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Quentin Blake Class

Welcome to Quentin Blake Class - Year 4

Mrs Sewell & Mrs Todman

English - expanded noun phrases with prepositions

In English, we have recapped on what a noun is, a phase, a noun phrase and how these can be extended nouns phrases which can be replaced with a pronoun. We also discussed what prepositions are and how we can add these to our expanded noun phrases. The children practiced writing their own sentences with these grammatical features, using a scene from the book Mr Stink.

Visiting Emmanuel Church - What is Pentecost?

We were invited back to Emmanuel Church by Rob to complete some lovely activities linked to Pentecost. The children shared their knowledge and we concentrated on the Church not being just a building to worship God but also it's the people. We are the Church. We played games, decorated Holy Spirit flame-shaped biscuits and drew pictures and wrote words all about what we know about Pentecost. We are looking forward to visiting again next half term.

DT - creating sculptures

The children worked in teams to design and construct their own structure using lollipop sticks, straws and adding cladding using paper, card, newspaper and tracing paper.

DT - experimenting with sculptures

The children constructed a temporary frame structured using toothpicks, small sweets, mini marshmallows to hold the structure together. The children used their understanding of strong and stable shapes (e.g. pyramids) to help influence their design.

Science - tooth decay experiment

We have set up an experiment to test which liquid (cola, orange juice, water or vinegar) will decay the eggshell the most. An eggshell is like the enamel on our teeth. We have left it for three days to wait to see the results...

Our results...

PE - Athletics

In our lesson this week, we applied the technique and skills of the three throws we have learnt: pull, push and sling, as well as fast running. The children were brilliant at being able to explain how to do each through with great demonstrations. 

Ascension Mass

Year joined the whole school as they attended Mass for the Feast of the Ascension. Fr Alf welcomed us into St Mary's and we celebrated Mass together, enjoying the reading and prayers read by Year 6.

Science - how well do I brush my teeth?

As we continue our Science topic, we learnt today the layers of the tooth and their job. We completed an investigation to see how well we brush our teeth by using a disclosing tablet to see where the plaque was on our teeth - red being new and blue being old. We then discussed changing our toothbrush monthly, brushing twice a day properly and for two minutes, as well as thinking about the amount of sugar in our diet. 

Athletics - sling throw

In our last few lessons of PE we have been looking at different types of throws - pull and push. This week we've been looking at sling throws and long jumps. The children tried brilliantly!

Role Play - writing our own dialogue

As part of our work on Mr Stink, we used one of the scenes from the story to create our own dialogue as the two main characters, thinking about how to write it using inverted commas, as well as how to say it, as we weren't allowed to use 'said'. 

PSHE - What changes happen in puberty?

So far in our PSHE topic of Growing and Changing, we have discussed the emotional changes to our bodies. In this lesson, we concentrated on the physical changes that are the same for both male and female and what is different. We used this Venn diagram activity to help sort the changes out as to where we thought they went.

Canon Alf came to visit

Canon Alf who is the priest at St Wulstan's is now overseeing St. Mary's parish due to Fr Michael being poorly. Canon Alf came in to introduced himself, find out what we've been learning about in RE and answered some questions the children had. We found out lots of interesting information about his vocation as a priest and impressed him with our knowledge.

PSHE - Growing and Changing

In our lesson, we discussed what puberty is and how not only does our body change physically but it has an impact on our emotions. The children thought about times that teenagers maybe have conflict with their parents and role played how to resolve the conflict by compromising.

Earth Day - 2024

On Monday 22nd April, we celebrated Earth Day. We reflected on the focus being Planet V Plastics and what the damage plastic is doing to the world, but also how we need to help protect our world for future generations.

PE - Athletics

In our first lesson of the half term on Athletics, we concentrated on practicing the skill of throwing for distance and throwing for accuracy, as well as practicing how to run fast. We discussed each task's success criteria and what each activity needed to be successful doing it.

Computing - Databases

To begin our new Computing topic of work, we discussed what data is and how it is used in everyday life. The children then used a world map, the atlases and the ipads to research different temperatures of cities in a certain continent. We then worked together to input this data onto a spreadsheet and use the 'sort' option.

Visit to Emmanuel Church

A lovely on the last day of the term before finishing for Easter. We had a lovely couple of hours at the Emmanuel Church to join them in retelling the story of Holy Week and concentrating on what happened on Good Friday and what it means for us. The children also made their own tomb representation out of biscuits.

Stations of the Cross

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their reflective time in the hall to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us on Good Friday. We went around the stations and to retell the story and reflect the pain and suffering Jesus must have experienced. Afterwards, the children had the opportunity to visit any stations they wished and engage with them.

