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Ada Lovelace

We are a Beach School!

St. Mary's takes advantage of our local coastline by being a 'Beach School'.  This week in the sunshine, Lovelace class designed beach art, looked on the shoreline to see what they could discover and made sandcastles.  They had great fun?

Greek Gods

This activity brings us to the end of our Faster, Higher, Stronger topic.  The children wrote about the many Gods that the Ancient Greeks worshipped then they drew their own images of them.

Lancashire Science Festival 2018 - UCLAN

On Friday 29th June Years 5 and 6 visited the campus of UCLAN in Preston to take part in the Lancashire Science Festival.  Along with other local schools they participated in different science workshops and activities.  Lovelace children were baffled by the 'tricks' of the Science Magician, were fascinated by the Wonderful World of Water and investigated the skills of the Forensic Scientist.

A Taste of Cardinal Allen

This week Year 5 children visited Cardinal Allen High School for a 'taster'day'.  They took part in various lessons including drama, design technology, food technology and art.  They sampled a school lunch and enjoyed catching up with former St. Mary's pupils.

Lovelace Class go potty!

As part of our studies about Ancient Greece, the children have been designing their own 'Greek-style' vases.  They looked at the pictures which featured on original pottery of the time, the Greek gods, the Olympics and everyday life; then they added the geometric patterns which were prominent on Greek pottery.  In coming weeks, they will try to replicate the red/black colour schemes using paints, pastels and crayons.

Emergency First Aid

This week we have been learning the emergency first aid skills which could help save someone else's life.  Our pictures show us practising the recovery position.

Faster, Higher, Stronger

Our topic for Summer 2 is 'Faster, Higher, Stronger' which is the motto of the Olympics.  The children will be learning about Ancient Greece and how the Greek Empire grew to be so powerful.  To begin this fascinating topic, the children have used computers to independently research different key dates and events of the Empire.

Photographic Studies

St. Mary's children were part of a joint project with Blackpool and the Fylde College this week.  Photographic students from the college used St. Mary's pupils as subjects for their work.   Watch this space in the coming months for results of this interesting photo shoot.

Building a fact file

Following on from our Amazon artwork, the children have been using laptops to independently research Rainforest animals.  They are building their own fact file on some of the amazing species that can be found in the different layers of the Rainforest.

Lovelace Class welcomes parents to their Amazon Adventure

This week parents and friends joined the children of Lovelace Class to assist them with their Amazon artwork.  Using a variety of resources including beads, sand, paint flakes and tissue they created bright, colourful birds and animals to add to our Amazon rainforest display.  Take a look at our lovely photos.

A Super Easter Thank You

Our children celebrated a fantastic term playing on bouncy castles which were kindly provided by our headteacher Mrs Kowalska.

Stations of the Cross 2018

Today we participated in Stations of the Cross, trying to imagine what it was like for Jesus on the road to his crucifixion.

Station I - Jesus is condemned to death.  The children tried to imagine a time when,like Pontius Pilate, they had washed their hands of Jesus.

Station X - Jesus is stripped of his clothes.  The children thought about what Jesus felt when he was stripped of one of his basic human rights,then tried to imagine what it would be like to have to fight for things like a good education, food and water and shelter.

Our photos show Lovelace class stations and how we all shared in reflection at this special time.

Seasonal Dictionary Work

In MFL Year 5 have been learning seasonal vocabulary and using bi-lingual dictionaries to translate words into French and English.  Our photos show how they used what they learnt to complete a word and picture puzzle.

Science Museum Manchester - March 2018

We enjoyed a fantastic day at the Science Museum. Take a look at our very own astronauts.  See who you can recognise.

Inventors and Inventions and Science Spring 2

We have learnt about inventions of the last century and also about the effect of forces this term.  At the museum we were able to see some of these wonderful discoveries and look at pulleys, gears and levers in real life situations.  Can you spot any of these component parts in the machinery in the photographs?


Investigating Forces

In Science, we have been designing our own parachutes and boats.  We thought about shape and materials and which would work best against the forces of air and water resistance.

World Book Day 2018 - Year 6 came to share some stories with Year 5.

Learning Habit for Spring 2 - Reflective Chameleon (Pride and Confidence) - being able to think about yourself as a learner and  how you might improve or change things in the  future.

Les Planètes - Sentence Building

Lovelace children have been learning about the planets and solar system.  They have learnt new adjectives and how to add detail about size and location to build more complex sentences.

Collective Worship - The Power of Love

The children have been in reflective mood learning about St. Valentine.  They shared their thoughts about love and what it means to them.

Earthlings - The Art of Peter Thorpe

Lovelace children have been looking at the abstract art of Peter Thorpe.  They learnt that he was a fan of all things connected with space and started his painting using leftover materials.  They have enjoyed trying to draw their own space art based on his abstract style.

