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Shelly Woods Class

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Shelly Woods Class 

Bird Man

In assembly this morning, we listened carefully to the bird man as he told us all about his birds of prey.  He told us all about adaptation and survival, key learning that links to our science!  Take a look at our pictures to see how much fun we had. 

World Heart Day 


Shelly Woods class acknowledged World Heart Day by having a discussion about how best to keep our heart healthy. The children did a poster containing information. We also combined this with a practical experiment to replicate blood and all it's components. 

Comparing our four nations


Our geography focus is the wonderful United Kingdom. This afternoon, the children used i pads to look at similarities and differences between our four nations, such as landmarks, national dress etc. 

How does the heart work? 


Our focus on the heart continued this afternoon. We looked at a diagram of the heart and labelled the various parts. We also discussed the function of each part. 

The lungs


We also continued our exploration of the circulatory system with an in-depth look at the lungs. We drew a diagram of the lungs and discussed the parts and their function. I think you'll agree they did a fantastic job.  

Fleetwood Town

Fleetwood Town Football club will be working closely with us over the next year discussing ways in which we can cope with change, especially as our year 6 children approach high school. 

During our first session we talked about the following:

  • Transition to high school and the feelings that may be associated with this.
  • Things that make us worry
  • Things that make us feel positive and what we look forward to.
  • Embracing change and some strategies that we could use to deal with this. 
  • Trust building games

God's Kingdom

In RE, we talked about everyone being welcome in God's Kingdom.  We linked this to our PSHE lesson on positivity and self love.

Head Boy and Head Girl announcements


This morning saw the arrival of the long awaited Head Boy and Head Girl announcements. The children voted last week and, after what feels like an age to the children, the winners were announced today. The vote was very close and counted twice, just to be sure. We are very proud to announce the following:


Head Boy - Syd 

Head Girl - Karolyn


Deputy Head Boy - Kobey

Deputy Head Girl - Ralica


Welcome to the team children, we look forward to seeing you around school - making a difference! 

Sports Leaders


Our Sports Leaders have been announced for this year. The children who were interested in taking on the role prepared a speech as to why they should be chosen. Qualities required for the role are being able to work as a team, demonstrate good sportsmanship and supporting peers in PE. The children below were voted for as they possess these qualities. Well done children, we are so proud of you. 

Head Prefect


In addition to the Head Boy/Girl and Sports Leader roles, we are also appointing a Head Prefect. The Head Prefect will assist us in managing the rest of the prefects, assigning roles and ensuring the roles are being carried out properly etc. I have no doubt that Gracie will fulfill this role brilliantly! 

Values Ambassadors 


The special announcements continued today with our Values Ambassadors roles. Each class have appointed an ambassador who will instrumental in upholding the values of our school. Each half term we will choose a new value and the ambassadors will embody those values and encourage others to do the same. Our current focus is positivity. 

Heart and Lung Dissecting 

Our science lesson took an exciting turn today when Mr Harding, from Cardinal Allen High school, came to visit us.  He brought with him heart and lungs for us to dissect.  We spoke about the different elements of the heart, lungs and the windpipe and then worked together as a team to dissect different parts.  Take a look at the fun we had - what a fabulous way to start our science topic!

Saving our Planet!

We learned all about saving our planet and the things we can all do to make a change!  A fabulous quiz at the end of our session consolidated our understanding of the planet and how it is being destroyed and how we can stop this from happening! 

Number & Place Value

We are amazing at number and place value, in particular rounding!  

Head Boy/Head Girl speeches and nominations


Today was an important day for our wonderful school. Our Year 6 children had the opportunity to run for the prestigious roles of Head Boy and Head Girl. The event began with each child giving a speech, as to why they would be perfect for the role. The children have been working on their speeches for the last week and they have really put their hearts and souls into them. They spoke eloquently, with their personalities shining through in their words, and it was lovely to see. Voting slips will be distributed next week so that each child can cast a vote. We are all waiting, with baited breath, for the votes to be in. It takes a huge dollop of courage to stand at the front of the hall and speak; we are so proud of all the children who took part-well done!   

In Loving Memory of our Queen

Today we remembered our Queen and the life she has dedicated to our country.  We look up to her loyal, caring, resilient, loving ways and hope we can spread these qualities throughout our life.  During our art lesson, we used our sketching skills to create portraits of our Queen.  May she rest in peace.

Positivity is KEY

Today, we created some positive vibes in class!  We talked about how we can be positive and also share the positivity!

Our Classroom

Settling in...


Take a look at our lovely new year 5/6 class, Shelly Woods. We have spent the day adjusting to our surroundings, sharing news about our holidays and discussing our new class routines. 

A Bulgarian tradition to start our year!

Our Bulgarian children have kindly told us about a Bulgarian tradition to start the school year -  pouring water over a leaf and then standing on it is going to give us all the luck in the world for the coming year.  Thank you for sharing this with us.