Making shadow sculptures

To complete our Art topic on sculptures and 3D work, we looked at the memorial work of Sokari Douglas-Camp, created after the twin towers in 2001. The children created their own lettering for a work to describe their peers/ want they look for in a friend and then used themselves as an active part of their own sculptures.

Making a sculpture with wire

Following one of the templates, we worked with wire, bending and twisting it to create the form of an object, using smaller pieces of wire to add features.

Sculptures - practicing with wire

In preparation of creating a sculpture with wire, we first practiced with the wire to create shapes, to bend and twist.

Jelly Bean Prayer

During this half term, we have been in Lent. As a class, we gave up our dojo points and prize and worked together to collect jelly beans in a jar. The children had to earn jelly beans through their actions, after we changed the Jelly Bean prayer about Jesus to our work and actions in school.

Testing for evaporation and learning about the Water Cycle

To complete our Science topic, we completed two investigations in one day! One to test evaporation and see it for ourselves in the results and one to understand the water cycle, which involved creating a mini water world to grow our own cress.

Art - craving sculptures

We learnt about the work and life of Barbara Hepworth as a sculptor. The children learnt and used different tools to carve a softer material: soap to create a fish. The children had to work patiently and slowly.

Art - 2D to 3D sculptures

On a piece of large sugar paper, the children used chalk to model drawing the pot from from the artist Magdalene Odundo. We watched a video and modelled how to play around with shapes, talking about what you can see and showing them that this drawing need not be ‘perfect’. The children used the two colours to create new lines on top of the shapes they have drawn. 

RE posters - Why did Jesus die?

As part of our RE topic we have been learning about Holy Week. In our lesson, we learnt about why Jesus died on the cross and how this links with Eve's original sin. We shared how Jesus dying on the cross is a sad day but a happy day too. The children created their own posters to share around school about what happened and why it happened.

Science - Exploring states of water

We have continuing our work on state of matter by exploring water in its three forms - solid, liquid and a gas. We did three different activities linked with being able to see melting, freezing and condensation.

Science - Investigating Gases

As part of 'Changing States' science topic, we explored whether gas has weight, by weighing a can of fizzy pop, which we discussed is filled with Carbon Dioxide. We investigated that if the gas has chance to escape whether this would affect the weight of the can.

Cheerleading - Week 4

We are really enjoying our PE this half term on cheerleading. The children have been using the pompoms and practicing their lifts. We can't wait to display the full routine.

World Book Day 2024

World Books Day 2024 - we have had a great day celebrating all things books! We started with our annual parade in the hall with Sonny being our winner of best costume as Cat in the Hat. We completed a World Book Day Quiz and watched a virtual lesson with Axel Scheffler.

Science Day

On Thursday 7th March, we celebrated Science Day. Our day was very busy with a carousel of activities - rocket making, slime and lava lamp making in the morning, followed by completed an engineering task from the Engineering Fairy Tales book. We completed one of the task for the Three Billy Goats Gruff which was to build a bridge using specific resources given to them. The children worked in small groups to make their bridge and it had to be able to hold a goat at the end of the challenge.

Parent Lenten Workshop

On Tuesday 5th March, Year 4 parents/carers were invited into school to join us for a Lenten Workshop. We began our session with the children recapping what Lent is and why we celebrate it, the children then made their own prayer cross, thinking of things they can do during Lent - forgiving, offering a smile, tidying their room, sharing, don't waste food and more. We then discussed how we can gift someone an act of kindness and the children went away with a gift certificate to complete and pass onto someone. We finished our sessions with the 5 finger prayer.

English - The Dreamgiver

Take a look at some the examples from four children in the class who wrote the beginning and build up to the story of 'The Dreamgiver', leaving the story on a cliffhanger. We mainly focused on including fronted adverbials/adverbs and adjective, thinking carefully about our choice of language, using resources like word wheels and thesauruses to help find alternative synonyms. 


The children are thoroughly enjoying cheerleading during their PE lesson this half term and have even begun lifts!

Easter Mystery Box

As we continue in the season of Lent, we have our Easter mystery Box going around the class each night to allow the children time to reflect on the meaning of Lent and by the sharing the Easter story we remember the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and, as a family, take time to stop and think about the true meaning of Easter.


History - Anglo Saxons settlements

During our second lesson of a topic on the Anglo-Saxons, we discussed the differences between settlements in the Iron Age and in the Anglo-Saxon period. We used different sources to identify the similarities and differences; then worked with a partner to make our own representation of how Anglo-Saxons used wattle and daub.

Easter Mystery Box

Some of our photographs so far, of the children participating and enjoying taking the Easter Mystery Box home during Lent.

Using Bible References

In our first lesson, on our new RE topic of Jesus, the Saviour we studied specific stories from the bible to prove and decide whether the evidence was showing Jesus as truly human or truly God.