Capacity of Containers

In Maths this week we have been thinking about the capacity of containers.  Firstly we looked at the containers and thought about their shape and how they differed in size.  Next, we estimated which container had the largest capacity.  Finally, we used different measuring equipment to accurately determine which container held the most liquid.

Tower Wood 2018

Spring 1 Newsletter

Le Petit Dejeuner - Lovelace Style!

This morning we brought a little bit of France to Lovelace class.  To experience what breakfast time is like for children in France the children tried various forms of bread and pastries, including baguettes, croissants and brioches with raisins.  They drank fruit juice and hot chocolate just like their peers in France.  We had a lovely morning sampling the different foods on offer.


Earthlings - Update

This week we have been able to add our Galactic Gallery of planet paintings for our friends in school to identify.  We have also been writing descriptive French sentences to describe the planets in our solar system.

Diary of A Disciple

Some of our children visited Emmanuel @ The Mount Church this week.  They participated in an R.E. workshop, learning about the disciple Luke.  Each child was given a book to take home and made a matchbox size story which features in some of our pictures.

Earthlings - To the Moon and Back

Lovelace children continue to work on our Earthlings topic.  Today they have been experimenting with colour blending and different paint techniques to paint their own images of planets from our solar system.

BFG - Story Telling

St. Mary's children enjoyed a wonderful afternoon listening to Tony Pedley, the storyteller who joined us to share Roald Dahl's magical story The BFG.

Earthlings - Topic Spring 1

Lovelace children participated in a 'Solar System Speed Dating' exercise this week.  They used this format to learn and record as much as they could about the planets in our solar system.

Merry Christmas from everyone in Lovelace Class

Christmas Fun

All the children enjoyed the festive spirit during the last days of term.  They donned their best Christmas outfits and made donations to help fund a defibrilator (School Council project).  They also had an afternoon of fun and party games, topped off with a gift from 'Santa'.

The Advent Journey - Lovelace Posada Box

During Advent the children have shared our Posada box with their families.  They have been thinking about the special journey undertaken by Mary and Joseph in preparation for the birth of Jesus.  They shared their thoughts in our Posada diary and shared prayers in their own homes.

We have been sketching fruit and vegetables as part of our topic 'Food, Glorious, Food!'

Year 5/6 enjoying the athletics competition at Cardinal Allen!!

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Are You Fit and Healthy?

Led by Curie Class, we took part in a fitness session to check how fit and healthy we all are.  The children joined in various drills and exercises, helped by Coach Chris and Curie pupils and had a great time.

Science - Reversible and Irreversible Changes

In Science we have been investigating the processes involved in making reversible and irreversible changes.  We took three different solids (salt, flour and headache tablet) and added water to see whether they would dissolve and also if the original solid could be recovered from the solution.

Anti Bullying Week 2017

This week marks Anti Bullying Week 2017.  Lovelace children have been learning about treating each other fairly and equally. They now understand that although we are all different individuals, we are the same in different ways. Working together they thought about how they could solve difficult playground situations.  They all tried to write their own recipes for 'Good Friends'. #All Different All Equal.

We have been making Christmas lanterns for the festive lights parade.

Celebrating Great Handwriting

What an achievement! Lily, Eli and Evie have been awarded their 'pen licences' for consistently using good handwriting.  We look forward to reading some of their fantastic work in the coming months.

A Journey to School

This week in French, children used simple symbols to represent features in the locality.  By the end of the lesson they were starting to read and understand short journey descriptions. 

Angles and Symmetry

This week Lovelace children are learning about lines of symmetry and angles.  After working out what lines of symmetry each shape had, they moved on to measuring and drawing angles using protractors.

Persuasive Performances

Following on from writing their own advertisements scripts, Ada Lovelace class children have been performing them in front of their peers.  The children were commenting on features that they liked and suggesting ways each advertisement could be improved.

Writing to Persuade

This week Ada Lovelace class have been looking at and listening to, adverts for various products.  Using features they have learnt about, eg snappy slogans, word play, appropriate music, and positive language, they have now planned advertisements for their own products.

National Fitness Day - A fantastic day at the YMCA

Class Curriculum Overview Ada Lovelace

Autumn 1 Newsletter

RE: The Creation

This term children in Ada Lovelace class are learning about the story of the creation.  They retold the story using storyboard formats to explain what happened during the first seven days.

Reading for Pleasure

Children from our class make the most of our newly designated Reading Area to share their books.

A New Year Begins

Both children and staff returned to school with happy faces, ready for a new year at St. Mary's.  We welcomed Miss Cardwell (Ada Lovelace Class) and Miss Davids (Albert Einstein Class) to the St. Mary's family.