by singing the nursery rhymes, and taking part in supporting activities. 


The 5 official rhymes for 2022 are:

The Big Ship Sails


Five Little Speckled Frogs


Twinkle Twinkle


We will be singing these in class and posting our efforts here on our class page! 

Rosie sent a letter to King saying how sorry she was about the Queen passing away. King Charles the III has written back to Rosie thanking her for her letter! How special is this? What a lovely thoughtful thing to do Rosie, we are proud of you.

A letter from King Charles III

                        Pumpkins in Daley Class! 
Today we have been having lots of fun with the pumpkins Mrs Greer brought in. We have been investigating how to open the pumpkin, and how to scoop out the flesh and seeds using different tools. What will we do next with them……wait and see!




Phonics Stay and Play afternoon in Daley Class.

Today we invited our grown ups into our class to see what we do as we learn our phonic sounds, letter formation and reading skills in Reception. It was lovely to see the children showing parents round so confidently and happily this afternoon. We hope the activities set out were enjoyed by you all and that you saw how the children were thriving in their new school adventure. 

Have a lovely half term break, and thank you for coming today.

Mrs Greer, Mrs English and Miss Ward.


Harold the Giraffe and the Life Education visit

Explorers Day

A Fun Friday with eagles, owls and dogs!

The children in Daley class have been having fun, settling into school, exploring their new classroom and making friends!