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Shelly Woods Class 

Browse our brilliant bake off! 


Today was an amazing day for our class. The day of our long anticipated Coronation bake off had finally arrived. We have had to wait to commemorate the recent Coronation owing to the recent bank holidays and SATS tests. However, it was well worth the wait! What a fabulous effort the children made - they were literally beaming with pride as they displayed their bakes. Parents and children from all classes were also invited to join in the event. 

Can you see the light? 


Shelly Woods class are seeing the light this week. Our Science topic is light and refraction and our writing task for this week will be creating an explanation text outlining how we see and the work by Isaac Newton.  

An afternoon of friendship making and football


Ten year 6 children were chosen to represent St. Mary's at the Headstart Transition Tournament at Poolfoot this afternoon. The aim of the event was to bring year 6 children together from across local primary schools to help them get to know one another in readiness for high school. The children played several matches, on mixed school teams. It was a fabulous afternoon and the children benefitted greatly. A huge thankyou to the Fleetwood Town Community Trust for organising such a fantastic event. 

An afternoon yoga session


Our class had some much needed relaxation this afternoon. We tried a variety of yoga poses and the session was really beneficial.  

Wonderful writers


Good news! We have been successful in yet another writing competition. The envelope arrived today, packed with bookmarks, certificates and letters inviting the children to have their work published. Well done children.  

An afternoon of cricket


Woods class enjoying an afternoon of cricket... 

Eid al-Fitr


To celebrate Eid, the celebration to mark the end of Ramadan, Shelly Woods class enjoyed some special treats. 

And breathe...


Woods class started the day with a spectacular yoga session today. We started by spraying some essential oils around the room to awaken our senses then we completed a chair based session. This involved breathing techniques and a series of invigorating stretches and movements. Starting our day like this was fabulous and the children benefitted enormously. 

Respect and Responsibility


Our PSHE topic for this half term is respect and responsibility. Today we looked at two different articles about the same topic to compare fact, opinion and bias. We discussed how bias might effect what we believe when looking at information online for example. 

Maths Revision Challenge


Our Maths lesson today involved working in pairs to complete a fractions, decimals and percentage challenge. The aim was to complete the task as quickly and accurately as possible.  As always, the children rose to the challenge. 

Stations of The Cross


We held our annual Stations of The Cross event today. Each class interpreted a station and they were displayed in the hall for the children, parents and parishioners to see. As always, it was a spiritual, reflective experience. 



The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - Newspaper Articles

Young Writer's Competition - Big Green Poetry Machine 

Look at all of our wonderful winners - very well deserved!  The children have worked extremely hard on their writing and deserved to be recognised.  Watch out for our published book!

A selection of our wonderful writing from 'Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.'

Fleetwood's Footballing Finest 


We had some very special visitors in our class today. Two Fleetwood town players, Callum Dolan and Dylan Boyle, came in to talk to the children about their football careers. The children were able to question them about overcoming challenge, being resilient and highs and lows of their profession. The children were hooked, really taking on board everything they were saying. A huge thank you to Rachel, Callum and Dylan for giving up their time to make our afternoon extra special.   

Happy International Women's Day!


To acknowledge International Women's Day, Woods class has a discussion about the importance of embracing equity - for all people (whatever their gender) around the world. We then wrote a note of appreciation to an inspirational woman in our life. 


World Book Day 


Take a look at our World Book Day celebrations. Each class enjoyed a parade in the hall, during which we admired each others costumes and discussed our costume choices.  It was great fun and, as you can see, the children made a huge effort. 

First aid training


Woods class were lucky enough to take part in a first aid lesson this week. The children learnt about DR ABC and how to safely put a casualty in the recovery position. 

Crucial Crew


This week, we were invited to take part in a Fleetwood initiative called 'Crucial Crew'. We spent the afternoon at YMCA Fleetwood where we took part in sessions designed to stimulate the children and raise awareness about important issues. These included a boxing session, a sea safety talk, a lesson about the dangers of cyber crime and a session about substance abuse. 

Police visit


Members of the local policing team popped in for a chat today. We had a discussion about laws, consequences and the criminal age of responsibility. 

Eco fashion show


Our school was transformed into a fashion house this week, catwalk and all! Our Eco team were joined by those of other local schools to put on a fashion show. The outfits displayed were made form all manner of recycled items: discarded fabric, crisp packets, old clothes, carboard and so on. 

Once completed, the creations were modelled on the catwalk for all to see. It was a tremendous occasion, well done to the Eco team! 



To mark the end of Children's Mental Health Week, the children were invited to wear their scarf to school today. This represents the SCARF PSHE scheme that we follow in school. 

Our UCLAN adventure


Today was an extra special day for Shelly Woods class. We visited UCLAN for a morning of forensic science/policing activities. The children took fingerprints, examined CCTV footage for clues about a robbery, analysed footprints and looked at facial recognition techniques. As if all this wasn't enough, we then enjoyed a spectacular tour of the campus. It was a memorable day,  the children will never forget having visited a university.  After such a great visit, our hope is that they may even have been inspired to go to university themselves! 

Safer Internet Day

Children's Mental Health Week

Science Day!


Today our school is celebrating Science. Each class will be completing various STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and each key stage will enjoy a spectacular science assembly. 


Woods class were tasked with creating a 20 second timer, based on the idea of helping Cinderella to tell the time so that she can leave the ball on time. The children worked in small groups to complete the challenge. It wasn't easy and they did a fantastic job, the winning team managed to produce a 22 second timer (impressively close to the target time). 

Athletics competition

Look how smart we look in our new PE kits!  What a fabulous day!

Can you learn resilience? 


Our focus for this week is resilience. We did some activities and discussed whether a person is born with resilience or if it can be learnt. We looked at famous sports people and times they have shown resilience in their career. Our session finished with a game, designed to encourage resilient strategies. 

Young Writers Competition 

Here are our wonderful winners of the Young Writers Competition we entered in 2022.  A Twist in the Tale and Through the Magic Door.  Well done - we are so proud of you!  Watch out for the next one!

LEGO Builders Workshop - Science Circuits

We LOVED our morning with the LEGO builders workshop - we built a LEGO city, made circuits and lit it all up!  We even made the train move forwards and backwards!

Creepy Crawly Roadshow 2023

We loved our session with the creepy crawly roadshow!  We learnt about different creatures and then did a question and answer.  Some of us were lucky enough to have a snake around our neck!

Blackpool Gazette

In the Autumn term, some children attended a science project at Blackpool Football club.  We have just received news that the day has received a write up in the gazette.  Well done!  You can find the link below. 

WWII Homework Projects

We have showcased our projects to the class and they are now on display near the hall for the whole school to see!

The joy of giving


The true meaning of Christmas has been deeply felt in our class this morning. To start our day, the children enjoyed a magical graze breakfast. They sat together and shared an abundance of delicious treats and nibbles. We then opened our much awaited Secret Santa gifts. It was a truly beautiful moment. Many of the children were overjoyed to see the gifts they had chosen being so well received, before even opening their own gift. The smiles on their faces said it all, there is nothing like the joy of giving.   

FTFC Charity Mission 

We are proud to support Fleetwood Town in their mission to make 500-1000 food hampers for our community this Christmas.  We hope we can make a slight difference in transforming someone's Christmas. 

Christmas lunch


It was our Key Stage 2 Christmas lunch today. It was a lovely, merry occasion - full of festive cheer! Thank-you to Mrs Ashworth and Mrs Ward for making it so special for the children.